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Rumors for March 14, 2008


Public Knowledge

  • The Daily Dirge [.doc]: Bombing in Times Square; Spitzer Used Call-Girl Service; Neighborhood Watch Accused of Abuses; Violence Declines in Staten Island; Wolves Steal Meat from Packing Facility

Sect and Clan

  • n/a


  • Invitation (Personal for Ash Gently, Delaine Haus, Eugene "Brody" Wright, and Seth Samuel): You receive a very nice invitation, on a very nice card. The card reads, in elegant script:

    "You are cordially invited to attend a pizza party hosted by Brian Wu"

    [Location, time, etc. on back]

  • Hey, Fuckface! (Personal for Ash Gently): You receive a phone message, received shortly after dawn. The number just says 'Nevada Call'

    "Hey, Fuckface. Saw the news about the bombing in Times Square. Terrible tragedy, my deepest regrets, yadda yadda. Just wanted to be sure you didn't think we did that amateurish stunt. No, I imagine it was one of yours, or one of the Kine you protect so strongly. Just beacons of morality and righteousness, ain't they? Anyway, when we blow something up, you'll know about it. Now you have a pleasant night, and do say 'boo' to Anastasia for me. Ima gonna miss that girl. Cheers!"

  • New Faces in Fury Territory (Personal for Richard Lord): A number of 'refugees' from Staten Island have been trickling into Furies territory. The gang isn't really sure what to do with them, and some people from Staten Island gangs are coming in with them...

  • Note at Elysium (Personal for Seth Samuel): Your police beat researching media minion comes back to you with an update - It wasn't a Deputy Chief who was fucked with, it was Assistant Chief John West. His door was beaten down, a room of his apartment trashed and his bedroom windows broken. (See Media x4 rumor)

    Spitzer's Lt. Governor David Paterson is a big supporter of stem cell research.


  • Bureaucracy x1: I'm tired of hearing it. "What the fuck is up with these new recycling regulations?!? The city is supposed to crack down on industrial polluters, not citizen polluters! Its not fair that we're also being asked to contribute. Wah, wah, wah." Whiny spoiled parasites. They asked for action, well now they have action, and if they don't like it, they can put their name, soc. and complaint on a card and put it in the complaint box - we'll make the college students tabulate it, discard the complaints and send the names and ss numbers to the IRS guys with the 'suspicious activity, audit suggested' file.

  • Bureaucracy x2: There have been a flood of complaints regarding the new regulations forcing more restaurants to place nutritional information on menus and mandating a more stringent recycling program. There has been some support, and its been more than was expected, but its still just spit on a griddle. Council is sticking to its guns on this issue. Who knows where they found the backbone.

  • Bureaucracy x3: Usually, the bureaucrats get pissed off when mandates like this come down, but a lot of them are unexpectedly excited about the new menu and recycling regulations. Its like they've found religion, I mean a sense of environmental responsibility and strong understanding of the need to see to the health of our citizens by helping them make informed nutritional decisions.

  • Bureaucracy x4: So, you know how Spitzer's hooker connection just sort of was accidentally discovered by the feds? It wasn't an accident, they were put there digging for dirt.

  • Bureaucracy x5: That really bitchy secretary at the DOS office seems to have actually found a new friend. This makes two. Pool is on this new 'friend' 'betraying' her within two weeks. IE, running for the hills when they realize how batshit she is.

    Someone has been sucking up to that gossip whore Krisluv.


  • Church x1: Several area religious leaders have come out in support of the new recycling and menu nutritional information resolutions by City Council. They emphasize the necessity of recycling as part of man's duty to shepherd and care for the Earth. The need to encourage people to avoid unhealthy and self-destructive habits is emphasized on the menu issue.

  • Church x2: Planning continues for the planned April papal visit among those who approve of Pope Benedict XVI... and also among those who do not.


  • Finance x1: Recession fears continue to grip the financial community. The big questions is when to get out, not if.

    A significant potion of the business community heaved a deep sigh of relief when the Spitzer scandal broke.

    HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!! Bear Sterns, the fifth largest investment bank on Wall Street is on the brink of collapse.

  • Finance x2: Bear Stern's liquid assets dropped from adequate to dangerously low at the drop of a hat... Its like someone threw a fucking switch. Yeah, I mean the economy's been bad, but it hasn't been that bad...

  • Finance x3: Brian Wu is hosting an exclusive pizza party tonight! People are skeptical about this sort of thing, but he is an eccentric multimillionaire. Rumor has it he has some kind of 'special surprise.' It should be interesting, if nothing else.

    I hear someone deliberately sabotaged Bear Sterns...

  • Finance x4: Sabotage?!? What's wrong with you? They management is just incompetent. Nothing more, nothing less. Next you'll be blaming alien interference when a sock goes missing...

  • Finance x5: Rumor has it someone is looking into a possible merger/buyout/acquisition of/by Wu Industries!


  • Health x1: Lt. Gov. Paterson - soon to be Gov. Paterson is a strong supporter of medical research including stem cell research! Finally!

  • Health x2: Despite continued opposition, it looks like the new blood regulations may be here to stay. Damn it all...

  • Health x3: There have been several donations for improvements to children's wards in low-cost hospitals.

  • Health x4: The donations are connected to a charity that's working with these hospitals to improve the quality of life for the children.

    Someone's been doing a lot of networking with local Red Cross people.

  • Health x5: The charity is Art For Life, and it's going to work with some more...elite...hospitals as well.

    The networker is also helping organizer a blood drive soon. Or did it already happen?

High Society

  • High Society x1: So the Watch roughed up some scum? Whats your point? Its not like they were really people, after all.

  • High Society x3: High class escort services are breathing a sigh of relief over Spitzer's resignation. He was really big against the entire prostitution business, even amongst the upper class, who those kind of laws really shouldn't apply to.

  • High Society x5: Someone has been impressing a few of the offspring of high society figures. He even managed to hold their liquor at that party. Was damn near the only one who did...


  • Industry x1: That sound you hear is the home construction industry collapsing. Try not to become collateral damage!

  • Industry x4: Brian Wu is going to have a totally awesome pizza party! And he invited some of the working stiffs!


  • Legal x3: Several members of the Attorney General's office are surprisingly unsurprised to hear about Spitzer's lady friends...

  • Legal x4: You notice that those feds were already poking around Spitzer's finances when they found the hooker connection... that wasn't an accident.


  • Media x1: No seriously, we haven't gone nuts with the wolf story. We double- and triple-checked everything. Weird shit, man.

  • Media x3: You hear - another cop's apartment got busted up, but they're keeping it quiet for now - I was browsing the crime reports and realized that one of the listed victims was a deputy chief... what was his name?

  • Media x4: Hey - I've got a friend who thinks he can get me a copy of the toxicology report from Lohan. He says it shows that she had - get this - an STD!!! But I can't go public with the story until I have proof in hand...

    You hear - another cop's apartment got busted up, but they're keeping it quiet for now - I was browsing the crime reports and realized that one of the listed victims was a deputy chief... what was his name?

  • Media x5: Wasn't a Deputy Chief 1-star, it was an Assistant Chief 2-star; John West.

    Someone's been looking for dirt on reporters in the Dirge and the Times.


  • Occult x1: Four weeks and counting till the various Lucasta groups start unveiling their special surprises...

    A couple of low-level (superstitious) cops have been 'unofficially' inquiring about the possibility of 'occultish' explanations for the recent attacks on police higher-ups.

  • Occult x4: The Shepherds of the Bitter Flower are recruiting. They follow a sort of new age, eclectic egalinitarian ideal, and are only really notable for their intensity. Not much is known about them, except that they use a blackened, dead rose as their main symbol.

    People have been poking around the internet community a bit more than usual.

  • Occult x5: Someone has been investigating the Shepherds of the Bitter Flower.

    Someone's been making friends through some Jewish Women's Mysticism group. Most of them don't know what they're talking about.

    The tarot groups seem to be getting especial attention.

  • Occult x6: One of these groups connected to that Jewish Mysticism thing seems legit, though.


  • Police x1: The police investigations into the deaths of Kenny G and Lindsey Lohan continue. The cops are getting fed up with all of the media attention. They hate having to death with the deaths of celebrities.

    The police presence in Staten Island is tapering off. The number of officers in the Borough will still be higher than it was before the gang conflict picked up, but it won't be as high as it was a month ago.

    The chiefs are really worked up over something, something bigger than just Hilbert.

    Police still don't know who was responsible for the bombing of the Times Square recruiting station, but they have some solid leads.

  • Police x2: Although most of the reinforcements are being pulled out of Staten Island, some people are still being shifted in. The department is aware that a heightened presence will be needed for a while longer.

    A couple more VIPs had their apartments vandalized... Jesus, what the fuck is going on! Commissioner Kelley is really, really, really pissed. You **DO NOT** fuck with his men.

    The regular 'what-the-fucks' with higer ups is throwing a monkey wrench into the planned reorganization. You hear? Hilbert was about to get a nice bump up from the reorg.

    Lots of the guys are still trying to figure out what the hell is going on with the reorganizations.

  • Police x3: Although most of the additional officers that had been deployed to Staten Island are being shifted back out, the Gang unit has shifted almost its entire complement of officers into the borough. They've been shaking them free of investigations elsewhere in the city ever since this thing blew up, and they want to be prepared in case it starts up again.

    Get this - the door to Assistant Chief John West's apartment was beaten down while he was out on patrol one evening, his living room was trashed and his bedroom windows were broken from the inside. It looks like someone went nuts with a sledgehammer. Assistant Chiefs West and Byers have understandably very shaken. Deputy Chief Ramsey has also been on edge recently, although its less clear why.

    I would love to know what the hell is going on with the reorganizations. They don't make any goddamn sense most of the time.

    There's a new investigation in place looking into the Furies.

  • Police x4: Brian Wu is hosting a pizza party in two weeks, and invited a few of the guys from the force.

    The gang unit is really excited about this guy they picked up several weeks ago - they've almost got him ready to talk, and he knows an awful lot...

    Deputy Chief Ramsey has been really freaked out paranoid recently. You can't really blame him, but its starting to get tiresome.

    You notice that those feds were already poking around Spitzer's finances when they found the hooker connection... that wasn't an accident.

    Some beat cops say they've been followed by some gang members. No trouble yet - just odd behavior, and maybe dangerous.

    Some of the reorganization-paranoid guys seem to think there's some kind of ulterior motive for the reorganization. Some kind of malevolence.

    The odd thing about the Furies investigation is that it's not coming through the Gangs division of NYPD. Someone else has an interest.

  • Police x5: Pablo "Dead-Eyes" Hernandez has succeeded "Throat Cutter" Hernandez. This one guy says he's pretty sure it's the Furies who are on him. He's pretty scared they're gonna pull something - scared enough to request permission for a .357 anyway.

    There was a limo driver at Captain Fallon's birthday party. I bet she had all kinds of great stories.

    I don't know about malevolence, but there's definitely something weird about them, especially given that bizarre incident with the guy's stove and the other guy who was murdered.

    There was a limo driver at Captain Fallon's birthday party. I bet she had all kinds of great stories.

    It's just an odd break from protocol, that's all. Not saying it's not worthwhile.

  • Police x6: The guy what asked for the magnum is that sleazy fuck Lou - yeah, you know the one I mean. "Lou with the Badge." The creepy guys always get the good shit.

    I mean, neither of them even knew they were up for new positions. That has to be more than coincidence.


  • Politics x1: Council continues to hold its ground over the laws requiring more nutritional information on menu and a much stronger recycling program. There amount of support these issues are getting is surprising.

    Half the politicians in the city are in tears and the other half are popping out the champagne and singing "ding, dong, the witch is dead" over the Spitzer scandal. Starting Monday, New York will have the first legally blind governor in US history, and only the fourth black governor.

  • Politics x2: There has been a surprising amount of lobbyist support for both the recycling and menu regulation issues.

    Incoming governor David Paterson is noted for his strong support for progressive causes.

  • Politics x3: The lobbyists are only supporting these issues to get people fed up with heavy government regulation on these issues.

    Paterson was shocked to wind up governor. This was not what he signed on to the ticket for...

    Some politicians are seriously reconsidering their support of the Watch due to the recent scandals... but they aren't quite ready to say so publicly.

  • Politics x4: The local health industry is still whining about the new record-keeping requirements for banked blood. And a lot of local restaurants are whining about the new menu requirements. Bitches. We're just trying to help them.

    You notice that those feds were already poking around Spitzer's finances when they found the hooker connection... that wasn't an accident.

    Councilor Gloria Martinez is on the warpath for some charity.

  • Politics x5: The charity has terminally ill children make paintings to improve their quality of life and give them something to focus on. Someone has been sucking up to some Bronx City Councilmen.

    A charming young lady was brought to a Clinton celebratory rally by... someone.


  • Street x1: The police presence in Staten Island has started to draw down, and things have been quiet so far as they do...

    Increasingly frequent reports of Watch misconduct have led some to question whether or not the Watch is worth keeping around...

    A series of recent allegations of misconduct has tarred the reputation of the Neighborhood Watch.

  • Street x2: There has been a major effort on the part of the Neighborhood Watch and community leaders to keep people safe during the fighting.

    The Hernandez crew (Throat Cutter's group) and the Mafia are getting a second wind, have gathered a lot of resources and are confident about being able to take down the Russians.

  • Street x3: There has been a push among some of the remaining 'street' people in Staten Island to move to Brooklyn or some other burrough until the rest of the fighting dies down. Many people had already left or gone into hiding.

    The Russians, Hernandez's crew and the mafia are gearing up to start shit up again.

    The name 'the Staten Island Good Samaritan' continues to be bandied about. Staten Island Neighborhood Watch representatives would very much like to get in touch with her.

    So fucking what. The gangs and crooks have infiltrated the Watch. And? What did you expect?

  • Street x4: There is pressure from gangs with Watch connections to lay off the bullshit. They don't want the Watch to go away - its a very useful tool for them.

    Neither the Hernandez crew or the Mafia are sure who started spreading the rumor about their new found confidence, and they really aren't that confident. The Russians certainly don't believe it.

  • Street x5: Pablo "Dead-Eyes" Hernandez has emerged as the clear leader of what used to be Throat Cutter's crew.

    Some chick seems to think there's a conspiracy that's out to kill famous people in car accidents. You know, Kenny G, Lindsay Lohan. Some people are crazy.

    Several people have been on the lookout for someone named 'Petey,' who supposedly hangs out with his friends somewhere in Staten Island. Who he is, why he is important and why anyone cares is not clear.

  • Street x6: The searchers for Petey include a girl in a bright green mohawk. Pretty noticeable...


  • Transportation x1: There is talk about trying to get cabbies and bus drivers to report 'suspicious' activity on the part of their fares... with a stick in case someone fails to report.

  • Transportation x3: There has been a lot of quiet but focused effort to make establish and keep secure 'safe' routes into and out of Staten Island. Not that much is going in or out right now, but if the violence picks up again the suppliers/smugglers want to be well-placed to take advantage of the business opportunity.

  • Transportation x4: Someone is seriously fucking paranoid - I mean, yeah, rich people are often convinced people are out to get them. But afraid of light? I mean there's tinted, and then, Jesus...


  • Underworld x1: The cease fire in Staten Island continues to hold, but its not expected to last much longer now that the NYPD have almost completed their pullout.

    There's been a lot of changes recently. Good changes, for us, because someone just had a lot of good ideas.

  • Underworld x2: There is definite concern over the arrest of Money Laundering Carlos. More specifically, people are concerned about what will happen if he takes the stand. If someone could arrange for him not to talk to the cops, there would be a reward of some sort...

    I hear many of the changes are connected, like somebody just pulled a huge overhaul. Maybe it's because of Staten or something.

  • Underworld x3: There are also other jobs open for interested snoops and hitmen.

    Some grunt for the Russians on Staten got himself in deep shit talking under someone's gun. What a waste.

    The old security racket is back in style. Some new player just picked it up again.

  • Underworld x4: The Russians, Mafia and TCH's old boys are jointly offering a bounty on some jackass McClin. $100,000.

    Pablo "Dead-Eyes" Hernandez has emerged as "Throat Cutter" Hernandez's successor.

    The grunt's already been eliminated. Apparently the guy who hired him got away with just a couple scars.

    Nah, the changes aren't because of Staten. Ain't got anything to do with Staten.

  • Underworld x5: Snoops are wanted to investigate the continuing flow of high-quality sempre out of New Jersey and to investigate Harry McClin. Hitmen are wanted to take out Money Laundering Carlos and some Neighborhood Watch higher-ups.

    Apparently the Russians only got a really shitty description of the fucker who got the info. Best they can figure, he's a whitey nutjob with a big fuckin' gun. Useless.

    I know that since Carlo went down, there's gotta be some new laundering operations coming up. You just gotta know where to look.

  • Underworld x6: The Russians are taking precautions to shift some bases around given the leak.

    Sometimes, it's the obvious shit. Who suspects a laundromat anyway?


  • University x1: There is a rapidly growing anti-Neighborhood Watch sentiment among local college students. The program was never popular on college campuses and was frequently criticized as an imposition on critical civil rights. The increasing frequency of reported misconduct by Watch leaders have greatly increased this sentiment.

  • University x3: Someone has made a very good impression at several staffers and faculty at Columbia.

  • University x4: They seem to be focusing on people in security and at the library, and they are involved with faculty governance.

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