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Once a cabal of mortal wizards, the Tremere supposedly wrested the secrets of vampirism through their own arcane studies in a covert war during the Dark Ages. With their stolen birthright, they carved a place for themselves in vampiric society, hunting down and extinguishing an ancient of another lost bloodline in order to gain legitimacy while refining their own potent magics with their new unliving power. Tightly bound by common studies of the arcane and the mistrust of other clans, the Warlocks are mysterious, distrusted and feared - and that's just how they like it.


Disciplines: Auspex, Dominate, Thaumaturgy

Clan Advantage: One free dot of Occult influence and one free dot of the Occult ability. Generally reliable aid from any Mentor background the character might buy.

Clan Disadvantage: One step blood bound to the Council of Tremere elders.

Inactive Tremere PCs


A.K.A.: The Hat, Jonsie, Mr. J.

Player: Carlson

Appearance: Jones was a tall dark-haired man of British lineage with a condescending attitude and an often joked-about top hat. Conniving and obsequious in his earliest days in New York, the ambitious sorcerer did eventually mellow into a vaguely charismatic man, although many Cainites in the city nevertheless found him distasteful

Nature: Conniver

Demeanor: Perfectionist

Sire: Jonathan Long

In Play: 2005 - 2007

Theme Song(s): Three Doors Down - Duck and Run

Background: Adam Jones was born in late 19th century England to well-to-do but not particularly notable parents. After his mother died in a carriage accident, the boys father spent much of his time busying himself with work, leaving his son to grow up with very little idea as to how to interact properly with his peers. Aloof and unfriendly, the young Adam grew fascinated by the particulars of the natural world in his isolation, often taking apart the remains of insects and small animals as he tried to determine the mechanisms by which they worked.

With his innate curiosity helping him to excel academically, Jones eventually matured to attend Oxford University, where he soon found himself drawn into the study of the occult. Neglecting all other pursuits and slowly failing his exams, the young student's penchant for studies into the othernatural and otherworldly eventually caught the attention of one of his professors - a Tremere by the name of Jonathan Long. Arranging to have the youth Embraced, the Kindred would eventually arrange to have his childe's academic troubles taken care of, and Jones would emerge from his schooling numbering among the undead - eager to learn the new arts which House and Clan had made available to him.

Much to Jones' displeasure, however, the young Cainite would spend the greater part of the twentieth century being shuttled from chantry to chantry - with higher ranking members of the Tremere hierarchy trading him between them that they might utilize ability to coordinate small mortal occult groups. Frustrated with what he saw as a misuse of his potential, the ambitious apprentice would eventually jump at the chance to prove himself in the unsteady Domain of New York - hoping that by making his name in the city, he might at last find the respect he felt owed by his clanmates and settle into a comfortable position within the Pyramid.

As a PC: Adam Jones first arrived in New York from Boston in early 2005. Despite Clan Tremere's less than perfect reputation at that time, he made great strides toward repairing the relationship between his Clan and the New York Camarilla and joined the Primogen Council shortly after his arrival. He was extremely polite and formal and tended to introduce himself to every newcomer and offer his assistance should they ever need help with anything - seeming to split his time at Elysium between meetings with various Camarilla officials and making small talk with whomever else is in the room. Despite a rather rapid rise to power - claiming both his Clan Primogenship and the regency of the Domain within less than a year- Jones made few friends during his early nights in the city. The only Kindred outside of his own Clan whom he appeared to relate to on more than a superficial level was Dr. Faustus, and her eventual disappearance and seeming death left him rather rattled.

Behind closed doors, Jones was a consummate schemer. Obsessed with cementing his Clan's position in the volatile city of New York, the ambitious Tremere soon found himself butting heads with Ventrue James Hawthorne, who adamantly opposed the appointment of a Tremere Harpy and attempted to counter Jones' every move on the Primogen Council. Outraged at this interference, the driven magician would do his utmost to undermine the Clan of Kings through whatever means necessary, coming close to making plans for an outright assassination before Hawthorne's unexpected death at the hands of Boston Anarchs. Following these events, Jones' behavior became increasingly eccentric as he ham-fistedly attempted to find a social niche to dwell in. He began dressing in an older anachronistic fashion that bordered on the ridiculous and has been heard to wistfully reflect on his youth in England, whenever that was. His unusual behavior continued into the late fall of the same year, when he led the bulk of the Camarilla on a raid on an empty building.

In Janurary 2006, when Caitiff William Lansing would make a desperate claim at praxis on behalf of Seneshcal Darren West, Jones readily threw himself and his clan behind Prince Evans - not wishing to endanger his standing by supporting an untenable rebellion. Ordering his Clanmates to provide a wide array of materials, both magical and material, to Evans regime - the Tremere Primogen would openly fight against West when he finally arrived in the city to establish his intentions to claim the throne. Once the idealistic Brujah lay torpid, Jones and his cohorts would rise to a brief position of prominence during what remained of Evans' rule, although the Prince's unstable Sheriff and Clanmate, Lillian Greer, would do her utmost to covertly drive a wedge between Evans and all powerful Kindred outside of her own person - and would soon lead the city's ruler to largely dismiss Jones as an easily manipulated fool.

Months later, Jones would suffer disgrace when West returned and successfully assumed the throne. Having so staunchly supported Evans previously, the sorcerer soon found himself demoted significantly in rank as he lost face before the court. During the brief reign of the young Brujah Prince, Jones maintained a noted rivalry with Toreador Seneschal Emanuel James Richardson, and had his work within the Clan compounded by the increasingly erratic behavior of Lord Nicolai Antonescu - who insisted upon Jones' support of the mentally ill Michael Montgomery despite the ancillae's open dealings with the Sabbat and frequent breaches of the Masquerade. Despite these hardships, Jones would eventually manage to rally several of the high standing members of the Sect against Richardson, eventually forcing West's hand such that the Toreador was sent into exile. In the wake of Helen Rogerson's unexpected ascension to the throne weeks later, the cunning Tremere would force his way into the Seneschalship, and for a brief instant seemed to be on the verge of finally securing the position of Clan Tremere among the leadership of New York.

As an NPC: Following this seeming triumph, however, Jones began acting increasingly strangely (even for Jones), and began to appear paranoid as to what his position of power foreboded. Unexpectedly, he renounced his seat in early February of 2007, relinquished both the Primogenship and Seneschalship, and announced his intention to retire from court society. That very night, he was nearly the victim of a swift and sudden assassination attempt by Sabbat operative, Cameron Bennet, surviving only through the use of a mysterious artifact not seen before or again.

After this incident, the shaken regent drew himself even further into seclusion, staying briefly in the haven of his apprentices before eventually retreating from New York altogether. While his regency did draw him some accolades from the Clan -given the notoriety New York would eventually gain as a nigh impossible Domain to manage- Jones would go on to comport himself in much the same manner as he had elsewhere throughout the decades, attempting to work for the betterment of his Clan as best he could, while he strove to attain a comfortable position within it.


  • Jones was a virgin at the time of his Embrace, and never experienced the carnal act until after he was already in the grip of Caine's curse. Having never been informed that the state of undeath would rob sexuality of its pleasure, Jones would long be confused as to why sexual attraction and tension played such a weighty role in human interactions - not really understanding what all the fuss was about beyond a purely intellectual level.

  • Jones would form a bizarre relationship with Toreador Natalie Hemming, becoming something of a father figure in the emotionally troubled woman's mind. While Jones himself had little actual attachment to the girl -using her primarily as a means to undermine her clanmate, Richardson- he would be one of the few members of the court to actively mourn her seeming death in Paris, and would leave a bouquet of lilacs in Elysium each year on the anniversary of her supposed suicide.

  • Jones would routinely burn his hats and personal affects - fearing that they might be used against him as sympathetic links were they not replaced frequently.


A.K.A.: AX, Aubs

Player: Justin

Appearance: A homely but nevertheless charismatic man, Auberon dressed far beyond his personal appearance, and was often seen business-clad with a prominently displayed crucifix and well-framed glasses.

Nature: Idealist

Demeanor: Perfectionist

Sire: Aurelius Xerices

In Play: 2006 - 2007

Theme Song(s): A.F.I. - The Boy Who Destroyed the World

Quote: "There's always going to be some displaced and ancient being of darkness waiting in the kitchen and a political war just outside the door. But we're supposed to care for one another. That's what love is, I hear."

Background: Auberon Xerices was created through the ritual Sculpting the Perfect Servant, with his eventual Sire, a famous alchemist known as Aurelius Xerices, orchestrating his conception through magical means. Almost immediately after his birth to mortal parents, the infant would be seized by the eccentric Tremere, who would proceed to raise the child in technical violation of the Masquerade within the confines of an Austrian chantry, alongside a similarly procured girl named Adelle. Trained from his earliest years in the magical arts, the boy grew up to be an eccentric yet compassionate man - who subsequently underwent ghouldom and the Embrace as per his creator's wishes.

Under Aurelius' direction, Auberon would find himself assigned to the New World, while his blood-sister was dispatched to England. The elder Tremere would insist that his two "children" position themselves in countries which he felt would eventually dominate global politics. During his first years in America, the young neonate would cross the path of one Sam McCoy, a childe of his Sire's rival, who would later be involved in a scandal which would cause Auberon to find himself thrice bound to the Council of Seven. Despite this fetter upon his will, the fiery-minded Cainite would remain a determined and passionate man - eager to follow his heart's morality and quick to revenge slights he perceived against him,

Background: Auberon Xerices of arrived in New York City in early 2006, directed by Aurelius to the war-torn domain of New York to assist the Camarilla in any way that his skillful mind and manner could accomplish. Having been instructed in the myriad layers of political and organizational webbing that most neonates would find themselves lost in, he found himself quickly climbing to attain the position of Greater Harpy within the Domain. Once attaining his post, however, he often admitted that he still found himself confused as to the nature and culture of America, though he strove to find his footing in a world "turned upside down".

Shortly after his arrival and rise to power, Auberon became a close associate of Dr. Lillian Greer, developing a somewhat of an obsession with the woman that she did not appear to requite. After her untimely death at the hands of Prince Hadrian Evans, he found himself mired in inner turmoil. The laws had been conflicted on the matter of her execution and his ire had been raised. While he spoke of her in gently remembered terms and was reported to chide those who insult her memory, those who were closest to him knew of his sharp thoughts on the matter - as he bore her remnant spirit a perverse sort of bittersweet hatred for how greatly it illustrated the fall of a woman he once admired.

In the months following Greer's death, however, Xerices gained no shortage of notoriety over his public courtship and marriage to the young Follower of Set Lynn Gladius, who publicly defected to the Camarilla following their union. While Lynn showed no signs of anything other than unswerving loyalty to he husband, owing to her complete blood bond to his person, the fact he saw fit to engage in the human sacrament of matrimony as a Cainite, and had chosen to do so with a member of a Clan infamous for corruption has raised several eyebrows.

Further eyebrows, however, were to be raised.

Perhaps it started with his interactions with the fallen prodigy Montgomery, with whom he shared a conspiratorial friendship before eventually betraying him to the Astors of their Clan. Perhaps it started with his frequent, albeit sanctioned, communications with Ductus Reese regarding inter-Sect affairs, which blossomed into an awkward friendship. Regardless, however it happened, Auberon became uncharacteristically sympathetic to the stance of the Sabbat as time went by, going so far as to "adopt" a fleeing Malkavian antitribu Kaya Miakoda and trying to convert her from her parent Sect.

While he had some success in this endeavor, and Kaya was grudgingly tolerated by the community at large, he finally overstepped the line when he was found complicit in aiding and abetting both her flight from the city and by extension the escape of the Tzimisce, Diego, a dangerous operative noted for launching a great number of unpleasant guerrilla attacks on Camarilla holdings with numerous fatalities. This infraction proved unforgivable and after fleeing the city himself, Auberon was eventually captured - presumably by members of his Clan. Prince Rogerson coldly announced his crimes and capture in assembled court a month later, whilst the man languished in an obscure oubliette in Vienna, being forced to witness his wife's forcible separation from him as her blood bond was violently broken through thamaturgical means.

In time, report was given of his eventual tribunal and execution in Vienna - where he had been tried alongside his former compatriot, Apprentice Montgomery. Both of them were said in the documents regarding the affair to have repented their past actions against House and Clan Tremere and to have embraced their deaths with decorum - wishing nothing more than their deaths for their betrayal of their oaths.


  • Auberon was the inventor of a custom ritual known as Taste the Master's Whim, which would cause the blood of a mortal vessel to change its flavor.

  • Auberon had a peculiar interest in human sexuality and romance that many Kindred would find repugnant, and during his time in the city he would carry on intimate relations with both Gretchen Faustus and Natalie Hemming.

  • Auberon would go on to forgive Sam McCoy for his instrumentality in his bondage to the Council, and the two would eventually become friends and share a haven along with Lynn, in which they would house a number of Rutor's hands; a ghouled horse named Star Fox; and an enchanted Ushabti named "Optimus Playdough." (a gift from Helgiorimir for his grandchilde's wedding)

  • Auberon, during his friendship with Montgomery, would also come to befriend Lasombra Cameron Bennet, and would briefly conspire with him to murder Regent Adam Jones that Auberon might ascend to his position himself.

Documents of Import:


A.K.A.: Feck Face, Lucas Brighton, Lucasta

Player: Jonathan

Appearance: Tall, moderately well-dressed, if a bit scruffy-looking.

Nature: Martyr

Demeanor: Idealist

Sire: Ryan O' Hara

In Play: 2003 - 2007

Theme Song(s): My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade

Description: Michael Montgomery's past was not something he discussed often, but when he did, the foul-mouthed Irishman grew uncharacteristically somber. It is generally understood that he is native to the Irish isle of Inishmaan, that he and his sister Helen were orphans, and that he watched her die at the hands of an Assamite. He was embraced by Dr. Ryan O'Hara, who was unfortunately, quite mad, and kept the bewildered childe captive for sixty years, unbeknownst to the Tremere Elders. When the Tremere arrived to discuss Dr. O'Hara's newly inspired work, they found that he knew next to nothing regarding "his" groundbreaking Thamaturgical discoveries.

They also found Montgomery.

Liberated, and with his sire, well, no longer moving, Montgomery was taken to Vienna, where his (now universally recognized) Path Of Levinbolt was met with opened arms, and critical acclaim. His confrontational, foul-mouthed personality however, was just met with the ordinary kind of criticism. So, he was shipped off to New York in the fall of 2002 with precious little in the way of expectations. Ostensibly, his purpose in being sent was to discern what had happened to all the Tremere, why they had all died. It was implied that nary a tear would be shed should Montgomery himself meet the same fate. Miraculously enough, he not only didn't die, but seemed to find a niche for himself within the Camarilla, holding the titles of scourge, Primogen, and eventually the office of Dux Bellorum, or war - master of the Camarilla, as well as becoming the Tremere Regent of New York. And while his personality was something of an acquired taste, he was generally seen as a well-meaning individual. But when Lord Piotr began making his presence known in New York, those few souls misguided enough to befriend Montgomery noticed a change. The fun-loving, wise-cracking rouge became embroiled in a series of increasingly suspicious events, and one day, simply disappeared. No record of Michael Montgomery existed for the span of about a year, either in New York, New Jersey, Vienna, or Ireland. He simply vanished.

He resurfaced late in 2006, returning to the city in the guise of an Autarkis Caitiff and using the pseudonym "Lucas Brighton." Apparently, fall out from strange events in New Jersey had left Montgomery wary of his Clan and Sect, and possibly more than a bit deranged. When he was eventually discovered to be Michael Montgomery, Clan Tremere and the New York Camarilla both became entangled in a delicate and dangerous web of conspiracies and back door deals to keep the prodigy alive, stable and as helpful to House Clan and Sect as possible. Lucas, as he was called now, was treading the deadly path of being an independent Tremere - and one officially sanctioned by his Clan. He had the potential to open doors previously though up-openable, making contacts among the Sabbat and allegedly delving into some of the secrets of the Lasombra.

Unfortunately for all parties involved, Lucas nature moved him down a problematic path. Possibly due to dementia or possibly due to that rarest of qualities in Kindred, idealism, Lucas became convinced that he should use his supernatural powers for the betterment of society, and took to engaging in vigilante activity, making full used of his blood magic. He called himself Lucasta, and took on the trappings of the fallen angel Lucifer in his work, attempting to strike terror into the hearts of New York's criminal element and to offer up some scant form of atonement for his fallen state. As he skirted into more and more blatant breaches of the Masquerade and his contacts with the Sabbat became dangerously friendly, Clan Tremere was eventually forced to drop the hammer.

Around the beginning of 2007, Lucas informed the assembled court that he would be leaving for Ireland again. The politics behind this remain opaque, but people suspect a fatal accident may befall the young magus shortly, especially in light of the recent events perpetuated by TJ Phillips in Lucasta's name.


Player: Ernest

Appearance: Olan was a tall, bookish man, who was very proud of his assortment of wigs. Continually immesed in the world of magic and study, the shy acolyte almost always wore ceremonial robes and carried a book

Nature: Listener

Demeanor: Loyalist

Sire: Gelwen

In Play: 2007 - 2008

Background: Raised in a new age commune, Olan Golagras Ajora had a singular and almost autistic obsession with learning from his youngest years onward. Losing himself in books and libraries - the exceptionally gifted young man eventually found himself drawn -among other things- to the study of the occult, and his interest in such affairs eventually attracted the attention of the Tremere and earned him the Embrace.

As a PC: Olan came to new York in late 2007, and quickly found himself intimidated by the unstable situation his Clan faced in the wake of Apprentice Xerices and McCoy's deaths. Being a shy man with a deep and pathological fear of failure, Olan spent most of his time in the city quietly studying - although after a span, he would come to have a deep and abiding hatred of his fellow acolyte, Reino Haldor - whose constant dismissal of his skills and inexplicable rise in status grated with him.

Eventually, Olan's disgust with Haldor would be further inflamed by the dismissive and callous treatment he received under regent Michelle Tanaka, and he would suffer a mental break in the Spring of 2008 - setting fire to one of the city's chantries and quite nearly murdering Haldor before he was subdued and taken to Vienna.


A.K.A.: Carl Hector Davidson, Dr. Daedalus, Mr. Spell, Reverend Templeton, Arthur Frayn

Player: Ivan

Appearance: The esteemed professor Pangloss dressed and acted as though he were auditioning for an independent art film and was trying to offend the casting agent. Quick witted and eternally frustrating he managed to step on just enough toes to be a nuisance without finding himself immobile and stowed in a closet.

Nature: Rebel

Demeanor: Avant-Garde

In Play: 2008 - 2009

Theme Song(s): The Killers - Spaceman; The Mighty Mighty Bostones - The Rascal King; The Offspring - You're Gonna Go Far Kid

Background: Carl Hector Davidson was born around the turn of the twentieth century to a wealthy railroad financier and his wife. Orphaned at the age of seven when his parents succumbed to the yellow fever during a visit to Panama, Carl would be raised for most of his youth by his great aunt, who would admittedly find the rambunctious child quite a handful until she was able to maneuver him into a university.

Falling prey to the Egyptomania of the roaring twenties, Davidson would delve into the study of Coptic and would find in doing so that he had a knack for languages, quickly picking up several more as he progressed through a formal education in the field of philology. This skill with linguistics would soon earn him the attention of one of the campus's secret societies, and the enthusiastic scholar would soon be invited into the fold of a strange fraternity known as the "Brotherhood of the Sun," a small cabal of seven which was being lead by an Apprentice Tremere in the hopes of scouting out young hopefuls for the Embrace. Working for over a year under the name of Saturninus among his masked brethren, Davidson would endure prolonged thralldom to the enigmatic head of the occult group, and would learn several of the basic points of hermetic theory, before he would be informed that he was ready to progress to the "next circle" of the enlightened society.

The night of his initiation, the young man was brought blindfolded to the site of his meeting, and was asked if he would be willing to abandon life itself for the sake of attaining the power he sought. Not suspecting that his cohorts would actually kill him in the midst of the ceremony, Carl answered yes, and would be shocked to find himself being ritually stabbed to death before being revived through the power of the Embrace.

After that night, Davidson would enter into the company of House and Clan Tremere, and would quickly grow despondent as he realized the life of magical supremacy he had been promised had been reduced by the Pyramid to the dull mechanics of a well-maintained bureaucracy. While he would remain loyal to the Clan and enthused about thaumaturgy as a general concept, the neonate would quickly find that he had more in common with the local Brujah and Caitiff near the Los Angeles chantry where he had been assigned, than he had with his fellow warlocks. Eventually, these friendships would lead to him having advanced warning of the impending revolt of 1945, and despite his best efforts to alert his regent of danger, Apprentice Davidson would find that few elders took seriously his claims of impending rebellion. Seeing few other options, the young Kindred would make arrangements to be elsewhere as chaos overtook the city, and would thus survive the eventual burning of the LA chantry by Anarch insurgents.

Aware that returning to his Clan alive would subject him to severe questioning at the least and a full blown tribunal at the worst, the adrift Tremere took the opportunity to reinvent himself, and would eventually come to pose as a Malkavian under a number of pseudonyms. After bumming about the Free States for a number of decades, the newly christened "Professor. Pangloss" would leave for the open roads of greater North America alongside a genuine Malkavian known as Cassandra, and the two would endure many misadventures together before landing in New York in later 2008.

As a PC: Upon rolling into New York Pangloss and Cassandra quickly established themselves as perpetual annoyances among the Kindred of the Camarilla, and would quickly gain noteriety for their numerous exasperating pranks at the Ivory Tower's expense. After publishing numerous baffling pamphlets, impersonating the previous ruling elite for Halloween, calling upon the Prince of Whiskeyville to grant them status, and stripteasing the Sheriff out of her job, the two friends would settle in as semi-permanent residents of Staten Island, working alongside the Nosferatu Daria Xela Matthewson as they attempted to reignite Anarch sentiment in the Domain.

The three Anarchs would eventually go on to garner some favor with Prince Wright despite their antics, as they would prove invaluable allies in combating the various actions of an increasingly violent Sabbat. Pangloss, in time, would also find himself keeping close company with the Malkavian elder Rasa, who believed the Tremere to be a Malkavian-descended Caitiff not fully able to connect to the network which bound together his Clan. As Rasa slowly rose to prominence within the city, Pangloss would often be called upon to be his assistant despite their difference in sect, and the compassionate madman would do his utmost to reach out to his "blind son." Eventually, however, the voices that haunted Rasa's mind would command him to kill the disguised Tremere, and the elder would struggle as he realized he was unwilling to obey their commands. Pangloss, who had come to care deeply for the Malkavian in their time together, would offer his life for the taking - so long as the murder was Rasa's own wish and not that of his masters.

Overwhelmed by this terrible choice, Rasa would ultimately refuse to destroy Pangloss, and would be robbed of his memories of the man as a result. The Anarch Tremere, after watching his friend suffer thus, would come to leave the city within a few months, after a crises involving another rogue thaumaturge quite nearly revealed his identity to the greater Camarilla.

As an NPC: The wandering magician would eventually land in Perth following his adventures in New York. Here, he would pose as a Toreador named Arthur Frayn for a span, and would proceed to make a nuisance of himself by staring awkwardly at things which weren't really entrancing and insinuating that those who didn't appreciate their artistic merits were lacking in proper aesthetic taste.


  • One of Pangloss' few dear possessions was a gilt pen he had received as a ghoul from his regnant, Walt. He would eventually lose this item in his flight from New York, and Cassandra would destroy it such that it couldn't be used to track him.

  • Pangloss and Cassandra had previously been part of a coterie in San Fransisco which also doubled as a squatcore band named CROTCHFIST. Pangloss would eventually leave the area after he saved the life of Tyler, a ghoul percussionist, through obvious thaumaturgy.

  • Pangloss dressed up as Hadrian Evans his first Halloween in the city, and would shoot Cassandra (dressed as Greer) with a nerf gun whilst trying to explain to Prince Wright that he should execute the riff-raff cluttering up his Elysium.

  • Pangloss would feed at times by covering himself in glitter and frequenting Goth clubs, where he would tell underage girls that he was a vampire in the hopes of cashing in on Twilight-mania.

Documents of Import:



Player: Greg

Appearance: A cold man with a murderous demeanor, few felt comfortable talking to Reino Halkdor for any length of time. The palor of his scar-ridden face spoke to the seep of his humanity, and the sense that something was "not right" with him was darkly obvious to all in his vicinity.

Nature: Masochist

Demeanor: Thrill-Seeker

Sire: Kenneth Grey

In Play: 2005 - 2009

Theme Song(s): CAKE - I Bombed Korea

Description: Burning. All around me, burning, a blaze that is all consuming. Burning. Under the roar of a flame that seared the heavens, the stars, little black dots between the roaring inferno of what was once inky blackness, I could hear something else, too. Fire, fire always makes the same sound. The sound of burning. But the other sound I could hear is a sound that is never the same. In every age, at every time, ever since the first man crawled up out of the depths and dreamed of something greater than himself, he has been able to hear that sound.

It is the sound of battle.

Some would say that the screams of the dying have stayed the same, that perhaps there is a constant in war. The hoarse gasping of an eighteen year old dough boy caught without his gasmask and drowning in the mud and yellow fumes just behind the powerful machine gun he had been marveling over; the agonized cries of a lancer, his hips and legs crushed and pinned beneath the beast that once bore him with lightning speed across the battlefield; the whistle of an arrow as it plunges into a sentry's throat, silencing him. There are an infinite number of ways that battle can ring in the ear, and yet deep, deep within each of those sounds, you can hear something else. A dull roar that creates by destroying. A hunger that drives forward the engine of mankind's progress. A crackling that signals how we rose from nothing, and how we will return to it.

It is the sound of fire.

I cannot speak of what created the beasts and the spirits. I cannot speak of what keeps the beasts and the spirits. I cannot speak of what will end the beasts and the spirits. I will speak of what created man, what keeps man, and what will end man. Fire created man, battle sustains him, and fire will end him. So it was foretold, and so it will come to pass. I was created, I am sustained, I will end.

Uncharacteristically poetic bio submitted by John.


Player: Rick

Appearance: Wilkinson was a nerdy man, very oriented on his professional skills with computers. He often wore casual business garb and -ocassionally- a hawaiian shirt.

Nature: Perfectionist

Demeanor: Gallant

Description: Roger Wilkinson was a young skittish apprentice of Clan Tremere noted for his interest in the mystical properties of computing and electronics. It is unsurprising that he should have visiting New York as such, being home for a brief time to some of the innovators of the radical and oft derided path of Technomancy.

Within the hierarchy of the Clan, he was notably often at the beck and call of his eventual superior, Adam Jones and many saw the young Kindred as unduly bullied by his superior.

Wilkinson briefly was given the position of Harpy in the city, although it was evidently nothing more than a glorified note-taking position - and had not of the status or powers accompanying the office. He left the city early in the winter of 2006, and has not been heard from since.


Player: Jackson

Appearance: Samuel Johnson was a dignified man who tried his best to present a formal, profesional appearance - wearing the nearly standard tremere suit and tie. In later years, during his Princeship, however, the man grew more relaxed and informal, ocassionally donning a leather jacket and jeans.

Nature: Director

Demeanor: Conformist

Sire: Kenneth Grey

In Play: 2009

Description: A sad, unscrupulous man, driven by his inner demons to greet the sunrise.

Documents of Import:

  • The Barbie is You: [Multiple influences] Samuel Johnson attempts to invoke the butt-length hair rule. [November 28-29 2010]

  • Tremeregasm: What Samuel Johnson does in his spare time. [January 26, 2010]

  • Avian Acquisitions: [Multiple influences] Samuel Johnson's continuing attempts to procure owl blood lead him on a variety of adventures. [March - April 2010]

  • Bad Romance: Johnson and Raff kill a man in order to help facilitate Constantine Smith's escape. [April 13, 2010]


A.K.A.: Sam

Player: Michael

Appearance: Of average build, with a height of just under 6 feet, an alternately somber and casually gregarious manner, and ever-present sunglasses and jeans.

Nature: Conniver, Cavalier (later)

Demeanor: Chameleon

Sire: Ferguson

In Play: 2006 - 2007

Theme Song(s): Nick Cave - The Rider Song

Description: A lot of people called him McCoy. He hailed from Louisville, Kentucky and professed to hate it. He wore sunglasses to his first Elysium in New York because television had convinced him that everyone in the city wears them, and then just kept wearing them when it turned out that he was the only one. When he disapproved of someone's actions, he often expressed it through prank phone calls or making fun of them to other people when he knew they were within earshot.

His favorite TV show was Boston Legal.

He was Sheriff for a span, and, at the time, successfully avoided the traditional fate of Sheriffs in New York: facing constant crisis, disappearing almost entirely from Elysium and vampiric society, and then dying unpleasantly.

After the ascension of Prince Rogerson, however, he attained the post of Seneschal, and also apparently attained a place in the enigmatic Ventrue's heart, although their personal relationship was something not widely known.

Perhaps the curse of Sheriff-dom came back to bite him in the end, however.

After the a long and ongoing withdrawal from all but the highest echelons of the Camarilla (that is to say, his own coterie consisting of Auberon, his wife Lynn and Auberon's ward Kaya), he was suddenly caught up in a number of personal conflicts, including apparent bad blood from his Sire, allegations of treason leveled at his companions, and some matter vaguely hinted at relating back to the enigmatic and, by then, long dead Sheriff Greer.

While the details of what precisely befell him the night of November 9th, 2007 aren't yet clear, it is known that he met his final end that night unexpectedly, at the hands of what seemed to be a Sabbat pack laying siege to the holdings of one Bromme Frederich III.

Prince Rogerson has been expectedly somber since the incident.

Souris de SangSOURIS DE SANG

Player: Diane

Appearance: Souris was approximately 5'6" tall, and emaciated. Her eyes had constant dark hollows around them, and her skin is pale and sallow. She looked like something escaped from an anorexia clinic or a concentration camp. Otherwise, her face was mousy and unremarkable. She looked a bit nerdy with the glasses. She dressed well, often in a conservative pants suit, and her jewelry seemed always to be somehow science-related.

Nature: Architect

Demeanor: Conformist

Sire: Michael Vogan

In Play: 2007 - 2008

Theme Song(s): My Favorite - Monster; Cabaret - Tomorrow Belongs to Me

Description: No, no, sir-EES. De. De like French. De SONG. No, no, I-- I mean-- Oh God, I'm sorry, I--

Starting again. Souris de Sang arrived in the City in the fall of 2007. She's the one with the notepad. No, the one who twitches. The one that everyone is always trying to calm down, the fastidious note-taker, the shy one. Yeah, that one.

Come to think of it, no one knows that much about her. Only that she does biochemical research with the Netchurch project. And that she's a big nerd. Whatever you do, don't ask her about science. You'll be there for days."

Tremere NPCs


Player: Kasey

Nature: Traditionalist

Demeanor: Director

In Play: 2003

Description: Sometimes referred to as the "Forgotten Prince of New York," Diana Breslin briefly reigned over the city following the defection of former Prince Joven Verditus to the Sabbat. She was a powerful Camarilla Archon before her seizure of the throne, and many see her reign as a heavy handed appointment by the Inner Circle to keep the nascent territory of New York in line.

She was eventually succeeded by Hadrian Evans and has not had any hand in New York politics since. Little about her reign has been recorded or remembered in the political consciousness of the city.


Player: Canonical NPC (played by anyone and everyone)

Appearance: n/a

Nature: Child

Demeanor: Director

In Play: 2003 - 2007

Description: Nicolai comes from the depths of the World Dream to do the will of the Dream Weavers. Nicolai's appearance heralds earth shattering wonk and the downfall of empires. His touch leaves all in its wake, shaken, hollow, and disturbed. Be assured, if Nicolai appears, something, somewhere, has already gone terribly, terribly wrong. Sometimes, that something is that Nicolai is being used in the plot.

Utterly accurate bio submitted by John.

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