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Rumors for September 26, 2008


Public Knowledge

  • The Daily Dirge [.doc]: Gang War in Brooklyn; Wu Industries Going Green; Financial Bailout Still Uncertain; Stem Cell Gala a Political Success; Strange Graffiti Sweeps New York; Bank Robbed; Patrons Okay

  • Super Amazingly Truthful Awesome News [.jpg]: Holy Water Stolen for Demonic Ritual; Graffiti Points to Hidden Treasure, Bronx Men Strike Gold in Central Park

Sect and Clan

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  • Bureaucracy x1: Ooooh boy... John is surely gonna have problems. They found out that the drug's market tests are invalid attempting to claim it usable for other medical problems as well... guess this means that he'll be out of a job soon.

  • Bureaucracy x2: Wow. Members of the FDA was bribed too in the Pfizer drug scandal? Whoo... that's a lot of money... a lot of heads are gonna roll for this one.

  • Bureaucracy x3: It's not only ACORN that's getting dead people to vote. Her boss threatened her with her life if she did not get people registered to vote more than once. I saw a letter on his desk from the campaign saying that he'd get a cushy job in the cabinet if they win.

  • Bureaucracy x5: There's going to be a little bit of reshuffling in city records, apparently a clerk whose been instrumental in helping to solve a drug case this summer is getting a promotion.

  • Bureaucracy x6: Someone's been looking around for records of a "Reino Haldor."


  • Church x1: Attendance is up. God bless financial troubles... and their donations for their salvation.

    No news on the stolen holy water chalice yet... we've got a new chalice in place for now.

  • Church x2: The recent thieving has increased. Stressful times call for stressful measures. God surely has a plan.

  • Church x3: That human-eating cult? Yeah, they've still got members out on the street... Maybe that's why there are still violent murders happening in the same manner. We were told they had gotten them all.


  • Finance x1: Kashkari has a plan for everything... everyone is losing money and he's taking and making more.

  • Finance x2: Lehman failed. Everyone knows this. What they don't know is that it was a set up by Him... Yeah you know who. He wanted to kick out any European hold on the market... at least, that's what He told me.

  • Finance x3: AIG has its hands full. The members that went on that retreat were lots of Congressmen/women. It's all been covered up so Congress can bolster it's approval ratings... Want to see the receipts?

  • Finance x4: Wu Industries is about to announce its' Applied Research and Engineering department in conjunction with one of its new projects...


  • Health x1: Someone was poking around in the morgue lately. They had a clipboard and were taking intense notes about the dead. They looked all official too... paperwork an' everything. I had to let them in.

  • Health x2: I heard that the FDA was involved in the recent drug scandal. I was wondering why that medication never worked on patients... shoulda seen the deaths related to it as a link...

  • Health x3: Yeah, there were some deaths from the Pfizer drug. There always were official burly men that came in when we were filing our reports and forced us to strike the note from the record. It's like they always knew when the patient was on the drug... and when they died. Creepy, huh?

High Society

  • High Society x1: Panic is all I can say. No one's investing anywhere. People are hoarding cash like it's a life-line. No fundraisers today, not for a while at least. Those poor children in Africa.

  • High Society x2: Fundraising it taking on a new meaning, for those that are still willing to share. Many report to be doing "fundraising" with concerts, performances, etc... It's all going into their own pocket.

  • High Society x3: The escorting service is taking a hit... although AIG had plenty of escorts at its retreat, the prices are falling as fast at the stock market for top-of-the-line service.


  • Industry x1: Oh! My! God! The way the money markets were going, we thought we wouldn't make payroll! Thank God for the bailout!

  • Industry x2: Wu Industries is going green! Something about a new water project or something.

  • Industry x3: Wu Industries is going to have a press release sometime in the next few weeks.

    The big Unions are attempting to bribe Congressmen to get forced unionization for clerical staff.


  • Legal x1: New NY legislation says that we can take our cameras anywhere with fewer taxes! This means that I can get better footage… and maybe find some better stories.

  • Legal x2: The FBI is investigating some of the executives involved in this shady finance shit...

  • Legal x3: The company Truth in Words, a reputable fact-checking company, is continuing to expand its legal department.

  • Legal x4: Truth in Words is offering financial incentives to all sorts of lawyers - those that are capable, and those that are down on their luck - for their affiliation with the company.


  • Media x1: "Violence is on the uprise! Correlation with increased gang activity!" Sounds like old news; everyone knows already.

    She really did stick it to that cop... making him look bad about that tasering. He better loose his job for giving her that ticket!

  • Media x2: Apparently this city-violence report thing actually has some weight behind it. Rates of violence are increasing no matter how you look at them.

    Someone's been copying very old stories, updating them to modern times, and putting them in the paper and make it to press. This prankster will soon be caught!

  • Media x3: The subway system is actually considered being purchased by the search giant. Negotiations are currently under way...

  • Media x4: The organization Truth in Words, a reputable fact-checking company that works in conjunction with New York news outlets, is continuing to expand its legal subdivisions.

  • Media x5: The damn media is as biased as ever. Obviously people are influencing the news, but it's not like anyone's ever going to be able to prove it.


  • Occult x1: A mysterious amulet has been found to be a fake. Originally thought to be made in the formative years of Christianity, it is a 1800s copy. Yet, it still creates a mystical awe of those wearing it...

  • Occult x2: A local church has reported that a significant portion of it Holy Water stash has been broken into and stolen. There are no traces as of yet...

  • Occult x3: The recent man-eating cult that has been covertly kept out of the news for fear of copy-cat groups is awaiting trial.

  • Occult x4: A newsletter entitled "Enlightenment in Our Times" by Grant Morgenstern and Nigel Paulson is making the rounds at various meet-up spots and bookstores in Manhattan. It is a rather sensible and down to earth assessment of local occult movements, and whether or not they engage in dangerous cultic activity. Most people who are actually in the know, find it quite helpful and well researched.

  • Occult x5: "Enlightenment in Our Times" has a decidedly anti-Lucastian slant at points, and has drawn slight ire from that camp in the occult world. It also makes a great deal of references to some of the pitfalls of LaVeyan Satanic groups and left hand path religions.


  • Police x1: There was a robbery at the New York Federal Credit Union on Monday. Thankfully no one was hurt.

    More gang wars in Brooklyn... c'mon, seriously?

    That tasered man? The media have that story all wrong. Anyone who was there at the time would have seen that naked guy go after Bill's gun!

  • Police x2: The bank tapes weren't able to identify any of the robbers, although they were able to catch the kind of escape car they had. It's a Black Ford Mustang, apparently.

    The gang war's taking place in Brooklyn between the Orphans and the Furies. Apparently something happened recently.

    Bill says that the journalist bitch covering the event was the one that threw her Starbuck's coffee at him when he ticketed her double-parked BMW. She must have it in for him…

  • Police x3: The Brooklyn gang war? Yeah, it's been heating up. I heard it had something to do with a drug-addled idiot.

    Low prices! Cheap goods and good quality! Express home delivery! Due to the financial crisis, some officers are finding the evidence room to be very useful...

  • Police x4: Rumors have it that someone attempted to assassinate one of the gang leaders, and that's why this thing is going down now.


  • Politics x1: The stem cell event was a huge success! Looks like the politicians will do anything we say as long as we flood them with cash!

    You've heard of what the MTA's doing? They are so going down!

  • Politics x2: It sounds like the stem cell gala was held by the same company that lobbyist Seth Samuel belongs to; in fact I'm pretty sure I saw him there...

  • Politics x3: Blah blah blah, all I hear about these days is that Seth Samuel character with all of his charming personality or exquisite gala nonsense. Can't we talk about the real issues here, like the economy?

    Rumor has it that a certain congressional candidate has been getting a little too friendly with the youngsters...


  • Street x1: Homeless Old Tin Can Bill has been missing for a bit. He was last seen at the recycling center depositing his cans and had a terrible cough. I hope he made it to the medical clinic to have it looked at.

    There have been a lot of interest in these graffiti marks in the news lately.

    Somebody be stirrin' shit up in Brooklyn between the Orphans and the Furies.

  • Street x2: I had a man come into the club and touched my breast while I was pole-dancing for him. I nodded to my bouncer boyfriend and he got taken care of... swiftly. I honestly didn't know he was THAT gang leader... Would you like a lap-dance? I do them for cheap for gals I like... and you're a cutie! <3

    Whatever is happening between the Orphans and the Furies, it ain't good. Even if this turns out to be a dud, we gotta look at it like it's going to be another Staten Island.

  • Street x3: Sewer rats are moving out of the sewers and into the streets for better food it seems. It is unknown why the rats are surfacing, but it is affecting what you can scrounge up...

    Gang war in Brooklyn? Some drug-addled idiot did something dumb and now we've got two gangs at each others' throats without a care for who's in the way.

  • Street x4: Rumor has it that there was some kind of assassination plot on one of the gang leaders.

  • Street x5: Yeah, I think it was someone trying to knock out the leader of the Orphans... the other dude got seriously fucked up afterwards, dunno what he was thinking...


  • Transportation x1: Did you hear about that the City Hall thinks it's above the common people? Snobs. Their jelly-doughnut eating cops that flick their lights on to go through our toll booths faster than anyone else can pay the same toll.

  • Transportation x2: Some think that the move to map out the subway system online is a move to promote tourism and to get around attempting to drive in the city.

  • Transportation x3: The subway system is actually considered being purchased by the search giant. Negotiations are currently under way...


  • Underworld x1: Someone pulled a heist at the New York Federal Credit Union Police on Monday morning.

    My man, Ali's been caught in this gun trafficking meltdown. Hope this isn't going to be a big thing. Anyone caught leaking information to the popo will get what those 2 dicks had coming to them back when they got too keen...

  • Underworld x2:Thankfully none of the fuzz were able to pin this bank robbery on any of our guys.

    Members of the various families/clans/etc are extra cautious about loyalty to them and not the police. Trust and loyalty "tests" have sprung up to route out narcs. One guy already's been killed...

  • Underworld x3: The gun bust has some afraid that what has happened in Staten Island already is going to happen to the rest of the city...


  • University x1: West Point dedicated its expensive Thomas Jefferson Hall library. The expensive 10-story building was met with hundreds of activists defaming the important historical figure due to his illegitimate children...

  • University x2: The RIAA can suck it! That lawyer is totally on my buddy list for Facebook now!

  • University x3: A group of tenured male professors have had allegations brought against them about a "sex for grades" policy with female and male members their classes.

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