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Rumors for April 27, 2007


Public Knowledge

  • The Daily Dirge [.doc]: Deranged Dentists Strike Again?; Lucasta Myth Persists; DA Announces Dozens of White-Collar Crime Indictments; Family Found Boiled to Death in Bronx Warehouse

  • Super Amazingly Truthful Awesome News [.jpg]: Unicorn Sighted in Central Park!!!; Horrific Device Creates Sharp Increase in Surreal Dream Sequences

  • The Daily Dirge is revamping its puzzle section! Now with many new and improved puzzles, including several types that have not yet become widespread in the US.

Sect and Clan

  • Camarilla: Adam Jones (Sect is equal to Camarilla): To clarify what is known about the attack...

    As Jones left Elysium four weeks ago, his car was attacked by something. It is known that whatever it was crashed his car about a block and a half from Elysium. Sometime in this progression, a brilliant white flash went off from the area of the wreck.

    Neither Jones nor his driver were in the car when it was found. The car had obviously been ransacked.

    If anyone has heard from Jones since then, they're keeping quiet. His main phone is still in service and just goes to voice mail. His secondary phone is out of service.



  • Bureaucracy x2: The Council on American-Islamic Relations has secured the necessary permits to hold their May 11 rally. There is grumbling about how them, as CAIR basically made it clear that they would run a public smear campaign against the city and specific employees thereof if the permit was delayed/denied.


  • Church x1: The Council on American-Islamic Relations has announced that they will be holding a large rally the evening of May 11.

    The Dogwood tree outside the window of the hospital where Christine Darkwater died continues to bloom.

  • Church x2: The study of the dogwood tree is becoming somewhat more rigorous. Definite schools of thought are spring up around the more popular theories.

  • Church x3: The Diocese just does not know what to do with the dogwood tree. Miracles happen in the Bible, not in real life...

  • Church x4: There is some displeasure that the hospital where the dogwood tree is located has trimmed it a bit. Some people have attempted to steal flowers from it to sell. Others sell counterfeit flowers.


  • Finance x1: The security craze continues at several small- and mid-sized firms in New York.

    The financial world is reeling from the announced indictments of dozens of former employees at high-profile firms on a variety of white-collar crime charges. Most of these are related to money laundering, intimidation, theft and corruption.

  • Finance x2: The employers and laid off workers are aggressively keeping the reasons for these layoffs under wraps. In fact, most of the people recently laid off have either retired, joined/founded start-ups or moved out of town.

  • Finance x3: Two weeks left to comply with Vontaug's new guidelines. Firms are scrambling to meet them... The recent layoffs are related to these new guidelines.

    There are rumors that some of the people recently laid off had some sort of organized crime ties. The pattern of indictments definitely favors it.

  • Finance x4: Part of the new Vontaug guidelines is a 'do not employ' list.

    Some of the people who are being indicted were recently let go from.

  • Finance x5: A handful of those recently fired had a reputation for questionable ethical practices.


  • Health x1: Furor over the "illegal, non-consensual dentistry" is picking up again after several people were 'dumped' in Time Square with filed teeth...

  • Health x2: At least this time the victims don't think that they're vampires...

  • Health x3: A study is being set up in a new process that can convert blood types. Should be interesting to see what comes of this...

  • Health x5: Several area media outlets recently held a midnight charity basketball game in memory of Spike Lee. Proceeds went to the National Hopeline Network, a suicide help line.

High Society

  • High Society x1: Princeton's Berlind Theater production of Pushkin's Boris Godunoy has been a smash hit.

  • High Society x4: Several area media outlets recently held a midnight charity basketball game in memory of Spike Lee. Proceeds went to the National Hopeline Network, a suicide help line.

  • High Society x5: Rumor has it that Darren West - that disappeared media mogul - killed people for the mob and is being investigated by the NYPD for it! He faked his own death and ran for it! All his friends at CNN are getting fired because of their complicity!

    The winning team fielded players from the Dirge, Super Amazingly Truthful Awesome News and the Free Press. Its name was PenisMightiers.


  • Industry x1: Security and monitoring equipment for large-scale facilities has been getting scarce in the greater New York area, which is driving up prices. Someone's buying up a lot of it.

  • Industry x2: The planned suit against Vontaug has been delayed...

  • Industry x3: The latest round of pharmaceutical company conferences went very well for someone, who took advantage of the opportunity to put on a really good PR campaign. The particularly impressive free handouts now grace many cubicle dweller’s desks.

  • Industry x4: Highlights of the campaign included a plush toy of the company’s CEO, Brian Wu.


  • Legal x1: The long-awaited wrongful termination suit that was in the works has been put on hold. Not clear why yet...

    The DA's office is emphatically not happy with the illegal dentistry case. Goddamned, motherfucking copy cats...

    Big wave of indictments in the financial world. So that's what the guys at the DA have been working on...

  • Legal x2: The hold on the wrongful termination suits may be related to the recent indictments...

  • Legal x3: Someone got a really good source inside the mob and has been passing information to the prosecutors. In fact, the wrongful termination suits may be coming to a shattering, screeching halt, as several of the plaintiffs have just been indicted on a variety of charges. The evidence looks pretty damning...

    Additional legal talent has been brought to bear in the lawsuit against a Bronx landlord. The suit alleges that improper building maintenance led to an electrical fire in the build's first-floor club that caused considerable smoke damage to the building’s other tenants.

  • Legal x4: The new talent is working with the original lawyer on the case, Oliver Peabody.

  • Legal x5: The landlord in question is Layla Reese, who is particularly difficult to get a hold of.


  • Media x1: The Darren West case is evolving into a witch hunt. There is a probe into him at the NYPD. Rumor has it he was involved in some seriously shady shit. Maybe they 'disappeared' him to keep it under wraps...

  • Media x2: There is speculation that there may have been deliberate efforts by Darren West and unnamed people in the NYPD to perform and coverup illegal NYPD activities in the fall of '06.

    The Dirge, Super Amazingly Truthful Awesome News and the New York Free Press recently participated in a Print v. Broadcast media charity Midnight Basketball series to benefit the National Hopeline Network, a suicide help line, in memory of Spike Lee. Word has it, someone was working the crowd pretty heavily, trying to build up his contact book.

  • Media x3: There are some seriously scared guys at CNN right now who used to work with Darren West. They don't know what the hell he did to get the cops on him, but they don't want to go down for it.

    The winning team fielded players from the Dirge, Super Amazingly Truthful Awesome News and the Free Press. Its name was PenisMightiers.

  • Media x4: Look - I thought I knew West. Yeah, he occasionally did some questionable things, but Christ, I know he wasn't involved with any hardcore corruption... At least, I hope he wasn't... Fuck...

    There was a pretty cool after party. Someone else was buying. Wings and beer - not always the best meal, but who wants to pass up free food? Oh, and the Times wasn’t invited.


  • Occult x1: Lucasta followers and minor cults are popping up everywhere.

    "The Age of the Lightbringer" is said to be at hand.

    The idea that Lucasta is capable of walking on water has become firmly entrenched in public perceptions of the figure.

  • Occult x2: The Dogwood tree outside the window of the hospital where Christine Darkwater died continues to bloom.

  • Occult x3: There is a growing market for flowers from the 'Holy Dogwood.'

  • i>
  • Occult x6: Someone has been poking into the high-level discussions going on in the local occult circles. As this attention began to be noticed, all evidence of the discussions stopped. It is not clear if this is because whoever it is is making a greater effort to keep things under wraps, if the activity has truly stopped, or if something else entirely is happening.


  • Police x1: The name Darren West has been coming up increasingly often in the NYPD. A probe has been started into possible crimes commited by West in the fall of 2006.

  • Police x2: The increased police presence at Coney Island seems to be keeping a lid on things in the wake of the death of "Thumbs."

  • Police x3:Something was seriously messed up with the whole "Thumbs" incident. Forensics is trying to keep it quiet though...

  • Police x4: Looks like "Thumbs" might actually have been killed elsewhere and brought back to the apartment and tried to stage the killing. The bullet holes found do not match up at all with the body.


  • n/a


  • Street x1: The looming drug war at Coney Island seems to have been held off temporarily by a massive influx of cops... Stupid cops.

  • Street x2: There is not clear successor to Vinnie. Most of the independent operators who could move in don't have the reach and no big organization is going to let another move into the area. So far, Throat-Cutter has kept a lid on things, but who knows what will happen next...

  • Street x3: No one will really miss Thumbs. He was a jackass.

  • Street x5: Someone has been asking around about Langston, the leader of the Orphans...

    Some big, cut up, scary guy has been bothering people...


  • Transportation x1: Several shipping and trucking companies are unhappy with Vontaug's recent demands. Threats of legal action, however, seem to be on hold right now...

  • Transportation x2: Vontaug has issued new guideline for those doing business with it. They include additional background checks, data-protection measures, etc. There are also heavy penalties if the wrong sorts slip through the cracks. The truckers, in particular, are not happy. They usually do not worry this much about screening their workers. Someone outside is bankrolling the legal efforts against Vontaug's guidelines.

  • Transportation x3: The new guidelines include a 'do not employ' list. There is some resistance among some of the shadier firms about this point - they don't want to let some of these people go.

  • Transportation x4: The strongest resistance to Vontaug's new guidelines is coming from the shippers and truckers you know to be dirty.


  • Underworld x1: Something fucking huge just went down. I don't know what it is, or who is involved, but its got a lot of people scared...

  • Underworld x2: Whatever just happened may be related to the incidents with Vontaug...

  • Underworld x3: Oh shit, it looks like one or two of the guys getting busted at the big investment banks did some work for some of our boys. Still, shouldn't be anything we can't recover from...

  • Underworld x4: ... or maybe not. Looks like quite a few of our people got hit. The bosses are worried about whether or not their financial structures are still secure. It's looking like they're going to be trying to get stuff off-shore before it gets frozen. Interesting times.

  • Underworld x5: Or, perhaps, the entire fucking set of indictments was aimed at us. I don't know how they did it, but they got us well and fucked. Every. Single. Fucking. One. Bad enough when they got fired, but this. Jesus. I bet it was that Ivanov fucker with the Ruskies who set us up. We'll get him good for this...


  • University x1: The Council on American-Islamic Relations has announced that they will be holding a large rally the evening of May 11. The usual campus groups are sounding off for/against it.

  • University x2: Medical students are still being heavily scrutinized for possible connections to the incident involving the people subjected to illegal dental work.

  • University x4: There is a tall, lanky, friendly guy who’s been generally helping out students as finals approach. He’s also been helping student organizations recover from the sorts of last minute disasters that happen when students over-extend themselves.

  • University x5: Someone has been tentatively making email contact with a few university persons. In particular, he seems to be focusing on superstitions held by New York's poor and homeless.

  • University x7: There have been some rearrangements of informal 'networks' on campus. Particularly among the bored and ignored...

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