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New York. Gotham. The Big Apple. Whatever you call it, it's more than a city. New York is a state of mind. It isn't that the city is particularly exciting or beautiful, although it can be both of those things. It isn't that the city is particularly dangerous or hard-bitten, although it can be those things too. It's something else, something in the air. New York is a city of opportunity, and anyone with half an ear to the ground can hear the potential humming in the concrete and vibrating through the towers and slums.

And that's in our world. You should see the place in the World of Darkness.

Fortunately, you will. The Camarilla's recent successful campaign has freed New York from a centuries-long strangle-hold by the Sabbat. However, the Camarilla is not willing to risk too much, leaving the city open to colonization from all sides of the Jyhad. Will the Camarilla turn New York into the brightest gem of its tarnished crown? Will the Independent Clans make a bid for real power? Nothing is certain, save that all the money and power and fashion and sex and blood of New York is waiting under the collective fangs of the Kindred. All it takes is someone brave enough to bite down.

...Apparently, that someone is you.

Welcome to New York.



Special thanks to Mark for providing this introduction to Unmasqued's New York.


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