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The World of Darkness houses many denizens that few vampires would ever dream of. Betantacled horrors spawning maddening servitors in the deepest crevasses of the ocean bottom. Incomprehensible beings so alien that to look upon that is to invite naught but insanity. Men and women who have torn the veil from reality call lightning from the skies and laugh at death. It's against the rules to ever, ever play one of these... but just like these oddities show, every rule gets broken... sometimes.



Player: NPC (formerly played by LG)

Appearance: Christine was a solemn woman in her late twenties, with expressive, albeit often sad features. She was not a particularly attractive woman, but something about her presence often put her fellows at ease, and she had a warm and empathetic feeling behind her body language. She wore her traditional nun's habit almost continuously.

Appearance (Mechanics): [0] Appearance-related Traits

Description: "I know why he stayed my hand."

Christine Darkwater was a member of the Society of Leopold and a former member of the Dominican order. She was known to be part of the hunter group "The Cenacle of St. Jude" that swept through the city in late 2006, and was conclusively found to have been involved in the raid that was thought at the time to have proved responsible for the death of Camarilla member Bojan Petrov.

Very shortly after this incident, however, Christine found herself the subject of a massive, well-orchestrated, and widespread manhunt (Almost as if a large underground group of politically influential people with ties to most of the major police, media and legal figures in the city took a sudden and severe disliking to her). She was arrested a few months after the incident, and was thereafter found unable to stand trial due to reasons of insanity. For reasons unknown to any, Christine refused to speak a single word following her arrest, and was subsequently hospitalized at an institution for the criminally insane.

She died there in January of 2007. The circumstances of her death were allegedly strange (massive unexplained blood loss), and there is rumored to be video footage of her speaking a few moments before she passed on. The end of her life was mysterious to say the least - and has only been made more so by the so called "miracle" that followed. In the middle of winter, a dogwood tree outside her former hospital room window burst into full bloom, in direct contradiction to any known natural phenomenon.

It is still blooming now.


Player: NPC (formerly played by Joe)

Appearance: Handsome, isn't he?

Appearance (Mechanics): *[4]* Appearance-related Traits (Alluring, Gorgeous x2, Seductive)

Description: "This... This is the part where I get to be the hero, right? [sob] Right?"

A rougish, charming man in his early thirties, Jack Knight was the only layman of the Cenacle of St. Jude - a former New Orleans pulp novelist turned demon hunter. He was noted for having slight ties to the NYPD in the form of his friend Detective Bernard Motley, which he exploited to help cover for the string of arsons the Cenacle left behind them and also to have a close by decidedly platonic relationship with a young NYU grad student, Joy Kamigawa. It was these two friendships that eventually proved his undoing.

While Jack was apparently deeply involved with the investigation of the Lucasta incidents, Joy was killed by unknown means (massive blood loss) in one of NYU's libraries. The resulting fallout caused the loss of the Tremere's major chantry (inconveniently located directly beneath Joy's murder site) and precipitated Jack's careless and maddened assault against Lucas Brighton, leading to his eventual capture by Sheriff Sam McCoy, who had already kidnapped Motley.

What followed was seldom adequately explained, but following a brief questioning, Jack Knight and his comrade died painfully and slowly over the next several days - locked in an interrogation room where no other man or Kindred was ever seen to enter. The injuries relating to their deaths were grisly to say the very least - going far beyond anythign simple exposure and starvation might have done. Those who have view footage of the room, or who saw their bodies afterward described them as having broken their own teeth attempting to bite through their handcuffs, and that the only part of Jack's face that was ultimately recognizable was the side that had been washed clean with his tears.

A few people have made guesses as to what transpired.


Player: NPC (formerly played by John)

Appearance: A slight man of Filipino descent, Rafeal was an emaciated mess of scars, tatoos and enigmas. Weighing barely more than 80 lbs, he bore a haggard sunken in appearance. He was obviously lacking one of his eyes. His back was covered with what could be presumed to be lash marks, and each of his two hands had a permanent puncture wound through the palms, in imitation of Christ's crucifixion. From what has been gathered, Rafeal was a man who took self-mortification quite seriously.

Appearance (Mechanics): [1] Appearance-related Trait (Magnetic), obvious Negative Physical Traits (Puny), obvious Negative Social Traits (Eerie, Scarred), obvious Physical Flaw (One Eye - It offended him...)

Description: "What rank do they call you by in hell?"

Another member of the mysterious "Cenacle of of St. Jude," Rafeal was a strange sort of hunter. Seemingly another devout Catholic with a vendetta against the supernatural, the Camarilla of New York had little information on him when he was to be taken in for questioning by Sheriff Sam McCoy one January night. What they found surprised them all.

Through means unknown, Rafeal seemed to possess powers unseen by any Kindred in the city prior, through a series of what seemed to be prayers and vaguely animistic invocations, Rafeal proved capable of bringing the very spirits of God's earth itself to his aid in battle, first causing some sort of unseen creature to fight against his captures during his initial seizure, and then upon his death, vividly causing the blood to completely drain from his body and to form a being seemingly composed of nothing but the aforementioned fluid and a healthy dose of divine wrath. The end results of his magics were devastating but -in the end- brough no death toll to the undead, in spite of causing Sheriff McCoy and his compatriot Auberon Xerices severe injury.

Ferdinand St. JohnFERDINAND ST. JOHN

Player: NPC (formerly played by John)

Appearance: Ferdinand was an old frail man - possibly in his 90s. His face was withered and tired-looking, and his speech was charaterized by a persistent and relentless cough. He favored conservative dark clothing, and always wore a cross.

Appearance (Mechanics): [1] Appearance-related Trait (Magnetic), obvious Negative Physical Traits (Decripit, Lame, Sickly)

Description: "Your greatest sin is that you seek to kill the one man who would redeem you."

The Abbe (or leader) of the Cenacle of St. Jude, Ferdinand St. John was ultimately the deciding factor that led to it's destruction - at least from the Society of Leopold's point of view. Found by church officials to eventually be sanbenito, on guilty of the Florentine Heresey that those who rank amongst the undead are ultimately redeemable, Ferdinand interceded, seemingly at random, to stop his fellow from slaying the Brujah Bojan Petrov after the group has successfully staked him. He then had the young Cainite spirited away to a remote retreat, where he kept him in torpor, unwilling to kill him. he kept vigil over him there, continually praying that God might see fit to restore him from his accursed state.

Following the death of his three cenacle-mates, however, he was eventually cornered in the Cenaculum - both by the New York Camarilla, and by the Inquistion. By chance the Cainites arrived first, and confronted him briefly before taking Petrov, whom he was allegedly hours away from beheading to save him from torture at the hands of the Society proper. What transpired was not precisely known, but it was eventually discovered by those in the know that the Inquisition team arrived later to find Ferdinand's corpse burnt and blistered horrifically.

Whatever transpired, it ended with Petrov's return, and a few uncomfortable glances being shot toward Harpy Xerices.



Player: NPC (generally played by John)

Appearance: Anthony looks to be somewhere in his early thirties. He always appears with his hair styled in a "Euro trash" pony tail and wearing a simple business suit, albeit one with bizarre ethereal strands of gossamer-like substance flying from it in all directions.

He has a moderate, if somewhat effeminate, appeal to his features even if they are almost continually glum.

Both of his hands are effected with a continuous flow of stigmata.

Appearance (Mechanics): n/a

Description: "Honestly... No! You DON'T understand!

Okay... repeat after me.

Vojislav Giovanni is the worst employer anyone could ever imagine having."

Anthony was a wraith in the company of one of New York's less... savory Giovanni. He was, in fact, known to those who met him as a sort of messenger for Vojislav, speaking to subjects through selective appearances in their dreams, or (as was often the case should Mr. Giovanni prove displeased) nightmares. He was notably distressed by the callings of his job and told many of his victims that the whole process of subjecting them to horrific torment in their slumber "wasn't precisely pleasant" for him either.

What Anthony's life and death prior to his servitude actually entailed is a mystery. As far as anyone can tell, he was last seen by Darren West who, being deceased himself now, most assuredly isn't dropping any hints. If Frau Koenig is to be believed, he was apparently recaptured by Giovanni family sometime after Vojislav's death and is assumed to be in a bad way of things.


Player: NPC (generally played by LG)

Appearance: Elle appears to be a disheveled and constantly scowling eight year old girl. She always wears a white durable looking dress, stained a rusty color in patches and carries with her a small floppy stuffed cat and a single dinner fork. In spite of her small frame and seemingly young age, she has exceptionally bulky musculature, and looks very strong in spite of her small stature.

Appearance (Mechanics): n/a

Description: "You ought'nt not play not fair... that's what the bad men will do.


Player: NPC (generally played by John)

Appearance: Roberto's appearance can easily be summed up much like his personality: unruly.

A thirty-something year old man upon who the innovations of personal hygiene seem to be lost, Roberto usually shows himself with unkept hair, wearing somewhat grungy work clothing.

A bizarre pattern, resembling burn marks, covers several portions of his exposed skin.

Appearance (Mechanics): n/a

Description: "Fuck yeah... fuck him up...fuck him up good... fucking cock-sucking little cunt... yeah...


...Anthony's a goddamn fucking faggot.

If there is little in the way to be said of Vojislav's other retainer, Anthony, there is far far less to be said of Roberto. A purely antisocial ghost, the most anyone was ever able to ascertain about his personality is that he swore constantly and nonsensically, and seemed a waste to communicate anything to.


Weinerschnitzel CumchugglerWIENER- SCHNITZEL CUMCHUGGLER

Player: NPC (generally played by John)


Appearance (Mechanics):

Description: Cum See HOTTTT w ulf sexxx!

He is waiting 4 u and is all over all of ur dirty needs!

Collect video Wieners Gone Wild! and Cumchugglers All Over The Garage!

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Wiener is good 2 go and also donates sum proceeds 2 his mother Gaya so pleez support.



Player: NPC (generally played by John)

Appearance: The Entity appears as a diaphanous blob of astralplasm, studded with stars and exuding an ineffable aura of angst.

Appearance (Mechanics):

Description: Once, the universe was as one. All things made manifest in the great unconscious. Then, there was dynamism. In this great shift that turned the cosmic wheel in motion, a single, perfect piece fell from the whole.

That being has existed, powerless and all knowing, since before time and shall exist when the whole of the universe passes into nothingness, forever cut off from the great cycle. Its pain is beyond human reckoning, its sorrow great enough to destroy all that has ever been able to ponder its own existence.

He is a floaty emo bitch, but an epic and eternal one.


Player: NPC (generally played by LG)

Appearance: "Lillian" appears vaguely similar to the Malkavian she is alleged to once have been. However, her features seem to have since calcified strangely, creating a visage more in tune with some refined "ideal" of Lilian Greer than any original reality. While previously described as stunningly beautiful to those who beheld her image following her death, it has recently warped to take on strange and occasionally horrifying shapes.

She is continuously bleeding from her head (consistent with the circumstances of Sheriff Greer's demise) and strangely enough from her arms and hands, which now seem to terminate in long taloned claws, vines, bits of rubble, spires or broken glass.

Appearance (Mechanics): Mechanics vary

Description: A horrific spiritual entity that held the AOL/Time-Warner building as its haunt. Rarely seen, its dread essence was nonetheless felt, as odd occurrences and strange, ephemeral whispers were often be heard in its wake.

It is presumed by many to be the remnants of the deceased and unquestionably insane former Sheriff of the Domain, Lillian Greer. At least that is what its actions and visage would suggest. It has appeared thrice since her death, once publicly in Court, denouncing then-Prince Evans as a coward and blaming him for it's death. It also bears a striking resemblance to the dead Malkavian, albeit simultaneously both more beautiful and terrible.

There are rumors that the spirit was driven (possibly by Kindred interference) to intervene in affairs pertaining to hunters in New York - after they were implied in the death of Greer's sucessor, Bojan Petrov, one of the few people whom she genuinely seemed to hold much attachment toward. While Petrov was eventually recovered alive, it has been noted that several of the hunters responsible for his detainment died in mysterious and unspeakably horrific fashions - not at all inconsistent with Greer's known temperment when she still lived.



Player: NPC (generally played by LG)

Appearance: Isabella is a very large, very ugly, very albino alligator.

Appearance (Mechanics):

Description: Isabella is a semi-mythical gargantuan albino alligator, raised by loving Nosferatu in the deepest, darkest crevasses of the labyrinthine sewers of New York. Yet, within her abnormally large reptilian heart, there exists an unspeakable, great sorrow. For Isabella is more alone than even what one might expect of a gargantuan albino alligator ghoul creature beast... thing. Isabella's soul is not a gargantuan albino alligator ghoul beast soul, but is actually an elf soul. Because she is otherkin.

Cry for her, because all she has are crocodile tears.


Description provided by John.


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