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Dismissed as madmen and kooks, the Clan of seers is alternately derided and feared. Every last member of the Malkavian Clan is twisted in some fashion, rendered incurably insane by the power of the Clan's blood. For some, this madness takes the form of hideous homicidal displays or outrageous chaotic behavior; in others, a quiet, insidious bent makes its way through the vampire's thoughts. In all cases, the blood makes Malkavians unpredictable, potentially dangerous and absolutely free from the confines and expectations of normalcy.


Disciplines: Auspex, Dementation or Dominate, Obfuscate

Clan Advantage: One free dot of the Awareness ability. Connection to the Malkavian Madness Network.

Clan Disadvantage: Madness. Each Malkavian suffers from at least one derangement. This derangement is permanent and can never be bought off with any amount of XP.

Inactive Malkavian PCs


Player: Eric

Appearance: Hadrian Evans was a short, neatly groomed man, who constantly wore a greenish-grey suit, shades, and an earpiece. His demeanor was extremely static, cold, and un-emotive, and he was generally rather hard to read.

Nature: Autocrat

Demeanor: Judge

Sire: Dr. Aubrey Gruten

In Play: 2002 - 2006

Derangement: Fantasy (Aaron Bryce retained less than 30% of his memories as a mortal, having submersed his original self in the role he had died performing, Hadrian Evans. He could not be dissuaded of his life as an FBI agent by any means, and every time a contradiction in his history was presented, his mind would adjust to create an explanation.)

Theme Song(s): Joey Deluxe - Undercover; Assemblage 23 - King of Insects

Quote: "I don't like his attitude. Kill him."

Background: The man who would become Hadrian Evans was born Aaron Bryce, coming into the world in 1947 in a small town near Hartford, Connecticut. Much is unclear about the circumstances which that eventually lead to his family's destruction, but it is evident that at some point the boy and his guardians would attract the attentions of one Dr. Aubrey Gruten, a psychiatric doctor who would eventually become Aaron's sole legal custodian.

After losing his father to an unsolved homicide, the boy was raised for several years by his mother, Vera, during which he watched to her rapid and terrifying descent into mental illness. Eventually, she was transferred into the care of a nearby asylum, where she would stay until her death in 1959 when the building was destroyed in a mysterious fire. Dr. Gruten, who had been her primary physician, took it upon himself to raise her orphaned son, who had no other living relatives, and he became Aaron's primary caretaker throughout his teenage years.

Eventually showing a knack for acting, Bryce went west to seek a career in film, and for a time, supported himself through various bit parts and walk-on roles. His first break into a major role came in the summer of 1969, when he landed a part in a Paramount pictures spy thriller entitled One Last Shot. In the film, he was to play corrupt FBI agent, Hadrian Evans.

By some horrible twist of fate, however, young Aaron was unable to complete the film, seemingly dying in a freak studio fire in 1969. His "stepfather," however, who had followed him discreetly to California, somehow managed to rescue him from the blaze and saved him from death by means of the Embrace.

Aaron Bryce ceased to exist as he passed into the grip of undeath. Awaking to a reality cobbled together from his months of work on the film, Hadrian Evans awoke, fully believing himself to be the character Bryce had been portraying at the time of his demise. Gruten would document this transformation with rapt fascination, coldly intrigued by the childe he had created.

Eventually, after acclimating to life among Kindred, Hadrian would come to deeply loathe his Clan, fearing the condition of insanity as the ultimate debasement of mankind. In time, the neonate Malkavian would find solace in service to the Camarilla, which he saw as a bastion against the chaos that threatened to overrun Cainite society should it give in to its darker impulses. Eager to defend the Ivory Tower, he would go on to serve in the war to reclaim New York, gaining some measure of prestige after an Archon witnessed his assault on an elder Tzimisce. In the months after the conflict, he stayed the city and numbered among the Kindred to witness Calebros relinquish his throne.

As a PC: Installed as Sheriff following Bromme Frederich III's rise to the Princeship, Evans served as the Camarilla's stoic enforcer without incident for nearly a year, continuing to hold the office even after the throne moved to his clanmate Svetlana Karamazova. In the fall of 2003, however, he was driven to a sudden fit of inexpiable fury through some quirk of the Madness Network and attacked the Keeper of Elysium, Athena Alliene. After being subdued by Seneshcal Joven Verditus, Evans was conveyed back to Svetlana's private rooms at the Chelsea Hotel, where the megalomanical women attempted to diablerize him. Through some combination of luck and tenacity, Evans managed to best the Prince in combat with the assistance of the Setite, Eli Sansariq, piercing her heart with a makeshift stake before returning to the court to tell his story. After several months of unsuccessful interim leaders, it would be Evan himself who ascended the throne in Svetlana's stead.

Cold, efficient and calculating, Evans remained unfazed at the head of a city seemingly writhing with chaos, and he lived to see the destruction or departure of near all whom he knew him at the time of his arrival. For a time, he found allies among the Clan of Serpents, who were eager to make much of the debt he owed Sansariq. Eventually, however, the newly made Prince allowed his Lasombra antitribu Seneschal, Sofia Castañuelas de la Plata, to quietly dispose of Jim Sirius, the seeming leader of the Followers of Set whose antics had made him a target of the fanatically Catholic Kindred's outrage. A few days after this was accomplished, however, both Sofia and Evans' adviser William Dobbs would be slain in the course of a momentous Sabbat raid on the AOL/Timer Warner building which housed Elysium, an event which saw Evans briefly captured and quite nearly killed himself.

After this brush with death, however, Evans continued his campaign against the Sword of Caine undeterred, working through Sofia's mentor Amelia Piccoli Rossi such that he might learn the dark arts of Obtenebration. As the Malkavian Prince did his best to rebuild in the wake of disaster, he found new allies in the Brujah Seneschal, Darren West; the Caitiff Keeper of Elysium William Lansing; and the Malkavian Sheriff Lillian Greer. Unbeknownst to Evans, however, these three Kindred would ultimately precipitate the end of his reign, despite each one's initial deep-seated respect for him.

Greer had long been at odds with West concerning her treatment of his clanmate, a man named Bojan Petrov whom the conniving woman had coerced into drinking her blood. While Evans had initially helped to keep this matter from becoming public scandal, he had used the affair to blackmail Lillian into his service and went so far as to covertly blood bond her to himself in the hopes of ensuring her loyalty. Torn between her sudden emotional attachment to Evans and her rational-minded resentment of him, Greer began to orchestrate a coup to overthrow the Prince, locating and reviving the lost Prince Karamazova and slowly drawing William Lansing into her confidence. When Lansing at last proposed of his own volition that Evans be deposed, Greer suddenly found herself unable or unwilling to carry on in her plot, having found her warped feelings of affection to be stronger than her thirst for revenge. Betraying her co-conspirators, she murdered Svetlana and reported Lansing's treason to the Prince, resulting in the Lex Talonis being called against the Caitiff.

In a desperate bid to save himself, Lansing made a bid for praxis on West's behalf, hoping that the Camarilla would turn in favor of the idealistic young Brujah and oust the current Prince. Greer and Evans, in the meantime, managed to organize the chaotic Primogen Council into pledging their allegiance to the current regime, and when West came forward to affirm his claim to the throne, the assembled court attacked him until he fell into torpor. Not truly wishing his second's death for any reasons outside of the pragmatic, however, Evans would be convinced to entrust the injured man to the visiting Niccolai Antonescu, who spirited West off to Chicago in exchange for certain boons being voided.

In the nights after the failed coup, Lillian garnered more and more power under Evans, exulting as she found means to either drive off or destroy any remaining Kindred in the realm who might prove competition for Evans' attention. Eventually, however, her attachment to the long-suffering Petrov -whose bond she had been forced to requite- left her loyalties unstable. Upon learning of Greer's involvement in a plot to kill Petrov's enemy, Vojislav Giovanni, Evans exchanged some rather bitter words with his Sheriff, during which the increasingly maddened woman became overwhelmed with such anger that he feared her intentions. After arranging quietly for her unseen execution behind closed doors, the Prince turned his attentions to the future, realizing that he was left without supporters in a city which had grown increasingly hostile to his reign.

Calling in long-owed favors, the Malkavian Prince managed to secure a departure from the city by arranging to have himself called into the service of Justicar Paschek, leaving the city in the unsteady hands of Ventrue Jamal Assara. Although it was Evans' intent to someday return to New York again as Prince, a sudden and bloodless praxis was enacted by Darren West, who returned to the city in spite of Niccolai's promises, overthrowing Assara's interim government to install himself as the new ruler of New York. Evans, although initially bitter regarding the takeover, took satisfaction in his return to action as a war leader against the Sabbat under Paschek, although he would long bear a grudge against Lord Antonescu for reneging on his word.

As an NPC: Evans would later prove a crucial figure in Camarilla operations, leading part of the initiative that resulted in the fall of Montreal to Camarilla forces. He was expected for a time to be permanently appointed as Paschek's Archon or even to be crowned interim Prince of Montreal following its capture, but these honors were denied him, as Tremere Justicar Anastaz di Zagreb, bitter that his rival Paschek had outstripped him, made public the bond Evans had incurred with regards to Amelia when he learned the arts of her Clan. With the shadow of Lasombra influence hanging over him, Evans became something of a political untouchable, whereas his regnant became an immediate target of the Les Amies Noir once her name was made known. Compelled to drink her blood yet again to requite her for the danger she now faced, Evans took on the role of her protector, traveling continuously in her company that she might not fall to her Clan's mission to slay her.

In the meantime, the former Prince responded to di Zagreb's move in an uncharacteristic fit of pettiness, calling attention to the actions of Nicolai and demanding that the Tremere Lord be held accountable for his part in West's return. Lord Antonescu, already harried by scandal involving the mad regent Michael Montgomery, forced West to withdraw from the city he now ruled, leaving the Camarilla in the hands of the Ventrue Helen Rogerson. Evans, however, soon found his gambit backfiring when West was found murdered a few days later, resulting in a Conclave that made even more well known his relationship with Amelia and that cast suspicion upon him as the potential assassin. In the midst of this meeting, Bojan Petrov, who hated Evans passionately for Greer's death, lunged through the crowded assembly and attacked the Malkavian in front of three members of the Justicariate, ready in his frenzied grief to slay the man who had killed his bondmate. While Petrov was eventually dragged off of Evans by numerous Archons, the young Brujah's actions were widely lauded by disenfranchised neonates who saw his quest for vengeance as just, and Evans faced an unwelcoming world at the Conclave's conclusion.

In time, Petrov would make good on his intentions to hunt Evans down for the purposes of avenging the dead, and the two rivals met in the Domain of Halifax, Nova Scotia, during the spring of 2008. Here, Evans, already well aware of his opponent's intentions, attempted to goad the Brujah into frenzy, telepathically assailing him with images of Greer's death. At some point, however, Evans lost what control he had managed to gain over the melee, and Petrov beat him into torpor. The neonate Brujah was on the verge of beheading him when Amelia intervened on her thrall's behalf - hypnotizing Petrov and twisting his memories of the evening such as that he recalled killing both Evans and her.

When Evans next awakened, he found that Amelia had completed his bond to her, and the two Kindred were forced by the seemingly public nature of their deaths to go into hiding. Despite their best efforts, however, the pair soon found themselves the unsuspecting targets of the Setite elder Helgiorimir, who held Evans' responsible for the death of his great grandchilde, Jim Sirius. While Evans had all but forgotten his tacit authorization of the man's death, Helgiorimir proved as unforgiving as he was unrelenting, and the elder slew Amelia from afar through use of strange sorceries. Grieved but calm, the former Prince at long last returned to the city he had once ruled in search of revenge, mutilating his body that he might briefly pose as a Nosferatu to the courts of Price Wright.

After managing to best the ancient Setite within his haven in club Sebau, Evans stepped in the street and attempted to dissuade the police surrounding the building from taking him into custody, citing ties to the FBI that he believed would protect him from arrest. When the confused officers actually contacted the Special Affairs Division unit that had taken root in the city, the small cell recognized Evans' name from their extensive dealings with vampire-kind and instructed the NYPD to let Mr. Evans know that a car would be arriving to escort him from the scene.

The promised car eventually did convey Evans from the remains of the nightclub, although the battle-weary Malkavian would not be conscious to enjoy the ride. For years after the 2008 battle, rumors would persist among the Kindred of New York that the FBI held one of their number as a specimen of scientific study, although little could be found in support of this notion until a document at last emerged to confirm their fears.


  • Hadrian Evans at one point exchanged identities with Lillian Greer for an evening through means of Obfuscate for the purposes of setting up Greer as a decoy for an anticipated Sabbat attack. (This resulted in the characters respective sheets been traded between players.) The cross-dressed Prince regrettably found himself the target of the sexual advances of an intoxicated neonate Assamite during this masquerade and would issue orders for the young man's "disappearance" at the next court gathering.

Documents of Import:

  • Halifax: Hadrian Evans: a narrative of the events leading to Evans' battle with Helgiorimir.

  • SAD Intake Report for Hadrian Evans: An intake report by the FBI's Special Affairs Division regarding the specimen known as Hadrian Evans. [February 02, 2009]

  • Class 936A: Psychic Observations Reports: [PDF] A series of documents which purports to be telepathic interviews of Hadrian Evans as performed by the FBI's Special Affairs Division. (001 | 002 | 003 | 004 | 005 | 006 | 007 | 008) [February 02, 2009]


A.K.A: Joseph Maxwell Winslow

Player: Rick

Appearance: Jay Winslow was the stereotypical fresh Embrace of the late twentieth century: a young gothic-punk man in his early twenties with a penchant for dark poetry and a wardrobe provided by Hot Topic. While often flippant and irresponsible, the neonate did have his moments of bravery, and he could quickly become serious if his friends were threatened.

Nature: Critic

Demeanor: Gallant

Sire: Allison Ungart

Birth Date: Feb 15, 1989 (Aquarius)

Derangement: Crimson Rage (Don't hate on Winslow's poetry, yo.)

In Play: 2007 - 2008

Background: Jay (born Joseph Maxwell Winslow) grew up the black sheep of a family eager for normality and would garner the displeasure of his parents as he grew into a youth with an all-black wardrobe and a penchant for dark poetry. Passionate about his self-expression, the young goth chafed at his father's authoritarian attempts to quash his creativity and endeavored as best he could to escape from his parent's thumb, moving out at an early age and furnishing himself with a small apartment using his wages as a pizza delivery driver.

One night, Jay would encounter a girl at his local hangout unlike any he had ever met before: a girl who just "clicked" with his worldview and what he tried to convey through his poems. After speaking with one another for what seemed like hours, the woman (in reality a Malkavian autark) would gift Jay with the Embrace, moved by his vision and wishing to preserve him for the ages. While the illegitimately sired childe ultimately escaped culling at the hands of the city's Scourge, Jay's inexperience with Kindred society proved a hindrance to him during his early months among the undead.

As a PC: Jay acclimated to Kindre social life without much direction from his elders, being allowed to remain unaffiliated for some time whilst he socialized at the Camarilla's court. Making an early friend of former Sabbat member Julienne Magia, Jay came to be be involved in an unfortunate incident with his new companion in early 2007, in which the pair partook of the awareness-enhancing drug "sempreverde" and formed a telepathic gestalt. After their subsequent bombardment of the madness network resulted in severe disturbances throughout the American continent, Jay found himself facing the wrath of minor Harpy Lynn Gladius-Xerices and her cohort Brian Wu, who beat the reckless neonate briefly with a pipe in the hopes of communicating their displeasure.

Despite this rather inauspicious beginning to his life among Kindred, Jay eventually went on to join with the Ivory Tower after placing himself under the Accounting of Leon Gorski. As his powers of Auspex began to make him a useful source of intelligence among his new sectmates, the oft maligned Malkavian slowly came to garner some level of respec, and he was recognized as an Acknowledged member of Camarilla society at the time of his eventual departure for the court of Boston.

Documents of Import:


A.K.A.: Julienne Magia

Player: Anya

Appearance: Kaya appeared to have been Embraced in her late teens. Her eyes were bluish silver and her hair was blonde, and she had mysteriously magnetic draw to her person.

Nature: Mystic

Demeanor: Chameleon

Sire: Ja

Birth Date: July 21, 1923 (Cancer)

Derangement: Synesthesia (Kaya could hear a mysterious music emanating from everything around her. Should the seosory input become to loud or overwhelming, she would shut down emotionally, unable to process the cacophony.)

In Play: 2007

Theme Song(s): Napple Tale 2 - Dreams in a Pie

Background: Julienne Magia was born in a family of Italian occultists, who lived a wild and decadent life before their eventual murder at the hands of their rivals. Raised largely by an associate of the family, the strange and quiet child would eventually grow into a mysterious woman who would gain the attention of a Malkavian occultist known as Ja, who believed the girl to be related to the fair folk. Desperate to possess the power of the fae, the Cainite would undertake Julienne's Embrace, hoping to study her transition into vampirism.

An autarkis who believed in individual freedom, Ja would grudgingly permit his childe to join the ranks of the Sword of Caine, but would demand her loyalty to him at all times before her Sect. Taking on the name Kaya Miakoda, the neonate would sojourn to Mexico City, where she would run for several years alongside the Tzimisce Diego, before the two Cainites would eventually make their way to New York in 2007.

As a PC: In the city, Kaya would initially find herself at odds with Ductus Layla Reese, who would distrust the antitribu's superceding loyalty to her Clan above the Sabbat. Plagued by numerous visions of the often chaotic history of the city, the quiet Cainite would find herself drawn to the stories of such Camarilla Malkavians as Hadrian Evans, Langston, and Lillian Greer - whose intelligences she frequently connected with across the Madness Network.

In time, Kaya would make the acquaintance of the Tremere magus Auberon Xerices through their mutual contacts in the occult, and not knowing whom she was dealing with, the curious ancilllae would soon find herself a captive of the Kindred's clanmate, Sam McCoy. Cut off from her parent sect, the inhumane yet charming woman would manage to ingratiate herself to the Kindred of the Camarilla, and would be allowed to exist for a brief time as an unaffiliated Independent in Tremere custody, havening with McCoy and Auberon much to the chagrin of the latter's spouse, a Setite known as Lynn Gladius.

Despite this unusual arrangement, Kaya would eventually find herself running afoul of the Camarilla after her reckless experimentations with the Madness Network resulted in mass disruptions throughout North America - causing Prince Rogerson to distance herself from the former Sabbat member and Ja to outright disown his childe. Running out of sympathetic allies, the young Cainite would find herself marked for death after warning Diego of an impending attempt by the Camarilla on his life, but would be saved from execution by the two Tremere who had come to regard her as a friend, and was spirited away to the English Isle of Wight to live alongside Auberon's blood-sister.

While this act of disobedience would eventually cost both Auberon and McCoy their lives, Kaya would make a home for herself in the pastoral Domain of Newport, leading a quiet unlife in which she was no longer affiliated with the Sword of Caine.

Documents of Import:


Player: Tom

Appearance: Langston was a young-looking man with less than young-looking eyes. He constantly wore a torn and stained tie-dye shirt and an old jacket, and could easily be mistaken for a homeless man.

Nature: Survivor

Demeanor: Conformist

Derangement: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

In Play: 2003 - 2005

Theme Song(s): Evanescence - Even in Death

Background: Only fragments are known regarding Langston's life among mortals. A young idealist of the American 1960s, Langston apparently had been drafted into service during the Vietnam war, and was one of many soldiers who bore witness to the My Lai massacre. While it is not known if he was an active participant in the slaughter, the incident deeply shook him, and he returned to the States deeply troubled by what he had seen.

While the exact particulars of Langston's Embrace remain a mystery, it is known that his biological uncle, a Malkavian beat writer named Sam Marthens, played a role in arranging for him to become a Cainite.

As a PC: Langston entered the city in the company of his bondmate and paramour - a young neonate named Viola who vanished within a few weeks of entering the city. Keeping his personal sorrow at the woman's disappearance a private matter, the battle-scarred Malkavian would slowly rise through the ranks of the New York Camarilla, becoming Primogen of his Clan during the early reign of Hadrian Evans. During the rise of the politically unstable "New Camarilla" in New Jersey, however, Langston would at last discover evidence of his beloved's fate - and would learn that Viola had been diablerized by a Tremere known as Thomas Lorde-Walker.

Enraged by his lover's murder, Langston became set on vengeance, and covertly joined with the ranks of the "New Cam" in the hopes of gaining a means to Lord-Walker's death. In the summer of 2004, the brokenhearted man would achieve his end - tracking down Viola's killer to the Anarch Free State. With the aid of Adameus and a Toreador fighter known as J'son Lyric, Langston would subdue the Tremere and diablerizing him, hoping maddly that through the Amaranth he could reclaim some part of Viola's soul.

Growing increasingly unstable after the diablerie, the weary Kindred would find himself constantly beset his paramour's voice - berating him for the inhumanity into which he had sunk for the sake of revenge. Around this time, the largely apolitical Primogen found himself the target of continued snubs from his ambitious and cold clanmate Lillian Greer, and would be instrumental in turning the greater Council against her in light of her forcible blood bond of Bojan Petrov.

As an NPC: Following an incident in which he employed his powers of psychometry upon the corpse of a slain sebau, Langston grew increasingly paranoid regarding the encroaching Setite presence in the city, and as his general mental health deteriorated, the beleaugered Malkavian would retreat from public life, withdrawing to Brooklyn where he had numerous connections to the prominent street gangs. For years, the aloof madman would be largely uncontactable, although those who shared his blood occasionally would be able to ferret him out of hiding.

In 2008, a small Sabbat cell known as Polyclef would make an attempt on Langston's life, mistakenly think him to be an elder. Despite not personally possessing the powers of the ancients, the neonate Malkavian would prove a formidable combatant, and would slay the pack's Ductus, Lúsha Gjikokaj in the close pitched battle - forcing the group to retreat. This act would earn him the emnity of the Malkavian antitribu, Zappelphillip, who swore vengeance on úsha's behalf, having loved her deeply through the bonds of the vaulderie. In time, Langston would find himself the victim of the man's quest for revenge - and died in agony as the grieving antitribu poured thermite into the eye sockets of his staked body. His death received little notice in the Camarilla, as the only Kindred who had attempted to contact him in the nights before his destruction had been two Anarchs with frustratingly long names.


  • Langston returned briefly from his self-imposed exile in September 2005, when he made a brief appearance on behalf of William Lansing, that the Caitiff might be voted into a position of Primogenship.

  • During his time as an NPC, Langston could be contacted by PCs through a mysterious wall covered in indecipherable layers of graffiti. Petitioners could paint messages on the wall in the hopes that Langston would receive them, and the Malkavian would respond with disturbing and hard to decipher collages and scrawlings - which could only be understood through use of Eyes of Chaos.


Player: Jordan

Appearance: Leon Gorski was a short jumpy man, jumping frequently from anger to fear. He was one of the more visibly eccentric New York Malkavians, often giving cryptic warnings and speaking quietly to himself.

Nature: Rogue

Demeanor: Conniver

Derangement: Paranoia; Phobia (Brass Knuckles)

In Play: 2006 - 2008


Documents of Import:


Player: LG

Appearance: Lillian was a short scholarly woman, seemingly in her mid thirties (although with a little work she could easily pass for someone younger). She had a certain seductive quality to her, possibly stemming more from her intense personality than her physical appearance, and seemed quite capable of taking advantage of this. She dressed in somewhat formal business-attire (a least, more formal than most university types) and was noted for always wearing a pair of gloves.

Nature: Sociopath

Demeanor: Autocrat

Sire: Cecily Barnard

Birth Date: August 29, 1951 (Virgo)

Derangement: Megalomania (Lillian possessed a desperate drive to seek some form of interpersonal connection with others, but virtually every time somebody drew close to her, she found herself compelled to seek their destruction)

In Play: 2003 - 2006

Theme Song(s): SWANS - Better Than You; Depeche Mode - Lilian; Shiina Ringo - La Salle de Bain

Background: Lillian Alexandra Greer was born in 1951 to lower middle class family in rural Michigan. A problematic and unnervingly vicious child even at a young age, "Lily" soon gained the cool disinterest of her parents, who somewhat guiltily attempted to ignore her as they directed their efforts toward her younger siblings. As isolation fed her rage and delinquency, the violent young girl made an attempt at suicide at the age of sixteen, hoping that in her death she would at least be able to incite pain in those who ignored her. After slitting her wrists numerous times with her father's straight razor, Lillian was rushed to a hospital, saved from death and placed under psychiatric watch at a facility for the mentally unstable.

Still obstinate and disruptive even in the wake of her brush with oblivion, the facility operator callously attempted to "punish" the disturbed young woman by rooming her with a highly disturbed schizophrenic. After attempting to bash in her new roommate's face with a ceramic bowl, Lillian was restrained to her bed, and it was in this state that she met Cecily Barnard, a mysterious professor who served as legal guardian to the patient with which she roomed. It was months later, however, after the Greers' funds proved insufficient to prolong their daughter's hospitalization that Cecily and Lillian would have their first conversation - at the funeral of Barnard's ward, who had died after hurling herself from a bridge.

Seeing potential in the teenager's desperation, Cecily (in reality a Malkavian ancillae) endeavored to bring Lillian under her power, offering her services as a tutor and re-channeling the young woman's rage at the world into a well-honed and carefully manicured intellectualism. Spending nearly a decade arranging for her protege's accent through a university her family would normally be unable to afford, the Cainite slowly severed Lillian's tenuous ties to her family as she sought to mold her into an ideal childe - catering to her newfound thirst for knowledge and keeping her distant from anyone outside of herself. Having lost several similar "projects" due to the destabilizing nature of her blood, the Malkavian left her intended progeny unghouled, and the blossoming young woman never partook of her mentor's blood until the night of her Embrace, shortly after completing her doctorate in Philosophy.

Once a Cainite, however, Lillian found her loyalty to Cecily began to rapidly ebb. Her lonely existence and lack of empathy had led her academic interest towards an elitist sort of Nietzschean relativism, and after gaining employ at the same institution where Cecily taught, the neonate Malkavian began to resent her benefactor, convincing herself that in her amorality she had far surpassed her former master. Nevertheless eager for some form of human connection, the young professor struck up a close friendship with a handsome young student named Matthew Ellison, much to Cecily's chagrin. Slowly indoctrinating the boy into her warped worldview, she encouraged her pupil to shrug off the weight of conventions such as "good" and "evil." Their relationship gradually became as warped as Lillian's own interactions with Cecily had been, and eventually, obsessively striving to gain Greer's affections, the young man strangled another student in the hopes of proving his "superiority." Lillian, fearing that her young companion might, in fact, someday reach the same heights she thought herself to have attained, rejected his advances. He hung himself several days later.

While Lillian managed to shrug off the mortal inquiry into the murder-suicide with relative ease, Cecilly was nevertheless enraged at her childe's behavior, as she did her best to retain some vestige of her humanity. Deeply hurt at not seeing the extent of Lillian's sociopathic philosophy, the older woman made a fatal misstep, allowing herself to be drawn by Lillian into a messy public frenzy which grossly breached the Masquerade. While Cecilly was eventually allowed to escape with her life, Lillian used the event to wrest herself from her Sire's accounting, and left the Domain for other ventures, satisfied that she had overreached her creator.

As a PC: Lillian first arrived in New York during the late Spring of 2004, after acquiring a position in NYU's philosophy department. For a relatively new professor, she appeared exceptionally quick to gain favor with faculty and students alike on campus. Her studies focused primarily on German philosophy, particularly the post-idealists, Schopenhauer and Nietzsche.

Outside of academia, however, Dr. Greer cut a far different figure. She rose to inexplicable heights in seemingly short time under the reign of Prince Evans, becoming Sheriff and Primogen, and eventually taking what many perceived to be a great deal of the reigns of government herself, with Evans sitting in the background unseen.

Her reputation was one to inspire both fear and curiosity. She was callous, capricious, and seemingly detached from any sort of moral motivation. Toward the end of her life, her visage grew progressively more inhumane, making some wonder if she was one of those souls who followed one of the Paths of Enlightenment forbidden to her Sect. In spite of this, she also had a definite charm to some, and could be quite interesting and affable under the right conditions. She was particularly close to her deputy, Bojan Petrov and to the Harpy Auberon Xerices. She also enjoyed a much more personal relationship with the Prince than anyone, contemporary or prior, could claim to have.

It is a puzzle then, why it was that Prince Evans who was ultimately responsible for her death. Until the night of her demise, Lillian seemed to enjoy his full favor. On the April evening in question, Greer was certainly reported to have been acting strangely, and Evans and her had endured some sort of falling out, however, the public reason given for her execution (a breech of the sixth tradition, regarding some attempt on the life of the previously unknown Vojislav Giovanni) doesn't seem consistent with Evans' previous regard for her and many members of the Sect believe there to have some ulterior motive to her sudden execution.

On April 28, 2006, Evans went to Greer's office to talk with her, and emerged with her lying supine on the floor, having shot her multiple times in the head. The few observers to witness Lillian's body before it's immolation at the hands of Reino Haldor found it strange that no signs of struggle were apparent in the office, and that.... upon very careful inspection, Lillian was smiling.

It was at the next court, that suspicions were confirmed that something still remained.

Documents of Import:

  • The Notes of Lillian Greer, Sheriff: [PDF] Lillian Greer's notes on various individuals and on the events occurring during Elysia she attended. They were originally written in a hard-to-decipher personal code and were deciphered by Auberon Xerices and Bojan Petrov over the summer of 2006. Dossiers for Bojan Petrov and Hadrian Evans were conspicuously absent from these documents, although a torn fragment of paper indicated that she had, at some point, written one up for Petrov. (Elysia Notes | Kindred Dossiers | Non-Kindred Dossiers) [September 16, 2005 - April 14, 2006]

  • Non Serviam: A few weeks before her death, Lillian suffers a breakdown while responding to an unexpected phone call from Darren West. [May 16-18, 2006]

  • I Thought You Needed Me: Helen Rogerson reviews the circumstances of Lillian Greer's demise. [March 5, 2007]


A.K.A.: High Priestess and Sybil Cassandra Columnambula Ludwig-Norton V of Barataria (Official in Charge of Sub-Genius Anti-Intelligence and Bringing Brownies to Chartered Meetings).

Player: LG

Appearance: Cassandra was a cute girl Embraced during her college years and who proudly wore her share of sparkles, eccentric regalia, protest shirts, clever disguises, little red dresses, and ironic glitter. A frenzied and often incomprehensible Cainite, the bewildering Anarch often made conversations interesting, albeit not always quite sensical.

Nature: Pedagogue (Cassandra) / Caregiver (Columna)

Demeanor: Child (Cassandra) / Critic (Columna)

Sire: Ivy Sanders

Birth Date: February 14, 1958 (Aquarius)

Derangement: Multiple Personality Disorder

In Play: 2008 - 2009

Theme Song(s): The Killers - Jenny was a Friend of Mine (with Danny J. Simons); Hedwig and the Angry Inch - The Origin of Love; Susumu Hirasawa - The Girl in Byakkoya (Paprika); Incubus - Love Hurts

Description: Not yet written

Documents of Import:


Player: Paul

Appearance: Malachi looks like a young version of the perpetually bewildered professor... yet it is obvious that there is a sharp mind there, especially when it is focused. In stressful situations he can become rather erratic and will gesture a lot. However he still seems to remain effective in such situations, despite his... quirks.

Nature: Visionary

Demeanor: Architect

Derangement: Delusions (Lovecraftian)

Sire: Thomas Pendelton

In Play: 2009 - 2010

Description:<p>̢̥̻̃ͬ̐̆ͬ́A̵̧͉̦̽̒̋ͩ͗̀͑͗ ̭̣͈̫̯͔͑ͫ̑̄ͦ͂ͮ̒͢p͐̋ͪ̓̉̂̐͏͏͈r̩̘͍̘͙̭͚̯ͨ̄̑̈́̈́ͬ̆̊̚͟o̲̞̤͇͇ͮ̽̎f̼̪̱̒̾̅̃́͑̾̀͝e͆͑ͥ͏̺̗̱̝̥͙̹͕s̥̥͙̯̙̲̼̟͇̔̊͑̾͟s̶̪̯̰̪̙̫̟ͩ͋̅̉̀̆͟ͅi̸̧̞͓̭̮̦͎̭̋ͧͩ̍ͧͧ͢o̜͙͈̳ͣ̑͐͛͢ͅn̤̩͉̦̝͙̲͇͉̒̽͜͠ą̻̣̰̫̹̻͊͒ͩ̑̊̚͞͠l̒̀̈́̂̆̇҉̢͖̭͈̕ ̏̍̽͏̠̭͇̩̻̟͎͚ĉ̗͈̜̫̙̦̜͆̾̔̀̕o͐ͭ҉̶̨̠̲̜͖͎̣̘̼l̨͉̭̭̹͎͓̙̤͍̑̂̀̓ͣ͂ͧͭ̚͞ļ̧̝̥̘̻̳͓̈̃̎̇é̸̴̛̥̘͖͔̗̺̎̉ǵ̵̡͓̿ͧ̀ẽ͎̮̮͓͕̙͔ͦ́ ̢̨̳̅̐̑̚͢ş̨̺̹͗p̸̈́͋҉̯̩̖̞̝̝̙̮͕e̜̞̺̦̺ͫ̐͑ͬ͛á̷͙̝̠̦̝͒k̠͖͈͎̝͐ͦ̇ë̘̥̪̜̝̦̏͗͡r̡̠̺̳̣̝̙̞̖̆ͮ́͡,̢̟͇ͦ̃ͦͫ̕ͅ ̯̗̙̬͇̂ͯͨ̊ͪ̌̐ͯ̆̕͢ͅM̡̠̩̮̪̰̑̒͆ͭ͌̂͞â̻̖͉̪̰̺͈ͮ̄ͅḻ̢̦̺̞̮̬̾̐͊̑̎̉̈́̅̀͡ͅͅà͕̱̬̻̭͎̅̒̈́͆̒́͘č̣͍̫̻̩̻͇̳͇̊̌͟h͇̲̠̪͈̙̖ͦ͐į̬̤̩̖̀͘͝ ̹͕̙̭͆ͯ̐͆̓̂ͪ͂͟ ̫͔͖̖̥̦̐ͮ͐ͅB͍̩̼̭̠̗̊̃̔ͦ͊͘l͙̱̜͍̭̱̱̑̉̑͒̑ͦͪá̶̛̱̘̠͔͔͈̜̼̺ͣ̑̐ͫ͛c̴̗͎̙͍ͦ͒ḵ̵̛͙̤͔̘̮͍̼ͤ̉̒̾ͥ̐w̢̜͔̥̠̹̜̺ͦͦ̄͌͒̑ë̪̰̪̆͊͒̄ͮͤ̐̚l͓̱̱̠̾͆ͣ̂ͬ́̋̒l̵̸̰̙̲͈̣̳̟̬͆ͨ̑ͫ ̦̬͚ͯͧͫ̎ͨ̒ẘ̶͓̥̣̹̖̳͎̣̇͑͋͢a̸̰̤̪͖͛̎͗́s̡̘̘̖̫̟̫̝̞͗ͩͦ͌͊̇̒ͧ̚̕ ̸̝̼̑͘o̦̝̍̎ͣ̎ͪ͢r̛̻͖̗̻̰̎ͤi̢̧̤̦̲̮̭̩͕͕̹͂g̵̷̲̤̰̼̩͋̃̅ͩͣ͆ͅĭ̵̵͚́̍ͨ̋́̂ͭ͠ͅn̷̜̪̰̘̂͊ͬ̿͊̿̀a̺ͣ̋ļ̶͖̭͆ͤ͋̽̅͒͜l̸̹̻̺̤͈͖ͥ͛̅͊͆͌͟y̸͚̘͎̠͈̥͂͊̀ ̷̔͂́̋̏͏̼̭̜̙̣̣̩̪f͈̦̫ͦ̈͗͊̏r̷͕̜͎̬̫̲̘̖̭ͬ̀͞o̝̙̣͈̐̍͗ͮͤ͑̄͡ṃ̼͍̜̟̝̝̮͕̈ͤ̾̀ ̱͈̩̈́͋̽̎͡Ṗ̩͈͕̣̺͓̳̹̃͠͡r͍̞̬͔̰̺͙̮̈́ͩ̓͞ŏ̖̜̩͚͚̽ͯ̀v̸̷̷̤̺̣̠̫̖̠̍i̗̖̫̩̹ͬͩ͗͢͟d̷̜̣͉͓̯͋͗͊ͨ̓̎͞ͅe̛͇̯̥͚̫̼̱̗ͤͪ͠͝n̴͚̞͓͕̞͙̮ͬ̐͝͝c̴̼̯̘̟̯̤̙͉̭̋ͥ̽̈̏͒͂̇͠ę̃ͣͥ̾̿ͩͥ҉̮̠̯͝ͅ,̹̣̟͚̗̣̗͚̆̓͘ ̨͓̟͓̭͂͗̂̃̋ͤͬ̂̍̀ͅ ̨̪̣̰̳͎̝͍͍̒̒̽̈Ȑ̸̵̻̘ͯͫͭͮ̉͒h̔̂ͬ̓͏̖̞̲̣̖̘̟̝͇ǫ̮̊̇̒̋͆ͦ̀d̡͉̞͐̎̇̊ͣ͂ȅ̡̖̦̲̼̞͓̿̍͘ ̫̙͉̩̮̲̝͖ͥ̽͂̀ͮI̶͕̙̦ͯͤ͛̈̎ͦͣͯs̷̴͎̱̩̪̲͓̪̼̯ͣ̊̒́̾̐ͫļ͕͔̹͉̞ͨ̔̾̓̅̋͛a̵̞͍͎̅̈̎̏ͬ͑̇̌͘n̨͖̱ͮ̍̋dͭͭ̂̔ͤͭ͛́͜͞҉̩̻.̤͍͋͊̀͠ ͕̺̐ͬ͟͜ ̙͇̺͎̤͙̪̙ͩ̈́̏ͯ̒ͤ̉ͮC̱͉̝̎̈̈́̀͟͠l̵̶̙̠͕͚̓̃̇͐̒͑̚͟ą̠̖͖͈̹͇̻͚͎̇̾ͭ̓̍̿̄i̩ͥ̿ͣ̐m̷̨̖̺͕̩͓̪̅̐ͭ̎̂̊̅ͮ̂ͅi̵̮̝͖̋̏ͫ̓͗͛̅̀̚͘ṇ͇̐̚g̬̻̞̻̻̣͒́ͫ̓ ̛͙̩͈̝̰͇̳̈̎̉ͬ̂́ͤͅt̠͙͍͉̱̫͙̻̔o̘̰̳̟̥͕̼ͣͣ̈͛̇͞͠ ́͌͏̘̼̩̗̲̺b̜̘̟̫̘̯̱̯̓̄̔ͬ̒͑e̢ͬͩ̿͛͑̽̐ͣ͏̯̮̳͉̰̙̞͖ ̸ͯ͌͆ͯ͜҉̲̼͔̺̯̭õ͙̦̲̀́f̳̥̜̪̟̫ͦ̌ͤ̿ͬ͞ ̶̜̈̚tͬ̾́̇̆͏̗̰͞h̘͙̹̯̭ͧͤ̅ͪ͟ę͖̠͍̱̣̰ͤ̒̀ ͯ͗̇ͣ̚҉̷̢̱̖̣̦̲͇l͍̪͙̰̭͍̪̲̍͒ì̡ͬͥ҉̺̹̯͙͕n̸̬̗̦̰̘̣̲̝͗͛̓̂ͩę̓̅ͤ̒́̐̓͏͓͚͇͍͔̤̖a̭̜͕̣̭ͭ̍̈́͞g̥̲͚̲̓͋ë́ͮ͏̧͍͉̹̮̩͕͈͍ͅ ̶̰̭͓̟̣̰̱͖͊͛̍ͬ ̻͙̣̻̼̯ͪͣ͒ͨ̊̍̒̾͘͞ͅͅo͑́ͦͭ҉̛͕̩̱͘f̘̋ͮ̚͟ ̴͇̞̙̯͍̜̻̖̽͗ͤ̆̎̔̀Ḫ̭͙̦̝̃͌̂ͦ.̸̩͓͉͂̈́ͥͮ̓͗ ͕̰̻͚̀̑ͩ̈́́P͛ͣ͛̅͏͔̰͕̞͕̰̖.̷̬̜͔̘̘̞̗͆̄ͧ͗ͮ̀͠ ̗̗ͤ͊̂̈́͛̓̏Lͭͥͥͯ̍̏ͨ̌ͯ͏̴͕̲̹̬͠o̺͚̱̒ͬͭͮv͇͚̜̝̞̏͌̓́ͤ̚͘e̴̝̥̺̦ͮͥ͐̎ͦ̉ͪ̃͗ͅc̷̯̩̜̠̠̜͎̖͛ͦ͊̈́r̦̞͓̯͚̦̾̿͒ͅa̬ͫͦͮ͘f̴̳͓̲̟̬̩̠͇̓͗ͦ̑̚ẗ̘̖͖̣̝̰̙́,̯͕̹͓̲͐̋ͥͭ͑ͩ͒̚̕ ̰͈͍̜̹̳̳̟̇͊̓̾͑͂̃ͣͯṀ̞̙̞͍̆̿̽̀͠͝a̩̝͉͔̭̾ͪͤͭ͛͒͒̾̓͝l̴̠̲͖̖̝̗̳̆̿̍̓̔ͯa̩̗͇̤͖̥̖͇̎̇ͤ͛c̨̝̥̰̘̬̻ͯ̏ͭ̎̒̇ͭ́̚ͅȟ̟͇̫̄ͥ̆͂ͧ̕i̴̖̘͂̽ ̴͍͓͈͍͚̑̆̈́͞(̶̡̝̟̖ͣͧͨa̠͚̟͉̍ͭͭͦ̈́͞c̗̗͆͊ͫ̎̃ͯ͗ͮc̳͓͖̰̗ͭ͂͘̕o̻̭͇̪̬̱̫ͥȑ͓̤̜̫̉̂̄̍͊d̷͕̮̤͈ͧ̎̐î̶̳͔͓̗̯̞͕̽ͩ̉̉̀͢ͅṇ̗̫̼̣͈͇̽͋ͣ́̈́́g̫̜̊̒̑̾̉ͦͫ̀ ̰̥̹ͤ̿ͨ̉͊͌ͧͥ͘͜͢t͐̆҉̸͔̖̠͉o̸̳̣̠̞͎̮̬̟̮ͥ̎͒͂̕ ͯ̈̾ͩ҉̡̭̫̗ ̷̡͚͔̰̜͕̾ͤ͗̐h̴̺̠͈̹̘̤͚̽̋̏͊͗͊ͅi̦̳͓ͮ͌̈́ͭͭ̌͘͟ṁ͚̩̦̟̯ͬͧͯ)̷͍͉̯͛͆ ̴̛̜̲͋ͣh̗̝͓͛̈́̓̇͊͊a͈̍͝͠͝ͅd̵̘͖ͫͧͨͬ͛ͩ̚ ͓͍͕̠̫̺̹̓̓̎͛s̵̛̞̹̣͉͉̮͇̤ͨ̿͂̈́͋̈́̿ͧ͟ͅo̴̠̬̦͍̘̥ͩͩ̏͌̾͑̀̆̔̕m̷̛͇ͩͪ̍͑ͫ͂̀̚ę͕͉͚̜̬͚͖̭ͯͤ͂ͩ ̧͕̤͇̟̼̿ͤ̓̓ͬ̕s͕̪͈͎̺ͯͥ̽ͧo̵͖̮̲͉̬̭͌͂͜͠r̲̘̰̯̒͆ͨͥ̚̚͡t̤͙̖͕͗ͩ̀ ̡̠̤̺̙͓̮̆ͫ̑͞ͅơ͇̯͎̦̊̆̈f̱̘͖̹̎͋ͮͨ̀ͦ̏͠ ̦̹̜̞̇̾ͤ̄̀̃d̷ͦͣ̀͑ͪ̓̐̇͏͍͙̹̼ī̡ͯ̄͏͏̜̫͕̤̲̼͕̞̩sͫͤ͏̛̹̻͇ã̫͎̮̒̄̀ͧ̊̚͡ͅg͈͔̰̤̘̫ͬ́͜r̜̜̙̪͉̗͈͕̬̉̎̅̚e̗̺̎́ͮ̈́́̒̔̕ẽ͙͎̱͇̺͕̹̗̍ͦ̿ͬ͘͢m̛̱̞̠̖̭̦͔̭̻̃͐ͪ̈́ͫ̇ͩ̓͒͞e͛ͣ̍ͣ͘͏͎̫͔̜̣͟ņ̷̞̖̥̭̻̫͇̜̓̄ͩ̆͑͝ͅt̮̣̥ͣ̌̒̿̃̔͊̚͘͡ ̛͕̪̝ͫ͠͡w̡̧̳͌͡í̮̬̖̼̰̗͖̞͛ͫt̶̙̥͔ͤ̓̕h̖̝̠͆̎͂ͩ͘ ̛̙̭̻̖̙̬̭̼̲ͦ̈́͋̕͜h̦̥̏͌̽ͪ̓̆ͪ̕͘į̛͓̺͙͖̯͙́̀̿ͨ̂͘s̵̠͉̯͔̦̹̓̒ͅ ͯ҉͔͖͇̞̜͔̕͞ş̧̘̱͚̯̎ͪ̅̏̌̅̿̚͟i͈̓̾̐̓r͖̰͍̠̤͆e̜̲̺̪̥̖͗́̐̒ͣͪ̀̚ ̭̗͈̥̩͂ͥͫ̐̔͡͝a̵̰̩͖̳̬͖͔͊̅͒͢n͖̫̝̥̎ͯ͠d͔̟̣͓͓̲ͮ̋͛͐͢͝ ̸̴̾̓̉͛̀̇͋͏̞̺̹͈͓̥m̭̝ͭ̂̎̒̃͜͢o̷͉̻̳͎̖̹̫̮ͥ͋̽͊ͣv͖̤̼̟̌͊̄ͥͧ̓̔e̵̝͎͖̣̲̾ͮ̋͛ͤ͛ͪ̚͠d͈̊̐͒ ̸̧̩̟͍̰͇͕͂͑̓ͭ͜ṫ̸̠͙͙̻̼̠̭ͭ̑̌̋̆ͫǫ̺̦̤͚̭̂ͭͦ͂ͦ̏͊ ̵̲͚̩̥͙̖̦̯͍̄̈͂̽ͨͫͥ͋͘N̴̷̯̲͓̭̎̅̊̑̎e̥̩͇̺̫̻̰̫̔͐͋ͣ̂͝ẁ̘͖̯̻̙̠̗̅̂̓̍̈ͧ͠ ̨͉̗̻̫͉͍̪̩̈́̊́ͫ͊̐͜Y͎̊̽̓ͯ̂̈͆͟͡ǫ͛ͤ͑̀ 3b;͚̦͓͍̹̯͚r̻̟̯̝̲͚͉͆ͫ͟ͅk̛̗̮͙̠̲̜̭ͣ͆ͩ̆͆̋́̚ ̝̺ͫ͗͌̂ͫ̃̓͢ẗ̏͛͂͗͗͏̺̭̝̥͍ǫ̞͍͉̋͑ͨ̐ͨ̅͜ ̶̧͔͚̣̝̟̯̌ͫͣ͐̊ͤ̿̓͞ͅs͙̄ͮ̐ͭ̀́͂̑͝ṭ͌̽͗̕a̸̤͈̦̼̲̻̺ͨ̊̃͂ͦͨ̾r͈̜ͤ͊͋͌̅ͪͭͪ͆͟͝t̥̞̘̬̮̽̾̃͒ͯͅ ̡̤͍͍͙ͫ̔̓͋͠ã̢̫͍̺̑̆̽́͠ ̶̢̼̯͕͓͖̖͂ͯͯ̏ͦn͉̗͓̣͇͙̘̜͗̈́́̒͋̀͒́̚ḛ̷̰͇̞͓̪̆̔̓͛ͯͨ͢w̞̬̲̯̫͕͍̎̀̃̈́̈́̊ͮ͌̚͟ͅ ̗̰ͬ̿̍̇̚̚l̵̶̩̗͔̪̮̮͓̦ͭͧ͛̐͗̄̿̋͆ị͖͇̗̝ͫ͂̑̍ͪ̅͞͞ͅf̴̛̻͋͑ͩ͂ͥͮ͜e̶ͥ̔̒̉̉҉̫͓̹̬͓͝.ͬ̊̑̓̓ͫͩ͏̜̻̞̺̮̺̳̼͍͘</p>

Documents of Import:

  • NYU: View From The Ground Up: [Multiple influences] Malachi Blackwell delves into the sordid history of NYU and prepares to write a book about his findings. [February - April 2010] (Trigger Warning: Pedophilia, Rape)


A.K.A.: Max

Player: Ivan

Theme Song(s): Paddy Kingsland - The Panel Beaters

Appearance: Maxmillion looks like a vague cross between Cesare from the Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and a rough conglomeration of every German mad scientist who has ever existed. He has a simultaneous sense of precision and clutter to his personality, physical demeanor and wardrobe.

Nature: Scientist

Demeanor: Trickster

Sire: Ottoborg of Luxembourg

Derangement: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

In Play: 2004



Player: Katie

Appearance: Early-mid Twenties. 5'5" tall. Around 120 lbs. Long brown hair, knee length when un-braided.

Nature: Visionary

Demeanor: Child

Sire: Jack (JTR)

Birth Date: Dec 25, 1969 (Capricorn)

Derangement: Phobia (Guns)

In Play: 2006 - 2008

Theme Song(s): Lords of Acid - Out Comes the Evil


Documents of Import:

  • Never a Good Time for Children: Dylan seeks the wisdom of haruspicy yet again. [January 25, 2008] (Graphic Imagery! Trigger Warning: Animal Abuse)

  • Little Caroline: After failing to diablerize a man, Dylan turns her thoughts inward to the soul she's already consumed [February 10, 2008]

  • The Realm of Meats: [Multiple influences] Dylan's adventures on the Astral Plane [March 14-25, 2008] (Warning: Graphic Imagery!)


A.K.A.: Geoff of Bath

Player: John

Appearance: Rasa was a slender man with very little muscle tone - his body flabby and soft. Constantly disheveled and filthy, the ancient Cainite often seemed oblivious to his surroundings, chasing at unseen voices and following unheard beckonings.

Nature: Sage

Demeanor: Deviant

Sire: Seren

Derangement: Amnesia; Fugue (Rasa's "masters" had the power to make him forget events that were contrary to their desires, and in times of desperation, they could force him into unconsciousness)

In Play: 2008 - 2009

Theme Song(s): Assemblage 23 - Document


Documents of Import:


Appearance: Simon Morris was a socially awkward, dorky looking gentleman with a notoriously bad sense of fashion - often found sporting multiple belts or shoes with sandals (although all of his clothing was exceedingly expensive). he had a pronounced stutter and a troubling habit of crossing each threshhold he walked over thrice.

Nature: Bravo

Demeanor: Deviant

Derangement: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (The number 3); Phobia (Public Transportation)

In Play: 2006

Description: Simon Morris is a very powerful and important man. He knows this. He expects you to know this. Is it a joke? The answer to this question was hard to discern. Any attempt to get to know him was blatantly obscured by a combination Simon's terrible speech impediment, incredible social awkwardness, flat-out horrible taste in clothing, and the occasional interjection of obsessive-compulsive button counting or cleaning. Indeed, when Simon first arrived in the city in February of 2006, most believed his plain statements explaining, "I am a very p-p-p-powerful man", a laughing matter. However, Simon seemed to prove to the Camarilla at large in a top/down fashion that if you needed something done, Simon could do it. His contacts within the mortal world seemed almost as endless as his subtle interest in anyone's affairs. Furthermore, at least several instances in Elysium seemed to clash against his otherwise harmless, befuddled nature, when he either openly insulted those bothering him, "eh-eh-eh-excuse me, could you please sh-sh-shut the f-fuck up?" or was accused of flat-out discipline use on high ranking officers.

Whatever was up with Simon remains a mystery. He disappeared from court life as mysteriously as he entered it, and left the city for reasons unknown shortly before May 2006.


Appearance: Svetlana was seemingly Embraced in her late thirties. She was of an intimidating and dignified demeanor, and she spoke with a slight Russian accent.

Nature: Martyr

Demeanor: Visionary

In Play: 2002 - 2006

Derangement: Megalomania (Svetlana believed that it was necessary for leaders to undertake acts of great evil that they might assist in the betterment of the people, and she was all too willing to take this burden upon herself)

Theme Song(s): Momus - The Last Communist

Description: Originally from Kiev (or so she claimed) where her Sire was killed by the KGB, Svetalana Ivannova Karamazova came to New York in late 2002 seeking new opportunities in America. She proved successful, working her way up from a neonate railway attendant to Grand Harpy in a remarkably short span of time. From there, she managed to declare praxis seizure, during a span when then-Prince Bromme Friederich was absent.

Svetlana's reign was an unusual one by Camarilla standards. She reassembled the Primogen Council as such that it gave greater representation to Clans with greater numbers (briefly permitting for a span with two Toreador representatives), and was notorious for her close connections to the Followers of Set.

Her brief reign ended after she was shot into torpor and staked by her then-Sheriff Hadrian Evans. Evans had previously been incapacitated after frenzying, himself, in Elysium and attacking the Keeper Athena Alliene, and had been taken to Svetlana's room at the Chelsea for safe keeping. When Evans emerged from the room, he claimed that Svetlana had gone mad with power, and had attempted to commit the act of diablerie upon him. The Camarilla found him credible, and in the tumultuous months leading up to Evans' own Princeship, Svetlana was largely forgotten.

It wasn't until much later in 2006 that her name was mentioned again. Through any number of strange circumstances only half-whispered of, Svetlana was found - a head in a jar full of vitae. It was reported before and assembled Primogen Council that Sheriff Greer had uncovered her masquerading as a new persona, and stopped her from lending fire to Lansing's coup through desperate means.

Malkavian NPCs


Player: John

Appearance: Crispin (if you see him) is a nervous and disheveled man, who wears a wardrobe of carefully selected clothing from WalMart's from which he can track an exact record of where all fibers in the garment were manufactured.

Theme Song(s): Iron Maiden - Fear of the Dark

Derangement: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (Believing that an unseen entity exists in the gaps of reality which sought to destroy him, Crispin strove to gain as much knowledge on all topics as possible, hoping to elude the nebulous beast which hunted him)

Description: He opened his eyes and it knew. It doesn't know, because its in the things that aren't possible, that aren't known, but it felt it. Down, down inside all the cracks it's everywhere there's nowhere but nothing. When he knows, it can't go there. But he knows too much. So it seethes and it spreads. He's afraid. So he keeps his eyes open... and he tries to know much, much more.

Dr. Douglas NetchurchDR. DOUGLAS NETCHUCH

Player: Joe

Appearance: n/a

Derangement: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Description: Some might find it odd that the foremost expert in the field of Kindred pathology, hematology and neobiology is in fact a Malkavian. Those regrettably unlearned souls have obviously never met Dr. Netchurch. Although the madness of his clan certainly grips his mind, the good doctor's scientific genius is unmistakable.

Dr. Netchurch operations a cover (but quite professional, mind) facility in the Raleigh-Durham Research Triangle area, where he turns "research grants" of blood, money and volunteers into highly credible findings about vitae, ghouling, revenants and many other subjects of interest. He has recently taken to making occasional stops to New York now, as well, to help monitor and direct a large scale project being undertaken by the combined NYU and Columbia biochemistry departments.

Bio extracted from the Malkavian Clanbook. Somewhat abridged and altered, based on the non-canonical developments of UnMasqued as a game.

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Clan description from Laws of the Night.


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