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Rumors for January 4, 2008


Public Knowledge

  • The Daily Dirge [.doc]: Sempre Crackdowns Encounter Difficulties; Child Rapist Arrested; Bhutto Assassinated; Storm Slams City

  • Super Amazingly Truthful Awesome News [.jpg]: Alien Takeover, Vontaug Execs Resurrected to Create Zombie Army; Killer Blood-Drinking Bees Attack New York!, Manhattan Overrun With Insects

Sect and Clan

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  • Bureaucracy x1: Someone's been pushing the paperwork for a new club in town. Seems like it's going to take a while.

  • Bureaucracy x2: The new nightclub, apparently, is called Helen's.

  • Bureaucracy x3: Helen's isn't actually a new club. Apparently it's just an old club being renovated.

  • Bureaucracy x4: The name of the old nightclub was named Daemon's. The owner of the old club had fallen into quite some trouble before selling it.

    There has been some reshuffling in the unofficial power chains in the city bureaucracies. Basically continuing the shakeup that started two weeks ago. [?]

  • Bureaucracy x5: Someone's been showing an awful lot of interest in maps for underground utilities, abandoned subway tunnels, sewers and the like... [?]


  • Church x1: There continues to be a big push from the pulpit about the dangers posed by 'radical Islamic fundamentalists,' who are blamed for the 11-9 terrorist attacks. Church-goers are warned, however, not to confuse the acts and views of a few radicals with those of the large, peaceful majority of Muslims.

    People are encouraged to work with the police in solving these and other terrorism cases, be patient and accept a few temporary and regrettable infringements on traditionally respected privileges so that the police may more efficiently track down the killers and terrorists. After all, people have a civil right to life that must, at times, override the other rights.

  • Church x2: In fact, there are a suspiciously large number of very similar sermons/talks given across a range of religious denominations.


  • Finance x1: The price of oil keeps rising... Will it keep going up? Will it drop? Who knows? Whoever guesses right will be rich, that's for sure.

    The DOW Jones Industrial Average is down nearly 500 points in 5 days. Good time to sell, because it's only going to continue to slide.

  • Finance x3: Vontaug CEO Bromme Friedrich is alive and has taken an active role in leading the company through this crisis, although this has not yet been publicly announced. Bromme doesn't want to make the announcement until he has everything lined up - the new managers, new directors, etc.

  • Finance x4: Bromme feels the terrorist attacks were targeted on him, personally. His paranoia has reach new highs.

  • Finance x5: Bromme's planning to move out of New York for good, and will take some of the company's new management with him.

    There's strange shit going down involving a company called MuirCorp.

  • Finance x6: Muircorp was involved in sempreverde research.


  • Health x2: Although still stressed, it looks like the blood supply will be okay this season. Not great, but okay.

  • Health x3: A new charity called "A Pinprick of Hope" has been building strength in Manhattan.

  • Health x4: A Pinprick of Hope' definitely has a Christian slant.

  • Health x5: 'POH' isn't just Christian; it's Catholic. They've been doing some work to help improve ER conditions in Manhattan.

    Some of the doctors have been very tense... I think someone's been blackmailing a few of them about something.

    There has been a big effort to get more volunteers for research studies being done at area research institutes.

  • Health x6: This push has been mainly focused on some rather scruffy sorts...

High Society

  • High Society x1: Christmas and New Years' rolled around, and as a result, so did the parties.

  • High Society x3: There's a nightclub in town that's apparently being renovated.

  • High Society x4: The name of the new nightclub is Helen's - apparently, it used to be a leather bar of some sort called Daemon's.

    Someone's been throwing money around to help with some opera that's starting up.

  • High Society x5: The owner of Daemon's was forced to sell the bar a few months ago, after some rough times and bad business...

    What was that would-be opera patron's name... Luke Givery, maybe?

    Did you see the tabloid story about the snow-monster that ate Manhattan?

  • High Society x6: Ghiberti. His name was Luciano Ghiberti.


  • Industry x1: Ford drops from 2nd place in US auto sales!

    There's talk of a new round of regulations on polluters in New York. It could be bad for what little manufacturing remains in the area...

  • Industry x4: Vontaug is apparently internally unfazed by the attacks. CEO Bromme Freidrich is alive, and is taking an active role in the company's recovery.


  • Legal x2: Some law firm prepared and is advocating a bill to stop some improper practices at New York City morgues and funeral homes.

  • Legal x3: The bill deals with blood disposal at area funeral parlors/morgues.

  • Legal x4: It's not clear who the client is that wants this bill. Industry reps have grumbled in displeasure at it - it would certainly make it more expensive to operate in the city. The firm is Ghiberti, Kirkpatrick, and Hastings.

  • Legal x5: Actually, there is no client. The firm itself originated the bill, for reasons unknown.


  • Media x1: There was apparently some kind of spat within the editorial board of the New York Times.

  • Media x2: Apparently, it had something to do with Guiliani's candidacy for president.

    There are rumors that a fire in Brooklyn that killed a fire lieutenant may have been caused by below-code wiring that had been signed off on by city inspectors...

  • Media x3: Someone has been aggressively trying to network in local media circles.

  • Media x4: They have also have some political connections.

  • Media x5: They not only have political ties, but they also have some friends in Washington D.C.. A few of them came up for New Years.

    Strange as it sounds, there might be some truth to the whole 'blood-sucking bees' thing.

    Did you see the tabloid story about the snow-monster that ate Manhattan?


  • Occult x1: Someone was in the market for a bunch of pennyroyal. They said it was for salads, but you don't need that much pennyroyal for a salad...

  • Occult x2: On several occasions, masked figures in black cloaks have congregated at intersections carrying signs that say 'Remember Lucasta' before scattering, discarding the cloaks and slipping away. None of the main Lucasta groups have claimed responsibility.

  • Occult x3: Someone is trying to sell the body of a genuine demon. No word as to whether or not its actually real or just a hoax.

  • Occult x5: Someone's been making overtures to some people in the New York occult scene. Seems they're spreading some work around, helping people cover old bills and generally being friendly...

    There's a new babysitter for some of the women in the Women's Jewish mysticism study group. Apparently she's quite nice.


  • Police x1: Police are celebrating after the arrest of a sex offender wanted since 1998. The criminal's one of those sick freaks that likes to touch little boys... thankfully he's off the streets now.

  • Police x2: Some club is pushing real hard to improve its security. We're not sure why, though.

    The name of the arrested sex offender is Rufus "Rumplestiltskin" Sampson. Apparently he's also wanted in Connecticut for the kidnapping of a child in 1998.

    Fire Lieutenant John Martinson of engine company 249 in Booklyn died in a fire at a high rise.

  • Police x3: That club with the security work? It's called the Sebau. All sorts of private security and bodyguard companies are being contracted to work on it.

    There's a missing child/potential victim involved in the "Rumplestiltskin" case. Police are looking for him right now, but they only have a general idea.

    Someone's been making an effort to help some guys on the force deal with the many bureaucratic snags that come with a job on the NYPD.

  • Police x4: The search of "Rumplestiltskin's" apartment was fucking disturbing. Apparently the guy had some kind of torture kit lying around...

    Someone's been helping out the cops in Staten Island...

    They've helped a couple guys get noticed for promotions. They helped Vinnie shift onto the day shift, so he'll finally be able to spend some time with his kids.

  • Police x5: "Rumplestiltskin" is a wacko - with a nickname like that, something's gotta be wrong upstairs...

    The Staten Island guy has been working with the cops for a while now. They suspect he has/had some kind of ties to one or more of the area gangs.

    The cops are really, really, really, ecstatically happy that the feds took over the blood-sucking bees case. They're tired of dealing with that shit.

    I heard that there were some problems with this guy before. Not sure what with, though.


  • Politics x1: It's campaign donation season again! And kind of has been for a while. Fundraiser parties left and right!

  • Politics x2: Hillary Clinton did not win in Iowa. She is making her displeasure known.

    There is very strong political support for an increased crackdown against 'bad apples' in society. Criminals, the homeless, Muslims, etc. Its for the children's protection.

  • Politics x3: Some special interest group has been waving around a bill around to crack down on morgues.

  • Politics x4: That morgue/funeral parlor bill doesn't have enough push behind it to get anywhere with it. It's supposed to close loopholes allowing improper blood disposal.

    There was some guy from a biotech lobby shooting his mouth off about Clinton at the Giuliani party last night.

  • Politics x5: The morgue bill was written by the legal firm Ghiberti, Kirkpatrick and Hastings. Not clear who's paying them to do it.


  • Street x1: The onset of winter has calmed the normal tide of street prophets. It seems even Lucasta fanatics aren't immune to the cold.

  • Street x2: There have, however, been a few remarkable incidents where groups dressed have converged at intersections carrying signs saying 'Remember Lucasta' before slipping away.

  • Street x3: All kinds of churches are running some kind of joint shelter program. Let everyone know that if they see a green star in the window of a church, there's a shelter there.

    Lots of guys on Staten are still scared about narcs. Supposedly some jackass named McClin is responsible for most of the continuing police busts, but no one knows how he got his info.

  • Street x4: Lots of guys think that McClin is just a front for somebody else who's in with the gangs on Staten, but nobody can pin down one person who'd have all the info.

    Have you heard? Apparently, if you do some of these 'trials' at the hospitals, they'll house you and feed you a few days. Just be careful what you sign up for...

  • Street x5: There was one guy, Gary the Dog, who never once snitched, never talked shit to anybody, was real careful, all the works about his sempre dealings. He almost got busted on Staten, and he swears that he never talked to anybody named McClin.

    If some were to happen to McClin, say, an accident perhaps, Dog would be extremely happy. Presents might be given...

    Lots of injections at those trials... Heard something about some guys who tried out this trial thing and its a good thing they did - turns out they had particularly rare blood types. Hadn't known it beforehand.

  • Street x6: Heard one of those rare blood type guys found out the hard way...


  • Transportation x1: There was some weird shit at the New York National Boat Show this year... including a transvestite man-sized gecko.

  • Transportation x2: Bloomberg is cutting the number of parking passes issued to city employees. The bastard. You know what - I bet the only ones who get the passes will be the ones who are buddy-buddy with his cronies.

  • Transportation x4: There's been a proposal to increase the amount of surveillance in subway stations, London style.

  • Transportation x5: Subway management is still getting occasional complaints about a few crazy night-riders. Apparently the guy with the bow-tie was causing distress to patrons again through overload music. He was also asked a few times to quiet his pet chihuahua.

    There have been some inquiries into moving large animals into the city. Maybe someone's trying to put on a surprise circus, or bizarre public protest bit. They're trying to bring in a horse, or all things. Don't know why. They're big on keeping it low-key.


  • Underworld x2: There's work out there for experienced snoops and hitmen.

  • Underworld x3: The Staten situation is still pretty bad. In October and November there were a ton of tips, and it's not so bad now, but we don't know how that info got out. The only possibility is a snitch.

  • Underworld x4: The snoops are wanted to looking into the source of the new, high-quality sempre supply.

  • Underworld x5: There is a reward of $500,000 on Harry McClin's head (work for hitmen). They still can't find shit about him. The only thing they've got is that he apparently runs around and helps beat cops catch perps, but that's not an address for a special kinda package, know what I mean?


  • University x1: Well, the number of people obviously cheating on final papers is up this year. Unfortunately, there has not been any noticeable increase in the quality of the plagiarism efforts.

  • University x2: You know, if you can get a key, it can be a lot of fun to explore college buildings during the breaks, when no one's around to stop you. Just have to be careful not to make too much noise and alert security.

  • University x3: I hear that if you mix three drops of sempre with a hit of X, then take a hit on a gravity bong, you fucking die. Just, straight up heart-exploded dead.

  • University x4: Someone's been making the rounds at area schools, playing the networking game with faculty and a few students.

    Someone's organized a fundraiser for Amnesty International. Aren't they just amazing!? Its so good of them to stand up for all of our rights!

  • University x5: The fundraiser itself wasn't that successful, due to the timing, but what matters is that an effort was made.

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