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The true children of the night, only those of the Sword of Caine know of the Dark Father's pain and agony. With scarlet tears falling from their steely eyes, the Sabbat is unique in its true warrior nature, while at the same time espousing philosophies beyond the ken of mere mortals. Possessed of both superhuman intellect and prowess, these dread soldiers of darkness fight on against tyranny and oppression while turning their eyes upon that which is their due: the delectable vitae of the kine, mere cattle in the eyes of these urbane predators of the modern nights.

NOTE: The Sabbat is no longer a playable Sect in UnMasqued.

The Sabbat is an army, a cause, a religion, and a depraved orgy of blood and fire wrapped into a single, (mostly) cohesive group. Before its birth, for centuries upon centuries (too many) the Elders controlled the Children of Caine through subtle webs of treachery and deceit, backed by the power of their Blood and the power of the blood bonds they forced upon any neonates who dared resist their rule.

More than thirteen centuries after the birth of Christ, forces among Clans Lasombra and Tzimisce succeeded (or so they claim) in overthrowing and diablerizing the founders of their clans. This sparked a great revolt among the younger Cainites that is now known as the Anarch Revolt. Most of this Revolt surrendered when the Camarilla was founded in response to the Inquisition, but enough Cainites recognized the Camarilla for what it was (a group of idiotic pawns of the Elders blind to the dangers of the Ancients and Gehenna). These visionaries continued their war and recruited others to their cause. By the 16th century, they had formally organized themselves into the Sabbat.

The Code of Milan

After several victories, defeats, and internal conflicts over leadership and which clan owned which city, the Sabbat took action to formalize their rules. In 1933, the Code of Milan was revised and made an official document as opposed to the set of guidelines it had been. The Code is as follows:

  1. The Sabbat shall remain united in its support of the Sect's Regent. If necessary, a new Regent shall be elected. The Regent shall support relief from tyranny, granting all Sabbat freedom.
  2. All Sabbat shall do their best to serve their leaders as long as said leaders serve the will of the Regent.
  3. All Sabbat shall faithfully observe the auctoris ritae.
  4. All Sabbat shall keep their word of honor to one another.
  5. All Sabbat shall treat their peers fairly and equally, upholding the strength and unity of the Sabbat. If necessary, they shall provide for the needs of their brethren.
  6. All Sabbat must put the good of the Sect and the race of Cainites before their own personal needs, despite all costs.
  7. Those who are not honorable under this code will be considered less than equal and therefore unworthy of assistance.
  8. As it has always been, so shall it always be. The Lex Talionis shall be the model for undying justice by which all Sabbat shall abide.
  9. All Sabbat shall protect one another from the enemies of the sect. Personal enemies shall remain a personal responsibility, unless they undermine sect security.
  10. All sect members protect Sabbat territory from other powers.
  11. The spirit of freedom shall be the fundamental principle of the Sect. All Sabbat shall expect and demand freedom from their leaders.
  12. The Ritus of Monomacy shall be used to settle disputes among all Sabbat.
  13. All Sabbat shall support the Black Hand.
  14. All Sabbat have the right to monitor the behavior and activities of their peers and immediate leaders.*
  15. All Sabbat possess the right to call a council of their peers and immediate leaders.*
  16. All Sabbat shall act against sect members who use the powers and authority the Sabbat has given them for personal gain at the expense of the Sabbat. Action shall be taken only through accepted means, approved by a quorum of prisci.*


Offices Within the Sabbat

The Sabbat's structure is somewhat loose in what it actually calls its leaders, but it has them. The Regent rules the Sabbat with an iron fist, although it is claimed that when the Ancients have all fallen, such things will be unnecessary. Below the Regent are the Cardinals (also known as High Lords and Ladies), who "supervise" large regions. Within cities rule ArchBishops (supported or replaced by a council of Bishops). Beneath them, each pack is led by a Ductus. Yet the Sabbat is not merely a hierarchy, it is a religion. Each Ductus is advised by a Priest, each Archbishop is advised by one or more Prisci, and every rank carries with it something of the sacred duty in addition to that of the mundane. Finally, Templars are the agents of the Bishops, Archbishops, and Cardinals, and the rank of Abbot is one some Ducti appoint to the Cainite in charge of maintaining the pack's haven.

For more information on these positions of power, go to the officer's page for the Sabbat, or click on a specific office below.

Major Clans

The following are the Clans which comprise the majority of the Sabbat, and have been with the Sect since it's inception.


The Sabbat is composed of a much wider variety of Clans and bloodlines than the Camarilla, including numerous defectors from primarilly Camarilla loyal Clans. While none of the groups listed below command as much power over the Sect as the Lasombra or Tzmisce, their mix forms a sizable portion of the Sect.


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