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Potent sorceries, crumbling castles, forbidding mountains, villages of huddled and fearful peasants; These images play through the history of the Tzimisce. The scholarly Fiends trace their roots to the demesnes of Eastern Europe, where they ruled as feudal lords over a superstitious populace (and, in some places they still do, it is whispered) Even in the modem day, anachronistic behavior and uncommon occult insight are hallmarks of the Tzimisce. the pre-eminent sorcerers of Cainite society, they now serve the Sabbat as terrifying, alien creatures that epitomize the traditional characteristics of vampires. The great Vlad Dracul himself is said to be one of the Tzimisce though in the Sabbat, he is counted a traitor to the Clan.


Disciplines: Animalism, Auspex, Vicissitude

Clan Advantage: One free dot of the Occult ability. At ST discretion Tzimisce may purchase any Lore up to a second dot without extensive work or specialized research, due to Tzimisce libraries. Tzimisce may also have Revenant family ghouls as Retainers.

Clan Disadvantage: Every Tzimisce must sleep during the day with two handfuls of soil from their grave or from their native homeland. Each day that a Tzimisce fails to rest thusly, they suffer an additional one-trait penalty on all challenges. This penalty is reduced on a one-for-one basis once they regain their earth and sleep appropriately.

Inactive Tzimisce PCs


A.K.A.: Dobrogost Jozej Bratovitch

Player: Brendan

Appearance: Diego changed appearance frequently. When Embraced, he was 5'11", stocky (about 200 lbs), with pale skin, brown hair, and brownish eyes. He appeared to be in his early 20s, although he was actually 39. Should he ever have reverted completely to his form at the Embrace, he would be missing the last segment of his right pinkie finger. However, he used Vicissitude to fix that many years ago.

Nature: Bravo

Demeanor: Chameleon

Sire: Piotr Bratovich

In Play: 2007

Theme Song(s): Stone Temple Pilots - Sex Type Thing

Quote: "Over an eternity, improbabilities become certainties."

Background: The Cainite who would become known as "Diego" started his life in rural South Dakota, where he would be born to a Bratovich revanent family tending a hellhound farm in the countryside. Raised from his earliest days to respect and fear his vampiric betters, the young Dobrogost saw little of the human world as a youth, being subject to constant torment at the hands of his elders. As a teenager, the young man would have a brief encounter with a girl from one of the distant neighboring farms - a pretty thing named Georgia to whom the young Bratovich would lose his virginity in a brief fling before being discovered by his family. Once his transgression was discovered, the angry revanent clan would rally to massacre Georgia's family - saving the girl to be fed alive to the hellhounds whilst Dobrogost watched.

Decades later, Dobrogost would have the honor of being selected for the Embrace by one of the lords who made use of his bloodline - a nomadic Black Hand member named Piotr. After numerous night-long ritae, the thirty-nine year old revanent would be granted a place amongst the Tzimisce, and would soon thereafter adopt the tenants of the Path of Caine, abandoning what litte connetion he had to his humane nature.

After numerous decades running amongst the Sabbat of Mexico City, Diego would briefly make a run through Cleveland, where he would kidnap and quite nearly torture to death the childe of the city's Scourge, Eugene Wright. This deed would later follow him to New York, as when Diego at last arrived in the Domain, Wright was not far behind him.

As a PC: Diego came to New York in early 2007 along with his previous packmate Kaya Miakoda, where the two would join the small band of Sabbat led by Layla Reese. Violent and direct, the arrogant Tzimisce would openly mock those Cainites who still clung to their humanity, and would prove oppositional to the still compassionate Morryn. Despite a few brief encounters with Wright on neutral grounds such as the Setites Club Sebau, the Cainite's enemy would never come to blows with him, although Diego's Masquerade-breaching slaughter and mutilation of numerous mortals in the course of his feeding would eventually earn him the rapt attention of the Brujah's sect.

A few months into his stay in the city, Kaya seemingly disappeared from the city, leaving Diego grieved - owing to the high vinculum they shared. But a short time later, the brash ancillae learned that Layla intended slay the city's Archbishop Fransisco de Polonia, suspecting him of infernalism. Hoping to curry favor with the elder, Diego would warn Polonia of her intentions, only to discover later that the headstrong Ventrue had managed to slay him despite his preparations. As Reese left the city -finding herself unexpectedly thrust into the numbers of the Inquisition- the leadership of the pack turned over to the Assamite Stefan Jean Vassier, who would find himself beset with troubles after Diego's indiscreet feeding brought the attentions of the Federal Bureau of Investigation upon the group.

By the end of the summer, the determined Tzimisce would find himself the lone Sabbat in the city, with Stefan and the remaining members of his group having fled in the face of the increasingly hostile conditions they face. Stubbornly staying despite the opposition, Diego changed his appearance and sought the help of a ghouled Bratovich operative of his Sire's whom he knew only as "Jonathan Roman" attempted to pass as a Caitiff named Lee Samuel Johnson. After attracting the attention of Tremere Sheriff Sam McCoy for his refusal to enter the Camarilla Elysium, despite his numerous requests for an audience with the Prince, Diego was discovered by means of Telepathy and plans were made for his capture and destruction. Kaya, however, who had long been held as a captive of the Camarilla was informed by the Sabbat sympathizer Auberon Xerices of operation before it happened, and managed to send word to her comrade that he might flee New York.


  • In one of his ostentatious attempts to create havoc through breeches of the Masquerade, Diego would Embrace a young man known as Constantine Smith, who would be discovered and held in custody by the FBI's Edenville Unit for over a year before escaping onto the streets and futilely attempting to seek out and slay his long departed Sire.

  • Diego had a mortal son through his cousin Czeslawa named Jozef, although he was uncertain as to whether or not the boy was his.

  • Diego had a philosophical interest in reducing things to what he considered to be their consituent elements. He believed that the elements of the Sabbat were "fire" and "blood"; wheras the elements of the Camarilla were "fear" and "loathing."

Documents of Import:

  • Conrad Desmond says "Hello" to Diego: Diego, after messilly killing a family of four, is left with an omnious note by federal investigator Conrad Desmond (A.K.K. "Alpha," "Kinch") [May 1, 2007]
Tzimisce NPCS


Player: Ivan

Appearance: Constanine was not particularly memorable in his appearance, being a man of average build and plain features. He had something of a younthful attractiveness to him, having been Embraced whilst he was in relatively good shape - but otherwise he would not stand out in a crowd.

Nature: Judge

Demeanor: Survivor

Sire: Diego

In Play: 2010

Background: Constantine Smith was a simple, almost boring, man who worked a steady job as a marketing consultant and had a girlfriend he wasn't quite ready to commit to. One night in late 2007, however, his life unexpectedly and irrevocably changed when he found himself attacked by an unknown assailant, who bit him roughly on the neck and exsanguinated him, before bestowing upon him the Embrace. Awakening in the trunk of a stolen vehicle, the young man came to overwhelmed by a monstrous frenzy - and soon attracted the attention of the NYPD who swiftly turned the incident over the a small cell of the Federal Bureau of Investigation which specialized in such odd happenings.

Constantine would eventually be extracted from the vehicle by knowledgeable agents trained in handling such "regenerative hemophages," and would be adequately fed and instructed as to the details of his condition by coldly scientific experts who staffed the Edenville Special Affairs Division. For three years after his Embrace, the confused neonate would be an indefinitely detained captive of the federal government - having contact with no vampires outside of those held in custody by the unit. Subjected to long hours of isolation and numerous painful medical tests, the young Tzimisce grew increasingly unstable, and eventually, as his natural powers of Vicissitude blossomed, he would seek to escape - hoping to seek out and destroy the vampire who had brought him to his present condition.

As an NPC: Constantine would finally make his escape in early 2010, quickly finding himself alone in a city without even a rudimentary knowledge as to how to feed on his own. In his first several nights on the run, the neonate would commit several gory murders as the potency of the thirst overwhelmed him - leaving Constantine wracked with guilt. Nevertheless, the lone neonate would endeavor to find the other vampires of the city - endeavoring to destroy them until such a time as he could be directed to whomever had been his Sire. During such these attempts, the vengeful Tzimisce would slay a visiting Brujah, and would mistakenly pursue Assamite Altair Hasani, thinking the man had been responsible for his Embrace.

After numerous close brushes with the Camarilla and a failed attempt to rejoin with the FBI, Smith would eventually be contacted by the Tremere Prince Samuel Johnson, who would initially attempt to lure the ignorant Cainite into a trap. Over time, however, Johnson would grow to take pity on the hapless Kindred, and would help him to escape the Domain - revealing to Constantine at long last the secret to his Clan's curse that he might leave New York without succumbing to the sickness that overtook him when he was removed from his native soil.

Learning at last that his Sire was long gone and that he was free to depart, Constantine journeyed north toward the wilderness of Canada - hoping to recuse himself from humanity until such a time as he could adapt to his new condition.


  • Constantine's former girlfriend, Allison Black, would become a victim of the Camarilla's search for the rogue Tzimisce. Vinny DaPaglia and Whit Brokehouse would stalk the woman to her home, break in and badly beat her until she revealed what little information she had regarding her former lover. Eventually, this assault would lead to Brokehouse's own capture by the Edenville FBI cell, as the federal agents did not take kindly to the abuse of a woman whom they considered a potential witness.

  • During his harassment of Altair, Constantine would briefly kidnap and hold hostage the Assamite's ghoul, Alashain - leading to a memorable confrontation at the man's fashion design firm in Manhattan.

Documents of Import:

  • I Hope That's a Sumdge...: A picture snapped of Constantine's Horrid Form as he assualted Brujah neonate, Alice Walker.

  • Night in the Life: Samuel Johnson uses Scry to spy on Constantine Smith as the neonate attempts to rejoin the FBI. [March 18, 2010]


Player: LG

Appearance: Lúsha was a very small woman who looked almost like a child. Ragged, animalistic and spiteful, the petite Tzimisce was almost constantly in motion. She wore simple utilitarian clothing, often gleaned from army surplus stores.

Nature: Autocrat

Demeanor: Survivor

In Play: 2007 - 2008

Theme Song(s): Gogol Bordello - Mala Vida

Background: Lúsha was the youngest girl in a impoverished family of rural Albanians who were living in the Kosovo region during the Balkan wars. Eventually forced to flee their land due to encroaching Serb settlers, her desperate family left Lúsha behind as they left the area, feeling that the frail child would be unable to survive the road. Homeless and without resources at the age of eleven, the tenacious young girl would come to take shelter with a pack of wild dogs which had been prowling the hillsides, and in time would make herself something of a familial unit with them, thieving for scraps and killing travelers on ocassion to take their clothing.

For several years the feral girl would live among the dogs, having little contact with human society save to steal when necessary. During one bad winter, however, the pack would assist their "sibling" in slaying a revanent who had become lost in their territory, desperate for what meat they could find. The ghoul's associates, upon finding what had befallen the man, were impressed that a teenage girl and a slew of wild dogs could kill one born of vampiric lineage, and would go on to Embrace the child that her skills might be preserved. Awakening into the first frenzy of her unlife, Lúsha would devour the animals she had lived alongside, and would soon after witness the seep of what little remained of her human sensibilities.

Arising amongst the Sabbat as an expert in the use of beasts of all stripes, the Tzimisce neonate would go on to assist a number of packs in war strategem - having a knack for addressing problems from unexpected angles. In 2007, she would be placed in charge of a group known as Polyclef and ordered to New York that she might gather information on the Camarilla forces there - that the Sword of Caine might eventually launch a full on war effort to reclaim the city.

As an NPC: Lúsha and Polyclef first made their presence known in the city after completing a successful strike againt the Ventrue elder Bromme Frederich during a meeting of his company's shareholders. After incapacitating Frederich and wreaking havoc among the mortals in his service, the Tzimsice leader would go on to successfully kill investigating Sheriff Sam McCoy who would meet his end as Lúsha futilly attempted to diablerize him.

After this initial victory, the emboldened Sabbat would go on to kidnap Toreador Primogen Anastasia Rothe, and Lúsha would take on the risky endeavor of attempting to impersonate the young Kindred for the purposes of reconaissance. While the ancillae initially sought only to pass as the other Cainite for a single evening - she found herself unexpectedly ordered to attend a Primogen meeting, and grew overconfident when she managed to pass as Anastasia. After keeping up the disguise for a number of weeks, however, Lúsha was discovered to be an imposter after Ventrue Primogen Delaine Haus observed the drastic change in her behavior. She was thereafter taken captive by a collective of the Camarilla's officers, and brutally tortured under the direction of Scourge Reino Haldor, who repeatedly excised her eyelids in an attempt to ready her for the use of Dominate. Eventually, after video footage was released to the Ivory Tower showing the sufferings of Primogen Rothe - a hostage exchange was agreed upon and Lúsha was released to her sectmates.

Her return to her pack was short-lived, however, as her largely rewrtiten memories of her captivity began to take a toll on her psyche. When Polyclef later launched an attack on the isolated and paranoid Malkavian, Langston, Lúsha fell in battle - not prepared for the psychic assault launched at her by the crazed seer. her death prompted her Priest, Zappelphillip to go to extremes in the hopes of avenging her - as the two had shared a close bond through the vaulderie.

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