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Rumors for May 25, 2007


Public Knowledge

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Sect and Clan

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  • Re: Your Haven, Disappearing Eerie Presence Flaw, and Irate Housemate (Personal for Bojan Petrov): You find that after Friday, May 11th, the horrible death-like coldness subsides,for the most part, and you no longer are afflicted with Eerie Presence. You still, however, occasionally feel strange upon waking up, as if something is watching you, and the crypt is still generally creepy... being a crypt and all.

    In the meantime, your dreams are seldom remembered (although they often feature McCoy, Auberon or Lillian when you can remember them), and Roske's kitten reverts back to being relatively friendly (albeit somewhat bitey) around you, rather than cowering in fear.

    Roske spends the next two weeks hunched over his cellphone, kitten in hand. He alternately seems to either be calling all manner of people "motherfuckers" in a stunned rage, threatening bodily harm to various individuals, or complaining about his shitty reception.

    He also is doing a great deal of reading, when yelling at his contacts gets old. He's checked out several books on Ukrainian history, psychology, and basic kitten care and feeding. He's also picked up a Serbian slang dictionary.

    The feeling never seems to leave. You have the Flaw: Eerie Presence for the night.

  • Woogity (Personal for Victor Roske): You find that after Friday, May 11th, the horrible death-like coldness subsides around Petrov for the most part, and he is longer are afflicted with Eerie Presence. You still, however, occasionally feel strange around him, and the crypt is still generally creepy... being a crypt and all.

  • Dream Before Waking (Personal for Jay Winslow): Eagles and Avocados

  • Dream Before Waking (Personal for Kaya Miakoda): Assisted Suicide

  • Dream Before Waking (Personal for Rain Dylan Morgan): Cave of Flesh


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  • Finance x1: Markets are unhappy about the failure of recent trade talks with China.

  • Finance x2: Someone is pushing a new, highly complicated kind of derivative (a stock market instrument) that suggests very high payoffs and risk.

  • Finance x3: Four weeks left to comply with Vontag's new guidelines. Firms are scrambling to meet them... The recent layoffs are related to these new guidelines.

  • Finance x4: Part of the new Vontag guidelines is a 'do not employ' list.

  • Finance x5: A handful of those recently fired had a reputation for questionable ethical practices.


  • Health x1: The Lucasta sighting has set everyone on edge. There were many injuries. There is some talk that various drugs may have been used to stage the event.

  • Health x2: There is an ongoing federal investigation into the disappearance of a large amount of xylomaetheic acid from an upstate New York laboratory. This is the active ingredient in sempreverde.

  • Health x3: A study is being set up in a new process that can convert blood types. Should be interesting to see what comes of this...

    Lots of quiet research into mob behavior, Devil's Thursday, unusual events in early May, and the Lucasta sighting

    Authorities fear that the stolen xlyomaetheic acid was used in to somehow simulate the Lucasta sighting.

  • Health x4: Mental health professionals are excited and worried to see their predictions of mass hysteria of some sort come true. They are aggressively debating over to what degree it was a self-fulfilling prophecy.

  • Health x5: Someone has been bothering several area doctors. After the meetings, the doctors seem highly agitated, but do not want to talk about it.

High Society

  • High Society x1: Lucasta sighting!

  • High Society x2: Massive disagreements over the importance and veracity of the Lucasta sighting.

  • High Society x3: A strong push in polite society for the 'hoax' idea regarding the Lucasta appearance.


  • Industry x1: Big round of indictments of high blue-collar workers.

  • Industry x2: The planned suit against Vontag has been dropped in the wake of the recent indictments.

  • Industry x3: Vontag's production levels are disgustingly high. Its new expansions have been very successful again.

    Many of those indicted were recently fired.

  • Industry x5: In fact, everyone indicted was on the Vontag do-not-employ lists.


  • Legal x1: Round two of long-awaited wrongful termination suits have collapsed after many of the plaintiffs were indicted for various frauds in the big wave that hit recently.

    Wave two of anti-mob indictments is proceeding rapidly. This one focuses on blue-collar workers.

  • Legal x2: The prosecutor's office is very, very pleased with itself.

    Area utilities are already unhappily planning for expected power shortages this summer.

  • Legal x3: There are rumblings about investigations into illegal price-gouging on gasoline.


  • Media x1: There is a definite push among area media outlets to avoid hysteria in reporting on the Lucasta incident. Most news outlets seem to be retreating to a 'just the facts' approach to the event. Everyone seems befuddled.

    More mob indictments! Lots of blue-collar people this time.

  • Media x2: There is little photographic evidence of the incident. Most of the impressive visuals that have appeared are 'artists recreations.'

    Those blue-collar types all seem to really be down and out.

  • Media x3: In fact, what photographic evidence does appear is contradictory and, in some cases, fake.

    Audio recordings of the incident do not match witness reports of what was said.

  • Media x4: There is increasing speculation that the entire incident was a hoax. This attitude is being pushed by some higher-ups and is encouraged by the police and government.

  • Media x5: There is definite pressure to find that the Lucasta incident was a hoax. Or, failing that, was something other than a serious religious movement.

    Many of the people indicted for mob-related crimes, both now and previously, were fired within the last several months. There may be something to this.

  • Media x6: There is serious pressure from VIPs in the state and federal government for this to be a hoax. Very strong pressure.


  • Occult x1: In the wake of the apparition of Lucasta on the Hudson May 11, Lucasta is being widely discussed. There is widespread disagreement over what happened, what it signified and whether or not it was actually Lucasta. There is also fear of a crackdown on occult groups in the wake of the incident.

    Recruitment to 'Lucasta' cults is proceeding at a brisk pace.

    There is some talk that the entire event was a TV promotion. The more 'serious' occultists dismiss this out of hand.

  • Occult x2: There is a definite divide between the three main viewpoints on the Lucasta incident; negative, positive and indifferent. Each group has begun to coalesce, attempt to develop unified explanations for their viewpoints and shout down their opponents. Many of these new groups, however, combine people who have fundamental differences. It is likely that after the current excitement, there will be another round of infighting as they split up again.

    There is a general consensus that the Lucasta sighting was a fitting anniversary to Devil's Thursday.

    There is almost no photographic evidence of the Lucasta sighting.

  • Occult x3: The two main branches of the occultists who view the Lucasta sighting positively are those who always felt that he was bad and those who believe that Lucasta himself was good/neutral and the sighting was an imposter.

    The pro-Lucasta advocates focus heavily on the trance-like state introduced during the incident. These groups are recruiting heavily, particularly the Church of the Lightbringer and the Temple of the Goddess.

    The Rational World Study Group, Scions of the Mystic Sigil and the Alpha-Omega Society are prominent among those denouncing the sightings.

    Former and current members of the Society of the Unbroken Mind (Lucasta's original cult) is split between these views.

    Much of the photographic evidence that does exist is basically worthless. Furthermore, there are photographs of the area at the time that show nothing out of the ordinary.

  • Occult x4: There is a great deal of concern among some of the cooler and wiser members of the occult community that aggressive recruitment following the sightings will have bad results in the mid and long-term, particularly if the press notice.

    The Society of the Unbroken Mind is splitting into two factions, which are generally referred to as the Society of the Unbroken Mind (Orthodox), which believes that the sighting was a fake, and the Society of the Age of the Lightbringer, which holds that the Hudson sighting represents the beginning of a process of transition that will lead immediately to a new age.

    Some of the photos of the incident are, in fact, obvious fakes.

  • Occult x5: Several geomancers, mediums, and monitors of spiritual energy have been heavily engaged in some sort of research project in the wake of the Hudson sighting. They haven't been talking much, except to each other. Their work somehow involves Devil's Thursday.

    A few of the Scions of the Mystical Sigil were picked up for questioning at the riot, but were released the following day.

  • Occult x6: Several very respectable occult groups have been specifically avoiding involving themselves in the arguments over the Lucasta sighting, including the Old Tome Society, the Servants of the Risen Sun, S.I.N., and St. Patrick's Society of Enlightened Thules.


  • Police x1: The riot on May 11 was not appreciated. Not appreciated at all. SWAT got some slight pleasure from busting heads. FBI is taking over a lot of the investigation. Been treating the NYPD like shit about it, too.

    The feds are all over the case like stink on shit.

    Big organized crime indictment, again! Mad props to the OC groups.

  • Police x2: In fact, it looks like the organized crime groups in the area have been set back big time. No telling how long it will take to bounce back.

  • Police x3: There was some seriously illegal gunfire doing on at that Lucasta sighting.

    There is talk of a new anti-drug, anti-organized crime push this summer to mop up the remaining drug and OC networks.


  • Politics x1: To say that the Lucasta incident is not appreciated by those in the political world is an extreme understatement.

  • Politics x3: There is definite encouragement to find evidence that the Lucasta sighting was, in fact, some sort of elaborate hoax.

  • Politics x4: There has been distinct pressure to not believe that some sort of lightning prophet was responsible for the Hudson incident. Lightning prophets are bad.

  • Politics x5: Somebody up top obviously is not a fan of electricity-wielding vampiric prophets.


  • Street x1: Drug war breaks out on Coney! Parts of Staten Island are also headed in that direction!

    Drug prices are rising city-wide.

    Lucasta sighting! Still unexplained! Warring occultists with signs argue in the streets over the meaning of the incident!

  • Street x2: The groups that believe that the Lucasta sighting was fake are centered in Manhattan. They do, however, believe that Lucasta was real, but is not around at present.

  • Street x3: Drug distribution networks in flux. Several of the people indicted recently were involved in drug shipments on a large scale.

  • Street x4: Throat-Cutter has stepped back from trying to keep a lid on the Vinnie succession wars to more fully devote attention to dealing with the fallout from the large wave of indictments.

  • Street x5: The Saracens and Satan's Mothers seem to have gotten a new friend recently.

    Some newspaper guy has been talking to the street prophets.


  • Transportation x1: Suit against Vontag has been indefinitely postponed as many of the plaintiffs are currently being indicted for various organized crime-related crimes.

  • Transportation x2: It is beginning to look like one or more organized crime groups infiltrated transport companies in New York but were exposed in the recent indictments.

  • Transportation x3: The strongest resistance to Vontag's new guidelines is coming from the shippers and truckers you know to be dirty.

    In the wake of the indictments, several of the companies that originally refused to comply with Vontaug's regulations are clamoring to do so now. Vontaug seems favorable to this, but the terms don't look good.

  • Transportation x4: Vontaug wants heavy concessions out of the companies that refused to play ball initially.

  • Transportation x5: Vontaug is being very nice to those who have stuck with the new policies.

    Many of those indicted were on Vontaug's do-not-employ lists.


  • Underworld x1: Another big round of indictments! Organized crime just took another big hit.

  • Underworld x2: The leadership is very, very worried about the recent indictments

  • Underworld x3: This time, contacts in transportation and industrial areas got smacked down. Hard.

  • Underworld x4: The recent string of indictments have crippled many of the mob's contacts.

  • Underworld x5: Mob leadership is split between those who want to lie low, those who are leaving town and those who are preparing to strike back at Vontaug and the city.


  • University x2: Rumor has it Hadrian Evans is in Chicago, or maybe Montreal.

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