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Rumors for November 14, 2003


Public Knowledge

  • Britney Spears has announced her intention to stage a benefit concert for the homeless of NYC.

    Also, it has been particularly difficult to travel in the city this past week.

Sect and Clan

  • The Network (Clan is equal to Malkavian): The madness network has been sending crazy things recently. CRAZY.


  • Health Inspector (Personal for Amadeo Giovanni): Graffiti and homeless people have shown up around the Metropolitan diner. So did a health inspector. He says the place is on probation - six weeks to clean up its act, or it gets shut down


  • Bureaucracy x1: Vontaug has been further delayed in its attempt to acquire PSone, especially because of the recent interest in exhibits there.


  • Church x1: This all-Hallows eve has been lucrative for many local churches-- donations seem to have increased.


  • Finance x1: Disney is the stock to buy right now.


  • Health x1: Local hospitals have noted an increase of patients requiring immediate blood transfusions. Police are investigating.

High Society

  • High Society x1: The Halloween party at [OOC: Address] in Manhattan is the place to be on Halloween.

  • High Society x2: But the Halloween party at PSone is the place to be for Kindred...


  • n/a


  • n/a


  • Media x1: Media networks are becoming interested in the PSone story.


  • Occult x1: Apparently, this Halloween is the one where Cthulu breaks the barrier between worlds and destroys everything.


  • Police x2: Cops are on high alert, as the deptartment has received a number of tips, and threats, for this friday.

  • Police x3: The police investigation of the "G" serial killer has not gone well.


  • n/a


  • Street x1: Homeless people are disappearing off of the streets, and it's not the mayor's fault anymore. They are DISAPPEARING.

  • Street x4: Someone is looking for people to do a "special job" in Manhattan. Good money is available.

  • Street x5: Two gangs in Brooklyn, the Bloods and the Putanescas, are coming dangerously close to warring over territory.


  • Transportation x1: This Friday will not be the best night for moving around the city, as some subway trains have been delayed, and an number of cabs have been stolen or wrecked from the yellow cab company, causing a transportation backup EVERYWHERE in the city.


  • Underworld x5: Someone is looking for people to do a "special job" in Manhattan. Good money is available.


  • University x1: Campuses everywhere are beginng their drunken celebration of Halloween.

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