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While the other Clans play at games of status or rebellion, the Ventrue take up the mantle of leadership and guide Cainite society itself. Nobility, sophistication and duty are the hallmarks of this Clan. Rulership is a difficult burden indeed, but the Ventrue themselves equal to the task. Alternatively derided and respected, the Ventrue are the framework on which the Camarilla rests.


Disciplines: Dominate, Fortitude, Presence

Clan Advantage: One free dot of Finance, High Society or Politics influence. One extra dot of the background Resources.

Clan Disadvantage: Restrictive feeding. Generally enters any given game with one Blood Trait less than normal.

Inactive Ventrue PCs


Player: Kevin G

Appearance: Bill Boxley was a down-to-earth man who managed to remain relatively unfazed by the strangeness of New York. Dressed in the rumpled clothing of an archtypal PI, the friendly young Ventrue nevertheless often left people somewhat unsettled - for reasons that were never easy to pin down

Nature: Judge

Demeanor: Rogue

Feeding Preference: The Guilty

In Play: 2008 - 2009

As a PC: Bill Boxley was a rarity in the modern nights - a Ventrue autarkis who cared little for the hierarchy or honors of his Clan. Working as a private investigator by all mortal appearances, Boxley would sweep into the city during late 2008, quickly becoming a quiet asset to both the faltering Camarilla and the growing Anarch movement. While litte was known about his past or the circumstances which had lead to his independent existance - the chainsmoking detective admantly refused invitations to involve himself in the politicking of the Gerousia, prefering to keep his allegiances open on all fronts.


A.K.A.: Dragonrax

Player: Peter

Appearance: An attractive man of Asian descent, Brian Wu dressed the part of a millionaire as best he could. His genial, almost bumbling personality, however, was often at odds with Ventrue stereotyping, and he was known on ocassion to don ostentatious "gansta" garb and jeweled befanged grills.

Nature: Judge

Demeanor: Bon Vivant

Sire: Alexis Black

Feeding Preference: Criminals

In Play: 2006 - 2008

Background: Brian Wu was born the heir to the multi-million dollar manufacturing company Wu Industries, which was headed by his father before his tragic death in a mugging gone awry which also claimed young Brian's mother. Raised by his grandfather, Wu would struggle with his place in the world, and would lead a life of uncertainty as he grew into the young man who would take on the mantle of CEO, and would awkwardly find himself Embraced in the midst of his university studies by Ventrue Alexis Black - a relatively free-spirited Cainite who would instruct her new childe to "go find himself" in a journey across America rather than immediately subjecting him to the rigors of the agoge.

During his adventures as an unattached neonate, Wu would find himself entangled in the machinations of a Las Vegas Kuei-Jin known as Chen Yi Fan - who took a shining to the young Kin-Jin and sought to draw him into his extensive criminal web. When Wu discovered the truth of his would-be mentor's dealings, however, the two would clash in an explosive confrontation - which would leave the Cathayan's casino,the Golden Dragon, in flames. Nevertheless interested in securing Wu as his protegé, Chen would eventually come to follow Wu to New York, where the young Kindred would eventually come to settle in 2006.

As a PC: Wu would figure long into the background of New York politics, gaining reputation for his eccentricity among both mortal and immortal friends alike. Due to the nature of his feeding preferences and his deep ingrained desire for justice which his parents' murders had instilled in him, Wu would eventually seek to make himself an agent of vigilante justice - following in the wake of the Masquerade breaching stunts of Lucasta with his own relatively subdued efforts to fight petty crime in the guise of a Dragon-themed warrior. Despite such theatrics, however, the Ventrue neonate would remain beset by uncertainties as to his life's direction, and would eventually befriend the also uncertain Lynn Gladius-Xerices as they both faced something of a "quarter-unlife crisis" together.

In time, Wu would come to realize that Chen -working through the Courts of New Jersey- was slowly infiltrating the ranks of his company, attempting to force the Ventrue into joining him or to face financial ruin. Frozen in indecision, the morose Wu would eventually withdraw from court society, trying his best as he could in the background to combat his foe.


  • Brian Wu developed a number of small "Wu dolls" in his image to promote his company at a trade convention. For months afterward, these objects would plague the game's Scrounge box. They would emit a high-pitched "Woooo!" when squeezed.

  • Brian Wu would often play music by the Swedish musician Günther during dramatic scenes involving car travel.

Documents of Import:

  • The Chronicles of Dragonrax: Brian Wu's escapades as a masked crime-fighter (Fall 2007 | Spring 2008)


Player: Glenn

Appearance: Bromme hasn't been seen for many years, but those who remember him said he was handsome and dignified in bearing, although he had a noticeable limp. Many have made the comparison between him and a younger Howard Hughes somewhat facetiously.

Nature: Architect

Demeanor: Traditionalist

Feeding Preference: Unknown

In Play: 2002 - 2003

As a PC: The first Prince of New York following Calebros' defection, Bromme Friederich III cut an imposing figure. Never seen without his dragon-headed cane, the Ventrue was noted for having a firm but condescending personality - speaking to members of his Domain as a schoolteacher might to an errant child. In the mortal world he is and was renowned as the head of the industrial empire of Vontaug and it's subsidiaries - which also seem to make unbelievably good returns in spite of their unconventional financial planning.

Bromme's reign was not particularly long. The Domain, still very much at war with the Sabbat, proved very unstable - and according to reports, so did Bromme. Toward the end of his nights as Prince people made claims that he would fly into unprovoked rages or go for nights without feeding. Although people have made other rumors indicating that his increasingly short temper was more than justified given his subjects at the time. In the Spring of 2003, he was displaced by his Harpy Svetlana, and he retired to Staten Island, withdrawing from court life until years later.

As an NPC: During the reign of Prince Evans, Friedrich made a claim of praxis over Staten Island, incurring the wrath of the local Anarch populace who claimed it as their turf, and narrowly escaping near death at the hands of Evans who saw it as a threat to his own Domain. Bromme would thereafter go on to long make himself a thorn in the side of the city's Sabbat, weathering numerous attempts by the sect to kill him in the course of a Wild Hunt. Eventually, however, the man developed a strain of paranoia not uncommon to elder Cainites, and would for many years remain isolated in his haven - his only company the deranged scholar, Crispin Massala

In 2007, however, a small Sabbat cell known as Polyclef successfully launched an assault on Frederich during a shareholders meeting for his corporation - Vontaug Industries. After slaying the mortal whom Bromme was possessing, the Ventrue found himself thrown into torpor - and while his lifeless material body was eventually removed from the scene by allies, the once prominent Cainite has yet to reawaken.


Player: Naomi

Appearance: Delaine was a cold and intimidating woman, who nevertheless has a matronly seductiveness to her visage. During her time in New York, she gradually grew paler as the nights witness the seep of her own humanity, and was deathly white at the time she left the Domain.

Nature: Autocrat

Demeanor: Bon Vivant

Feeding Preference: Strong-willed women

In Play: 2007 - 2008

Background: The daughter of an aristocratic German family, Delaine long found herself suffering under the thumb of her male guardians - her gender barring her from taking a leading role in the affairs of her clan. Her mother died while Delaine was still young, and her father followed his wife into the grave a scant decade or so later - leaving the family estate in the unwieldy hands of her unstable and incompetent brother.

While Delaine was able to quietly preserve the family fortunes on her sibling's behalf - she soon found herself the unwilling target of his incestuous affections. After bearing a number of children to her brother, Delaine took action to ensure his eventual demise. Her ingenuity in securing her freedom soon garnered the attentions of a nearby Ventrue, and Delaine would find herself Embraced less than a year after her brother's death.

As a PC: Coming to New York in 2007, Delaine soon rose to a position of prominence within Clan Ventrue - rising to the Primogenship in short order and becoming something of a mentor to the wayward Seth Samuel. She would eventually prove instrumental in discovering the Tzmisce spy, Lúsha Gjikokaj, and would participate in the torture of the Cainite - an act that would contribute greatly to her already waning humanity. After witnessing the strange circumstances which saw Nosferatu Ash Gently restored to mortal flesh and blood, however, the jaded woman would suffer something of a crisis of faith, and would withdraw from the city in the hopes of regaining her moral convictions.


  • Delaine's children were secreted away to be raised by a relative - and were never informed of their origins. Delaine would keep tabs on them and their descendents for decades after her Embrace, strangely satisfied in knowing that her mortal bloodline lived on.

Friedrich von SounderhausenFRIEDRICH

Player: Tim

Appearance: Friedrich von Sonderhausen's face was marred with battle-scars, although there was little indication he was overly comely before receiving them. He always wore an archaic military uniform in court

Nature: Fanatic

Demeanor: Traditionalist

Feeding Preference: Fit young men with black hair

In Play: 2005 - 2006

Description: Not much was generally known about Friedrich von Sonderhausen besides the little he has revealed. Somewhat out of place as a militaristic Ventrue alongside his more financially oriented Clanmates, he was certainly somewhat anachronistic, and is was generally presumed to have been a Kindred for at least a century or so. Originally from Frankfurt, in recent decades Friedrich called Berlin his home. He had some connection to the Teutonic Knights, some influence within the Catholic church, and a great deal of skill with a sword. Whenever asked why he had come to New York, he would shrug and say "to completely eradicate the Sabbat presence in the city." He demonstrated a deep hatred for the Sabbat and Clan Tzimisce in particular, and obviously longed to be put into service in the fight.

Mr. von Sonderhausen served for several months as the Primogen of his clan, although he displayed no great political skill and a distaste for politics in general. He also served in secret as Scourge for a similar length of time under Prince Evans.

Due to a prior obligation in Berlin he temporarily left the city. Upon his return to New York, however, he was heard from only briefly, during which he made cryptic comments regarding something known as "The Society of Leopold." He has not been heard from since and is presumed to have been destroyed, given the surrounding evidence.


Player: Ashley

Appearance: Approximately 5'2", 130lbs. Hair is a light brown, when its loose, it reaches about the middle of her back. Eyes are blue. Skins clear of blemishes. No distinguishing features.

Nature: Idealist

Demeanor: Confidant

Sire: Edward Vignes

Feeding Preference: Young socialites

In Play: 2006 - 2007

Description: Helen came to the city of New York in response to the rumors that circulated Chicago of the attempted praxis of Darren West and William Lansing. Knowing that New York was highly contested, she hoped to use her skills as a diplomat and mediator to restore some order to the city, but upon her arrival, the matter had been quite settled, and Helen instead found herself claiming the seat of Ventrue Primogen due to the departure of von Sounderhausen. As Primogen, during the reign of Hadrian Evans, she became the emissary to the Kuei-Jin representatives from New Jersey who came to reside in New York. During the reign of Darren West, it was she who wrote the treaty between them and the New York Camarilla. Upon West's death and under the belief that there was no one else to do so, Helen took the position of Prince of New York.

Very little of Helen's past has been revealed to any of the others. What is known is that she came from Los Angeles, where she still maintains a home; fortunate enough that she was respected enough to be left alone by the Anarchs and subsequently the Kuei-Jin who have taken over the city. Also, immediately prior to coming to New York, she resided in London and Chicago, where she learned the ways and history of the Camarilla. As for her business, it was no secret that she mingled with the high and mighty of New York's high society, and that she kept ties with Hollywood and its ilk. But beyond all this, not much was ever volunteered by her.

Soft spoken and more inclined to let others talk, it was only until her ascension to the throne that Helen could be found at Elysium as a willing and sympathetic ear for those that needed it. In the early stages of her Princeship, Helen was fairly magnanimous, even going so far as to apologize to the Independents for Camarilla wrongs done against them, but to those that spoke with her personally, it became evident that her patience and tolerance for those around her was fraying.

In early January of 2008, Helen abdicated her control over the domain willing, ceding the Princeship to her young Seneschal, Eugene Wright. She did so after making a terse speech as to the failings of those Kindred she had tended over in the city, and then left New York abruptly, giving little clue as to her eventual destination.


Player: Dave

Appearance: Jamal Assara looked decidedly European, and his outward appearance occasionally hinted that he was a man who had seen more than a century of unlife. Like most Ventrue he favored formal businesses-wear in Elysia.

Nature: Fanatic

Demeanor: Director

Feeding Preference: Unemployed performers

In Play: 2003 - 2007

Description: Jamal Assara immigrated to New York from Los Angeles in October 2004, having been part of a holdout Camarilla group in the war-torn West Coast. Among other activities, he serves as a business manager for the Metropolitan Opera, and has recently taken up a post in the Lincoln Center Advisory Board. As a business manager musical organizations for more than a century, he has been acquainted to many of the musical giants of the Late Romantic and Early Modern period, notably Gustav Mahler, Richard Strauss, and Sir Arthur Sullivan.

Among Kindred, Jamal Assara has served at various times as the Ventrue Primogen, Harpy, and Seneschal. As one of the longer-standing members of the New York Camarilla, he garners some respect.

Jamal was quite proud of his Austrian roots, and had been known to reminisce about the Hapsburg empire, in which his family held a position of nobility. He returned to Vienna after over five years of service to the New York Camarilla after finally restoring his ancestral home.


Player: Michael

Appearance: James Hawthorne reportedly was better looking than this picture, and apparently exuded a fair amount of charm, rather than looking like a mentally disabled Kennedy that was locked in the basement for several years.

Nature: Gallant

Demeanor: Visionary

Feeding Preference: Young women

In Play: 2005

Theme Song(s): Matchbox Twenty - Last Beautiful Girl

Description: Originally a Clan whip from Boston, James Hawthorne was quick to rise to the seat of Primogen proper in New York, ousting the former council member Alex Smith, within a short span of his arrival in the city. During his brief time on the council, Hawthorne seemed to represent a more "traditional" element of the Camarilla, and often came to blows with fellow Primogen Adam Jones over matters a result.

A politic individual and a devout Roman Catholic, Hawthorne was quick to attain the favor of Harpy and eventual Seneschal La Condesa Sofia Castanuelas de la Plata, who apparently held him in high regard for some time. (although her opinion was rumored to have wavered after a rather embarrassing incident in which he dove under a table during a Gangrel attack.)

Tragically, after less than a year on the council, Hawthorne was apparently slain on a trip back to Boston by a group of the city's Anarchs. Clan Ventrue has since vowed to look closely into the matter.

Lord John de la LeeLORD JOHN DE LA LEE

Player: Tristan

Appearance: Lord John was a distinguished man of noble lineage with an obvious limp. He always dressed in a antiquated, albeit formal style and bore a distinct French accent.

In Play: 2010



Player: Adam

Appearance: Small and slight, 5’7” and 135 pounds, black hair and brown eyes. 5-o'clock shadow. Handsome, but not strikingly so. Generally either scowling or beaming self-contentedly.

Nature: Rogue

Demeanor: Caregiver

Sire: Christopher Blackman

Feeding Preference: Adulterous women

In Play: 2008 - 2009

Description: Seth Samuel is –in no particular order– a lobbyist for biomedical engineering, a public relations expert, a passable womanizer, an alumnus of the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity, a graduate of University of Maryland, the Whip for clan Ventrue in New York, and a total asshole.

Seth has been known to loudly express his distaste for gypsies, homosexuals and Toreador. He also never fails to demonstrate thinly-veiled Ventrue elitism and condescension towards just about everyone who doesn't outrank him. Nonetheless, the young lobbyist has a charisma and a skill at smoothing ruffled feathers that has thus far saved him from making any real enemies.

Seth is a fierce supporter of Camarilla rule and legitimacy, and loathes Sabbat more than anything else in the world. Nonetheless, he has proven very tolerant of the Giovanni and Setites in New York, even making a few casual allies amongst them and pushing for further dialogue between the sects.

His favorite band is Led Zeppelin, and his favorite movie is The Caine Mutiny (1954).

Ventrue NPCs

Neidhart von MeirlingNEIDHART VON MEIRLING

Player: John

Appearance: Neidhart was a slight man with stark Nordic features. He favored formal wear at court, and was always seen wearing the same tie (a gift from one of his mentors)

Feeding Preference: Children of racially "pure" Germanic bloodlines

In Play: 2005 - 2008

Description: One of the very rare Ventrue antitribu antitribu. A formerly well-established member of the German Sword of Caine, Neidhart's success was built on the sacrifice of a staggering number of his fellow Cainites. Eventually, his ruthless tactics turned from earning him accolades to earning him the ire of a number of other Sabbat in the area. No fool, von Meirling took the opportunity to turn over a new leaf, if one can call it that, selling out his former compatriots to the Camarilla. He then moved to New York where he lives under house arrest and generally laments the complete uselessness of his sect du jour. He still has trouble remembering to use the term "Kindred."

Shortly after his arrival in New York, Neidhart was put under a polite "house arrest" by concerned Archons worried about his probationary status as a Sect member, and as such he hasn't attended court with much frequency at all. Many members of the Domain these days have either forgotten his existence or simply never been informed of him.

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