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Rumors for November 9, 2007


Public Knowledge

  • The Daily Dirge [.doc]: Explosives Found in Shipping Container; Terror Alert Level Raised to Red; Vontuag Shareholder Meeting Security Further Increased; Pat Robertson Endorses Giuliani

  • October 29, Harbor officials discovered a shipping crate of military grade weapons and explosives that someone tried to illegally bring into the city. In conjunction with additional, undisclosed information, the city went to a very high degree of alert for terrorist activity. Arrests were made, although police are not commenting on them. November 5, the police declared that the immediate danger had passed, but remained on a heightened state of alert.

Sect and Clan

  • n/a


  • Informant Sounds Just Like You (Personal for Ash Gently): Ash gets an inquisitive phone call from one of his police contacts to the tune of "Have you been bothering the guys on Staten about sempre dealers? No? Didn't think so, but I heard one of the recorded calls and their informant sounds just like you. It's uncanny."

    It is appropriate, after hanging up, to raise one eyebrow and stroke your beard thoughtfully.

  • The Sempre Ball (Personal for Reino Haldor): Over the past two weeks, Haldor has received a multitude of phone calls from sempre dealers on Staten Island saying, "I've got to get rid of this stash, and I heard you're buyin'," or "Please man buy this shit off me the cops are gonna come in any day now you gotta buy!" or "What the fuck do you know about Harry McClin, asshole?"

    The sempre ball is in your court. Do you buy? Do you know about Harry McClin? Let us know the answers.

  • Dream Before Waking (Personal for Jay Winslow): A World of Color

  • Dream Before Waking (Personal for Rain Dylan Morgan): Fishing Trip


  • Bureaucracy x1: Terror alert means lots and lots of bullshit red tape with Homeland Security. Ah well, that's what we get paid for.


  • Church x1: The First Annual "Altars for the Homeless" program is underway in New York, using churches as homeless shelters.

  • Church x2: "Altars for the Homeless" is funded in part by taxing abortions. It's seen as a good way to bring some good out of that abominable act.


  • Finance x1: Vontaug Industries' shareholder's meeting tonight should be extremely interesting. Something big is coming...

    The DOW Jones Industrial Average is down nearly 500 points in 5 days. Good time to sell, because it's only going to continue to slide.

  • Finance x2: If you've got stock in Google, now is the time to sell. Winds from the inside say that apparently they're about to come crashing down.

  • Finance x3: Lots of people are claiming that Google is about to come down, citing insider sources. This is nonsense. It's a calculated move to get people to sell so that certain brokerage groups can jump in with a bit more shares.

  • Finance x4: The dollar is only going down. The Fed is going to let it slide for a while before they raise interest rates.

    We recommend buying into some Euros.

  • Finance x5: Bank of America has apparently found some interesting new contacts in New York. Their man Todd Blair had an interesting night playing pool with some rich client with a skin condition. [?]


  • Health x1: Blood drives are really hurting for donations. Some of them are offering cash for pints.

  • Health x2: There was a very complicated yet very successful combination quadruple-bypass aortic-stenosis-repair surgery. Dr. Clark, who performed the surgery, has received an anonymous grant for research into heart disease.

  • Health x3: One Ms. Ghiberti had a very tasteful dinner party to promote her charity. The catered Italian food was the highlight of the evening, even surpassing Ghiberti's noble child's health program.

  • Health x5: Ms. Ghiberti's selection of food was apparently world-shatteringly amazing. The people who went to her party just will not stop going on about how fantastic the marinara sauce was for the chicken parmesan, and they just keep on talking about how brilliant she is.

High Society

  • High Society x1: There weren't any good Halloween parties this year. We were really itching for a good Masquerade.

  • High Society x2: If only there was somebody who had the class, the money, and the enthusiasm to throw a Halloween party over a week into November!

  • High Society x6: New York is bristling, yes, bristling in preparation for the Christmas season. After missing Halloween, we can expect some fantastic engagements for the winter holidays.


  • Industry x1: Vontaug Industries is having a major board meeting tonight.

  • Industry x2: Despite the terror alert, the harbor shipping people didn't have any extra trouble.

  • Industry x3: Vontaug is putting in some very heavy security measures for the upcoming meeting.

  • Industry x4: Some guys have been remarking about how "We could make the stuff that Dragonrax uses..." and thoughtfully looking off into space.


  • Legal x1: New York state is suing the Bush administration for holding up efforts to regulate emissions from cars and trucks. It's part of a fairly wide push among the northeastern states.

  • Legal x3: The New York vs Bush Administration case is probably going to turn into a clusterfuck that's only good for posturing, but what else is new? Some lucky prosecutor is getting a new yacht out of this.


  • Media x1: Another terror alert, another wave of partisan bullshit. Hey, it's a paycheck after all.

  • Media x2: There's a fucking brilliant new commercial coming through for Guinness. Everybody wishes they'd thought of it. More accurately, everybody wishes they had the funding that went into it.

  • Media x3: The commercial involved spending over a week in a remote mountain village teaching the villagers how to act in a commercial. Sounds like a great fuckin' time.

  • Media x5: Get ready for Christmas advertising - this year's gotta be huge.


  • Occult x1: The Sons of Atlas strike again! They appeared briefly in Central Park and tried to use their unholy strength to rip trees plain out of the ground. They failed utterly and most of them were arrested.

  • Occult x2: This is the second time those Sons of Atlas guys have shown up somewhere without any signs of communication beforehand. One popular theory is that they're all victims of local subliminal suggestion using radio waves from Madison Square Garden.

  • Occult x3: Local subliminal suggestion theory is complete bullshit. It's totally mass accidental hypnosis caused by Jerry Springer getting bad reception on old antenna setups.

  • Occult x4: That Jerry Springer stuff is complete bullshit. Most likely, they're just a group of dumbass kids.

  • Occult x5: Brookyln's occult community is seeing some interesting activity from a small group in Manhattan, there might be some trading going on soon. [?]

  • Occult x6: Every now and then, somebody has a bit of a nervous breakdown regarding possible infernalism somewhere in New York. People who've caught wind of it are terrified.


  • Police x1: Everybody's tired of the damn terror alerts, but what can ya do. They actually found some weapons this time.

    There's been a huge rush of sempre busts on Staten Island that are almost entirely based on called-in tips.

  • Police x2: Despite the sempre-related arrests, no one should too excited. We've only been able to grab dealers and small stashes. The labs and the assholes who run them continue to elude us.

  • Police x3: Universally all of the tips were called in by one ex-cop from Chicago. We're pretty skeptical about where he's getting his info, but as long as he's sharing, we don't mind too much.

  • Police x4: Some visitor from Atlanta's been burning though piles and piles of cold cases from decades ago, all having to do with missing or murdered children.

  • Police x5: The Atlantan's actually an old New York cop from before 9/11, and damn if he isn't great to have around.


  • Politics x1: Another terror alert, another wave of partisan bullshit.

    Pat Robertson is endorsing Guilani! The normal babble ensues.

  • Politics x2: People are expecting Hillary to take the Democratic nom and then the election. Not much is being said about anything on the city level for next year though.

  • Politics x3: There's a new wave of lobbyists pushing for people to support blood drives. I guess there's some kind of shortage in the hospitals. [?]


  • Street x1: Everyone who lives at the harbor is fucking pissed about the terror alert. But really, they're even more pissed that there was actually something to find. Nobody fucks with New York!

    Only suicidal retards are peddling sempre on Staten these days. The cops are all over that. It's gonna be hot for a while though, I mean, no one wants to do acid anymore.

  • Street x2: All the Halloween parties were lame as shit this year. Someone's got to do something sweet now that the cops aren't breathing down our necks.

    Lots of guys on Staten are scared about narcs. Supposedly some jackass named McClin is responsible for most of the police busts, but no one knows how he got his info.

  • Street x3: There's gonna be some sort of haunted house set up called La Loon or some kinda weird name.

    Lots of guys think that McClin is just a front for somebody else who's in with the gangs on Staten, but nobody can pin down one person who'd have all the info.

  • Street x4: There's been lots of weird characters that nobody knows talking to dealers on Staten. That girl with the scarf has also been seen around a lot of the guys who got busted, but apparently she was trying to warn them.

  • Street x5: There was one guy, Gary the Dog, who never once snitched, never talked shit to anybody, was real careful, all the works about his sempre dealings. He almost got busted on Staten, and he swears that he never talked to anybody named McClin. He says the only person he talked to the night the cops came to his place was the creepy scarf girl.

    There's a man in Brooklyn who's been wandering around just admiring the neighborhoods and buying hot dogs for the homeless there. He's a great guy, people say.

  • Street x6: The Dog is convinced that the scarf girl is the bitch who ratted him out, and he's got a little group together who are gonna try and beat it out of her.


  • Transportation x1: The whole taxi system is going to be revamped. New taxis are being auctioned to cabbies already.

  • Transportation x2: Those new cabs are completely sweet. They will definitely bring a lot more tip money, at least while the older ones are still being used.

  • Transportation x3: Everything is pretty much status quo. Expect things to get pretty hectic in the next few weeks when Christmas season picks up.

  • Transportation x4: There's been a brief spike in the number of lost children being reported on the subways. All of them have been returned home safely. [?]

  • Transportation x5: Apparently, the same girl has been lost and found on the H Train at least four times. [?]


  • Underworld x1: That weapon smuggling at the harbor was a pretty clean job. Shame they were caught.

    Lots of dealers on Staten were tossed to the cops. We lost quite of bit of sempre and lots of good boys on the street.

  • Underworld x2: The Staten situation is pretty bad. There's some kind of informant or network of informants that tipped the cops about shit that is completely goddamn secret. The only possibility is a snitch.

  • Underworld x3: Apparently the cops got their information primarily from some wiseguy named Harry McClin. Keep your eyes open for him, he's worth quite a bit of cash.

  • Underworld x5: The sempre lords of Staten Island are offering $100,000 for a lead on Harry McClin. They can't find shit about him.


  • University x1: Despite extra police presence in light of the terror alert, lots of badass Halloween parties went down. There were a record number of student arrests to pay for it though.

    Apparently, something really goddamn sweet happened at Queens University's clock tower.

  • University x3: The QU clock tower thing is overblown. Apparently, somebody was sighted up there on Halloween and some jackass said "Hey, it's Batman!" and started an internet meme. Within two hours, there was an "I'm in your clock tower, solving your riddles!" lolcat set up.

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