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The tumultuous approach of Gehenna has wrought many strange events in the modern nights, not the least of which is the introduction of the Salubri to the Sabbat. While the mainstream Salubri suffer reputations as soul-stealers and diablerists, the Salubri antitribu have put the nigh-incomprehensible practices of that bloodline behind them. With a rage borne of centuries of persecution, the Salubri antitribu have developed a consuming hatred for the Camarilla and joined forces with the Sabbat to bring about its destruction.

The Salubri antitribu have existed among the Sabbat for a mere handful of nights, and probably little before that. During this time, however, they have made names for themselves as vicious opponents of the Camarilla, whom they blame for the destruction of some powerful vampire somewhere back in their lineage, whose name has been forgotten in the modern nights. They have little love for the philosophy of the Sabbat, choosing to ally themselves with the sect out of martial necessity rather than subscription to the grand scheme. The Sabbat will take any soldiers they can get, however, and the Salubri antitribu know how strongly the Sabbat despises the Camarilla.

NOTE: The Salubri antitribu are no longer a playable Clan in UnMasqued.


Disciplines: Auspex, Fortitude, Valaren

Clan Advantage: Free additional Morality Trait at creation (Cannot take the character over three traits).

Clan Disadvantage: Must feed from unwilling victims. Must start the game between the 12th and 10th Generations.

Salubri Antitribu NPCs


Player: UnMasqued NPC (PC formerly played by Justin)

Appearance: A young pale dark-haired man, seemingly in his late teens, and often equipped with much weaponry

Appearance (Mechanics): [3] Appearance-related Traits (Magnetic, Seductive)

Description: Isaac Templar stood at the right hand of the Archbishop of New York. His blade flashing in service to Sinisteria, the pack that he claimed as family before it's destruction. The holy blood in his veins flows forth from the peaceful Saulot, the martyred Antediluvian of the Salubri.

He is a Libra and enjoys pleasant nights at the forge. Often, he does his utmost to practice swing dancing and Mandarin simultaneously. "Keep one eye on the prize and two eyes on the path." That's what he says. He is also quite skillful with the chef's knife and feels that roasted eggplant is a perfect way to end a training session.

He will stand at the end of time. He has seen horrors that you will never be forced to see. He bears your burdens, whether you know it or not.

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Clan description an from Laws of the Night: Sabbat Guide.


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