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Archived here are the rumors distributed to PCs at game.



  • Rumors for Friday, October 3, 2003: Vontaug continues to be thwarted in its attempts to acquire PSone, a violin instructor seeks new pupils, and people are rumored to be inquiring after hunters.

  • Rumors for Friday, October 17, 2003: Robinson gets an internship and Janx gets some opera tickets. Not much else happens.

  • Rumors for Friday, October 31, 2003: The city gears up for Halloween, somebody is looking to employ someone for a "special" job, a party goes down at PSone HQ, and gang tensions rise in Brooklyn.

  • Rumors for Friday, November 14, 2003: Something goes down at Van Cortlandt Park, Amadeo loses some of his prestige, Sean O'Keegan overhears some harsh words, Langston hallucinates, and St. Patrick's gets ready for a concert.

  • Rumors for Friday, January 23, 2004: The ever elusive "G-Killer" is elusive, record numbers of people are trying to become police or lawyers, Howard Dean loses speed, and grumblings continue about the curfew.

  • Rumors for Friday, February 6, 2004: The police are baffled by the "G-killings," Rush Limbaugh is in rehab, the Met is looking for a new violinist, and somebody is poking around Columbia.

  • Rumors for Friday, February 20, 2004: Gangrel attack a chantry, a "bear" escapes the zoo, the "G-Killer" is on the loose, blood donations disappear, and a fire occurs at Columbia.

  • Rumors for Friday, April 16, 2004: There is a giant albino alligator and a Nosferatu on the front page of the Times, somebody is looking for Donny Cenci, a new fight club opens, and some politicians go insane.

FALL 2006

  • Rumors for Friday, September 15, 2006: Rumors out of Chicago hint at a great amount of Kindred politicking, the city reels from the effects of "Devil's Thursday," a Luciferian cult takes credit for the pandemonium of May, Club Sebau opens its doors, the "Society" begins its New York campaign, and sempreverde hits the streets.

  • Rumors for Friday, September 29, 2006: A bloody "ghost" makes its appearance at the ruins of a burnt down building, the "Society" performs another auto de fe, Sam McKinney dies on New York by Night, an underground film continues to speculate as to the truth behind Spike Lee's death, and street gangs keep using an ominous Latin tag.

  • Rumors for Friday, October 13, 2006: A beloved stingray is stolen from the New York Aquarium, a Leopoldian hunter is forced underground, gratuitous references to Ace Attorney are made, a cult known as the Pururea Incurca erects a temple in the Bronx, a Russian mobster is found dead, and an NYU art major commits suicide.

  • Rumors for Friday, October 27, 2006: Leopoldian hunter Christine Darkwater is arrested, a performance artist finds Jesus, Uwe Boll mentions his interest in making a New York by Night film, researchers continue to probe the effects of xylothanamenic acid, and an orgy goes down in lower Manhattan.

  • Rumors for Friday, November 10, 2006: A "angel of light" begins to safeguard the city at night, the Society for Inraged [sic] Norns makes its appearance, the Leopoldians continue to spread false rumors of their departure, Global Chemicals comes under scrutiny, the infamous assassin "Hawk" arrives in town, and the enigmatic leader of the Orphans readies for a gathering.

  • Rumors for Friday, November 24, 2006: A thief steals abortion tissue from clinics' dumpsters, some blood goes missing, the Pururea Incurca prepares for a fundraising gala, the Brotherhood of the Black Rose plan a winter solstice ritual, homeless people are assaulted en masse, and the leader of the Orphans holds his rally (Can you dig it?).

  • Rumors for Friday, December 8, 2006: Tom Cruise is rumored to be a guest at the Pururea Incurca gala, an investigation goes down at Columbia University, the city faces a blood shortage, two children are murdered in a grisly cult ritual, Lucasta interferes with one of Throat Cutter Hernandez's operations, and Hawk and his assistant Sparrow look for a man named Omorescu.


  • Rumors for Friday, January 5, 2007: A child claims to have been molested by a satanic incarnation of the Virgin Mary, the leader of the Leopoldian Cenacle is missing, a young woman is found dead of mysterious causes at Columbia University, Natalie Hemming earns rave reviews in Cabaret, an artist is commissioned to make a tribute to "victims of the Jyhad," the head of the Brotherhood of the Black Rose is arrested, Lucasta speaks of a time when his followers will "shall rise up as Light-Bringers in their own right," and Reino Haldor and Adam Jones have their names bandied about.

  • Rumors for Friday, January 19, 2007: LUCASTA IS EVERYWHERE, a new precedent regarding status sweeps the New England Camarilla, the leader of the Pururea Incurca is killed, police detective Bernard Motley goes mysteriously missing, the Church of Scientology declares Emmanuel James Richardson "fair game," somebody sets fire to Layla Reese's night club, the Cenacle of St. Jude is on its last legs, somebody cuts off Natalie Hemming's coke supply, and a dogwood tree begins to bloom in the middle of winter.

  • Rumors for Friday, February 2, 2007: Montreal falls to the Camarilla under the direction of Justicar Paschek, the Cenacle of St. Jude is poised to fall to the Inquisition, Natalie Hemming is absent from Cabaret, somebody roughs up the Dirge horoscopist, a serial killer known as the "Street Devil" is taken down, Darren West's name comes up in conjunction with Bernard Motley, and Wu Industries moves to begin research into psychotropic drugs.

  • Rumors for Friday, February 16, 2007: Bojan Petrov is not to be stopped, a Conclave declares that Darren West was killed by the Sabbat, the FBI's S.A.D. investigates the tragic end of the Cenacle of St. Jude, Wu Industries might be looking into xylothanamenic acid, people hear the "voice of the devil" during a gang fight on Coney Island, and Martinez the Bunyip is taken into custody.

  • Rumors for Friday, March 2, 2007: Vontaug Industries cleans house, Natalie Hemming leaves Cabaret, Roske apparently likes the cock, Vinnie "Thumbs" Prodi edges into the drug trade, and the NYPD buzzes with whispers about Darren West and Reino Haldor.

  • Rumors for Friday, March 16, 2007: The dogwood tree keeps blooming, Vontaug keeps Vontauging, the S.A.D. sweeps into New York, a nurse spreads tuberculosis, somebody locks some crazy people in car trunks, Darren West appears to have vanished, Adam Jones is connected to the hidden rooms at Columbia, and Lucasta's prophets continue to preach his message.

  • Rumors for Friday, March 30, 2007: Rogue dental students attack, the Council on American-Islamic Relations asks for a permit, the NYPD is restructured, and Omorescu meets with Throat Cutter.

  • Rumors for Friday, April 13, 2007: Chicago suffers a stop sign shortage, Cardinal de Polonia gets a new Templar, Vontaug's new guidelines go into effect, Vinnie "Thumbs" Prodi is dead, an anti-material rifle is finally found, and Throat Cutter Hernandez is in a charitable mood.

  • Rumors for Friday, April 27, 2007: More victims of rogue dentists emerge, a team known as the PenisMightiers wins a charity basketball game in honor of Spike Lee, and cops hold off a drug war as dealers try to fill the vacuum left by "Thumbs."

  • Rumors for Friday, May 11, 2007: Everyone in the game gets a dream sequence, Roske and Bojan awaken to find an eerie presence permeating their haven, the city steels itself for "Devil's Thursday," unsexy dental fetish videos circulate, somebody takes down Hawk, somebody else keeps a lookout for Hadrian Evans, a man in a gated community is killed by a young woman he propositioned, the Dirge has a betting pool as to what sort of weird crap will transpire, and something big is set to go down on the Hudson.

FALL 2007

  • Rumors for Friday, September 14, 2007: The Neighborhood Watch gets off the ground, the city reacts to the tragedy of the Lunez killings, Wu Industries wraps up its summer expansion, Lucasta mania continues to simmer, the Scions of the Mystic Sigil pull off a massive ritual, pigeons plague the NYPD, Throat Cutter Hernandez is scared, and a mysterious FBI employee unnerves the police.

  • Rumors for Friday, September 28, 2007: Drug raids occur in Staten Island, there's a huge pressure to crack down on sempreverde, Brian Wu gives a press conference, a new Spanish artist hits the creative scene, a child trafficking ring urns into a gun trafficking ring, and some college students volunteer to help the homeless.

  • Rumors for Friday, October 12, 2007: Infernalists are uncovered, Auberon is served with deportation papers, cultists perform a ritual in St. Isabel's cemetery, Pritchard High School is implicated in a "sex for grades" scandal, a new charity called "Art for Life" appears, Anastasia Rothe gets rave reviews, Jack "The Kind Man" Ripper hits the pimping scene, and a cop is hit by a car.

  • Rumors for Friday, October 26, 2007: A personal tragedy unfolds in Paris, Vontaug Industries readies itself for a shareholders' meeting, the Aspis is defunct, the Bronx Butcher strikes again, some of the cultists behind the St. Isabel's ritual die mysteriously, Zack Arkell's family begins to worry, and Dragonrax stops a robbery.

  • Rumors for Friday, November 9, 2007: Art for Life founder Edda Ghiberti hosts a successful dinner, a cult of losers try to rip trees out of the park, everyone grumbles about the terror alert, and some informant named Harry McClin makes life hard for dealers.

  • Rumors for Friday, November 23, 2007: Not available

  • Rumors for Friday, December 7, 2007: Not available


  • Rumors for Friday, January 4, 2008: A new nightclub called Helen's is getting ready to open, Bromme Friedrich is "alive" and kicking, a new charity called "A Pinprick of Hope" emerges, a bill is proposed to regulate mortuaries, a child killer nicknamed "Rumplestiltskin" is apprehended, and some Lucastaites brave the snow to spread their message of light.

  • Rumors for Friday, January 18, 2008: Bromme Friedrich is still "alive" and kicking, Throat Cutter Hernandez isn't, a bill regulating donated blood is pushes through, a neonate flees what she fears to be hunters, the NYPD reorganizes itself at the behest of the feds, and Anastasia Rothe is conspicuously absent from rehearsals.

  • Rumors for Friday, February 1, 2008: Lord Helgiorimir is angry, Money Laundering Carlos goes down, a police commissioner and his wife die mysteriously, a bunch of people die in Central Park, the NYPD continues to reorganize, and stem cell lobbyists and fact checkers try to make some friends.

  • Rumors for Friday, February 15, 2008: Helen leaves some gifts for her former Sheriff and Seneschal, Adam Jones pays a visit, Leon Gorski assassinates his least favorite smooth jazz musician, homeless shelters are shut down over code violations, some street people goes ominously missing, Lucasta fanatics gear up for a memorial, and a new Arabic learning program starts.

  • Rumors for Friday, February 29, 2008: Lindsey Lohan is killed in an incident entirely related to Leon Gorski, new recycling guidelines go into effect, the NYPD continues to be plagued by mysterious happenings, the STs continue to conflate the perceived criminality of Staten Island with that of Coney Island, Club Sebau threatens a lawsuit, various people attempt to curry favor in various arenas, and Brian Wu plans a pizza party.

  • Rumors for Friday, March 14, 2008: Wu's pizza party invitations are sent, somebody calls Ash Gently from Nevada, people continue to grumble about various bureaucratic regulations, more cops experience strange happenings, a successor takes over the Hernandez cartel, and the Neighborhood Watch continues to come under fire for corruption.

  • Rumors for Friday, March 28, 2008: Things continue much as they did over the past two weeks, the cease fire in Staten Island becomes strained, the church readies itself for a papal visit, and sentiment towards Lucasta begins to sour.

  • Rumors for Friday, April 11, 2008: TJ Phillips is caught in India, Xerices and Montgomery are executed via tribunal, Lucasta followers hold rallies at Central Park and near the Hudson, police continue to be plagued with afflictions that would be explainable via Divine Hand and Path of Corruption, the Russians pull out of Staten Island, child trafficking is on the rise, and somebody donates human flesh to homeless shelters.

  • Rumors for Friday, April 25, 2008: A Judicial Conclave is held in Halifax to try Bojan "might actually be stoppable after all" Petrov, the dogwood tree crumbles to dust when the Pope visits it, Lucastites are further denounced after a teen commits suicide, things appear to finally actually calm down in Staten Island, somebody badmouths the Shepherds of the Bitter Flower, and the police reorganization grinds to a halt in the wake of a gunfight.

  • Rumors for Friday, May 9, 2008: Halifax reacts to the Conclave's odd result, some Lucastites go on Springer, Aziem distributes some presents, Ash Gently's case is medically strange, kids laugh at a YouTube video of a man on fire, and people start trying to sell the dogwood tree's ashes.

FALL 2008

  • Rumors for Friday, September 12, 2008: Helen's Hard Rock Cafe gets ready to open, Seth Samuel wins some victories for stem cell research, the city is peaceful and lacking in vigilantes and gang wars, a mysterious new graffiti tag appears, an allegedly cannibalistic cult arrives on the scene, anti-Lucastian publications circulate, and Truth in Words seeks to expand.

  • Rumors for Friday, September 26, 2008: The Furies and the Orphans recommence their eternal war in Brooklyn, Wu Industries goes green, old news articles pose as new, a new amulet poses as old, the New York Federal Credit Union is robbed, and Seth Samuel's stem cell lobbying juggernaut continues to roll.

  • Rumors for Friday, October 10, 2008: The Furies and the Orphans chill the heck out, cannibalistic cults still apparently are a thing, chickens and or babies end up dead, kittens perish as well, a new NPO known as PreLife enters the scene, and a large quantity of bronze changes hands.

  • Rumors for Friday, October 24, 2008: Several rumor categories repeat, the SAD is nearly in the news, Cirque de la Lune is back in town, Old Tin Can Bill is still missing, the Russian mob tries to "facilitate" the work of day laborers, and a university sex scandal begins to leak.


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