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This Lore represents knowledge of the social structure, traditions and myths of Clan Gangrel. It also represents how well a character might be able to recognize the names of famous Gangrel and know the trends of the Clan within given regions.

Generally Possessed By: Gangrel, Gangrel antitribu

Potential Specializations: Cult of Veles History, Gangrel History, Gangrel/Ravnos Legends, Gangrel Paganistic Studies, Gangrel Physiology, Mariner Lore, Einherjar/Waelkyrige Lore

Sources Consulted for this List: Children of the Night [WW2023], Children of the Inquisition: Who's Who Among Vampires [WW2250], Clanbook: Gangrel [WW2052], Clanbook: Gangrel (Revised Edition) [WW2352], Giovanni Chronicles I: The Last Supper [WW2090], Giovanni Chronicles II: Blood and Fire [WW2091], Giovanni Chronicles III: The Sun Has Set [WW2096], Laws of the Night (Revised Edition) [WW5013], Libellus Sanguinis III: Wolves at the Door [WW2823], Player's Guide to the Low Clans [WW20006], Transylvania by Night [WW2808], Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised Edition) [WW2300], Wind From the East [WW2828], Wolves of the Sea [WW2820], World of Darkness: Gypsies [WW2223]


Some Notes for Outsiders: If you are utilizing this Lore page for a non-UnMasqued game, please take these changes into consideration when adapting the information here for your own chronicle:

- UnMasqued runs it's werewolves from a home brew system, rather than from Werewolf: The Apocalypse. As such, connections between werewolves and vampires are often construed differently. Clan Gangrel's relation to werewolves is naturally somewhat dissimilar, although there is still a thematic link.

Some Notes for Insiders: If you are a player of UnMasqued, or are planning to join soon, here are some things to keep in mind about UnMasqued's canon for Clan Gangrel:

- Because UnMasqued has had to adapt to PC generated plot over the years, the description of the Clan in the book New York by Night (WW2411) is not entirely accurate to the current Clan situation. Jezebelle is not featured as an UnMasqued NPC.


Lore: Gangrel x1

  • You know that the primary Gangrel Disciplines are Animalism, Fortitude and Protean, and that Protean is unique to their Clan. (LotN [Rev]: 53; VtM [Rev]: 71)

  • You know that the Gangrel have a closer connection to the Beast than most Kindred and that this manifests by the appearance of animalistic features brought on with each frenzy. (LotN [Rev]: 51; VtM [Rev]: 71)

  • You are aware that the name of the Clan's Antediluvian is often given as Ennoia, and that she is generally portrayed as a woman. (CbG [Rev]: 12-14)

  • You know that the Clan is stereotypically predisposed to a more nomadic lifestyle than most, and that they generally have slightly better luck dealing with both Lycanthropes and Romani (gypsies) than most. (CbG [Rev]: 12-14, 19; LotN [Rev]: 50-51; VtM [Rev]: 70-71)

  • You know that the Clan is renowned for it's odd manner of Embrace, whereby the newly-made childe is often abandoned for a trial period and watched from a distance. You are aware that this often leads to high numbers of Gangrel-descended Caitiff. (CbG [Rev]: 42-43)

  • You know that the Clan has recently left the Camarilla en' masse, due to some action taken by it's former Justicar, Xaviar. (CbG [Rev]: 43-44)

  • You know what a thing and an allthing (also known as Gathers) are and you know about the Gangrel tradition of storytelling.

Lore: Gangrel x2

  • You have heard a few stories about Ennoia, particularly that she had some sort of relationship or falling out with the Antediluvian of Clan Ravnos. You have also heard a few tales that connect her to the Lycanthropes and Romani. (CbG [Rev]: 12-14, 19)

  • You are aware that the combinations of bestial features Gangrel inherit are all unique to that Kindred, and you've heard of a few of the more bizarre combinations involving piscine or even insectoid features. (CbG [Rev]: 24-26)

  • You know that the Gangrel are often associated with "barbarian" nomadic peoples, particularly the Vikings and the Mongols, and that they also were bore strong ties to old Paganistic religions, especially those of Nordic and Slavic origin. (CbG [Rev]: 14-21, 51;PGttLC: 31-32 )

  • You are aware that the Path of the Feral Heart, which preaches instinctual decision-making and survival of the fittest, was allegedly developed within Clan Gangrel. (CbG [Rev]: 22; CtB: 31-35)

  • You are aware of the existence of the City Gangrel in the Sabbat, and that they have slightly different features and preferred Disciplines from the main Clan (Celerity and Obfuscate rather than Animalism and Fortitude). You have a slight inkling that other variants may exist. (CbG [Rev]: 24-25)

  • You know part of the story behind Xaviar's defection. You are aware of his rivalry with Karsh (who leads the remaining Camarilla loyal Gangrel), and that he apparently left after a rather problematic discussion with the Justicariate and Inner Council, although you have no clue what that discussion entailed. (CbG [Rev]: 43; CotI: 25-27; CotN: 67-68)

  • You know how a thing is called, and are aware that one can find a meeting by looking out for signs such as rock caerns, and listening for the word of nocturnal animals as to the event. (LS3: 13)

  • You have heard of legendary Gangrel such as: Arnulf, the great war chieftain who fought alongside many waves of the Hun invasions; and Jalan-Aajav, one of the four Seraphs of the Black Hand. (CbG [Rev]: 18-19, 22, 93; CotI: 63-65; CotN: 9-10; TbN: 69-70; WftE: 39)

Lore: Gangrel x3

  • You've heard a great deal of myths and legends about Ennoia. You know that it's been claimed that she was either the sister or lover of Ravanna (the Ravnos Antediluvian), that she birthed both the werewolves and the Romani, and that she was the daughter of Lillith. (CbG [Rev]: 12-14)

  • You've heard of the War of Omens, and you know that the Gangrel at the time allied themselves with Clan Tzimisce against the nascent Tremere. You have heard something to the effect that the Tremere-created Gargoyles bear some relation to the Clan because of this. (CbG [Rev]: 17-18)

  • You've heard something about the origins of the City Gangrel, and are aware that there were allegedly Gangrel in North America prior to the European Age of Discovery which developed different features from their European brethren. (CbG [Rev]: 24-25, 38, 50)

  • You've heard stories of the Anda, a now extinct Mongolian Gangrel bloodline that apparently attached themselves to several of Genghis Khan's expeditions. You know that they disappeared by the end of the 14th century. (CbG [Rev]: 17-19, 20, 50)

  • You've heard that there might be some connection between the Gangrel and the enigmatic Laibon of Africa, although this is hard to verify. (CbG [Rev]: 50-51)

  • You've heard rumor of a bloodline of sea-dwelling Gangrel who bear the features of fishes and aquatic animals and who possess a variations on the traditional Gangrel Disciplines that seem to facilitate their odd habitat. (CbG [Rev]: 51-52)

  • You know about the Cult of Veles, a paganistic religion worshiping the Slavic horned God, which many Gangrel once adhered to before Christianity fully came to power. You also have heard tell of obscure and supposedly Gangrel-descended Bloodlines from the Middle Ages called the Lhiannan which was ensconced in similar practices. (CbG [Rev]: 51; PGttLC: 31-32)

  • You know of the Einherjar, a group of Gangrel of Norse descent who worshiped Odin. You've also heard some stories regarding the Waelkyrige (who seem to be the all-female modern equivalent) and their activities. (CbG [Rev]: 32, 45-46, 91-92; PGttLC: 30)

  • You have heard of the Ahrimanes, a recently created Bloodline of Gangrel-esque women who lived in the Southern regions of North America, and who have seemingly disappeared over the past decade. (CbG [Rev]: 48; PGttS: 21)

  • You are aware that the Path of the Feral Heart stemmed from an early path known as the Road of the Beast and you have heard that there was a secondary philosophy that splintered off from this common root. (CtB: 31-35)

  • You know about various historical Gangrel organizations. These include: the Invicti, a martial group created to protect Kindred from human hunters during the Roman era; the Anubi, an organization created by Mark Decker to protect Kindred from Lupines; the Lupetti di Gubbio, a medieval Fransican order dedicated to controlling the Beast through piety and pacifism; the Fist, an organization of Nazi-sympathetic Gangrel; and the Knights of Avalon, an all Gangrel Knighthood founded in the Middle Ages. (CbG [Rev]: 16, 31-33, 99-100)

  • You have heard that the infamous Mothman of Point Pleasant is said to have been a rogue Gangrel, and that some fairly weird Clan members have turned up in South America. (CbG [Rev]: 36-37)

  • You know that Milov Petrenkov was the Gangrel representative amongst the founding members of the Camarilla, and that he sat on the original Inner Council. (GC1: 51-61; GC2: 17-20; GC3 15-16)

  • You know that Xaviar's departure has something to do with the myths of Gehenna and the Antediluvians, and that he is said to have uttered one ominous sentence to his fellow Justicars before leaving. You know that Karsh has vehemently denied whatever Xaviar is claiming and has since tried to sort out his remaining Archons for his own use. (CbG [Rev]: 43-44)

  • You have heard that there was an archaic superstition amongst the more Paganistic Gangrel that the various "marks of Ennoia" gained from the Clan curse shed light on the soul of the Cainite who bore them, and that having a few animal features was considered to indicate a strong "soul-beast". (PGttLC: 78-79)

  • You have heard that in older times, things (or Gathers) could take a decidedly sinister turn. You have heard of the Revel, an event in which assembled Gangrel would set upon a determined foe and hunt them unto Final Death. If you have any connections to the Sabbat, you might find it's alternate name, "The Wild Hunt" to be particularly telling. (LS3: 14; PGttLC: 31)

  • You have heard that archaic althings in Nordic regions had much stricter rules of protocol and tradition than they do today. For example, it was once held that for ever nine Cainites in attendance, a tenth would need to be appointed as judge, and that a council of up to nine judges would be called to settle interpersonal disputes. (WotS: 53)

  • You are aware that the Gangrel have been credited with embracing such historical figures as: Enkidu (KmW: 33-36)

  • You have at least heard, in passing, of famous Gangrel such as: Dr. Allen T. Woodstock, a famous researcher into Kindred physiology (particularly Discipline use); Inyanga, the former Primogen of Chicago; and Mark Decker, the current Prince of Milwaukee; and the Noah, a terrible predator who has made the Camarilla's Red List, and travels forever in the company of a strange misshapen beast. (CbG [Rev]: 92, 97-100; KmW: 33-36)

Lore: Gangrel x4

  • You've heard most of the stories regarding Ennoia. You've heard that she and Churka (yet another name for the Ravnos Antediluvian) were the twin siblings of an ancient and unknown Goddess (possibly Lillith), and that they fought a protracted battle on one journey over whom should greet their mother first, and that it was through the choosing of champions for this battle that the Gangrel and Ravnos lines were formed. According to this story it is claimed that Ennoia lost the battle when her two greatest warriors betrayed her, and was hence driven into seclusion by the onslaught of Churka. It is said that the two traitor warriors went on to found the Lhiannan and Laibon bloodlines. (CbG [Rev]: 13; LS3: 12)

  • You are aware that the Romani have their own myths regarding the Gangrel, and have heard the story of Jorsca and Lareth, a gypsy boy and a wolf who hungered for Jorsca's blood. In the story, Jorsca was able to trick Lareth into turning himself into a man and then into staying up all night puzzling over his tricks, but the youth then saved him from destruction by the sun by hiding him in his wagon. In return, Lareth vowed that his people should never prey on Jorsca's. (Gypsy: 38-39)

  • You know that the Tremere at some point performed experimentations upon Gangrel to produce the Gargoyle bloodline, and that this resulted in both a rather bloody conflict and a Gangrel alliance with the Tzimisce in the Dark Ages. (CbG [Rev]: 17-18)

  • You've heard that the City Gangrel might have had their origins in the cities of medieval Rome and Constantinople, where members of the Clan took to stalking the sewers and waterways, much like the Nosferatu. It was due to this that they eventually came to embrace the Discipline of Obfuscate rather than Fortitude. (LS3: 32)

  • You know a fair amount about the Anda and are aware that they were wiped out by Cathayan (also called Kuei Jin or Wan Kuei) forces coming out of the borderlands of China at the end of the Yuan Dynasty. You know that their curse differed from the traditional bane of the Gangrel in that they were compelled to always wander, that they were said to have strange powers known as Ma which better adapted them to raider life on the steppes, and that they claimed lineage from the earth Goddess Itügen and her children. (WotS: 42, 50-54)

  • You know that the Lhiannan were wiped out largely with the advent of Christianity, and have heard that they claimed a lineage different from other Cainites, declaring themselves to be descended from some mysterious figure known only as "The Crone." (PGttLC: 129)

  • You have heard of a Gangrel Bloodline even more obscured by history than the Lhiannan, known as the Noiad, who were rumored to have been ancient creatures that dwelt in symbiotic harmony with the Samí people of Lappland. You know that like many of the other ancient Gangrel variants, the Noaid are all presumed to be long gone. (DA-E: 151)

  • You know a fair amount about historical Einherjar culture, and are aware of the idea that the condition of becoming "afterganger" was thought of as an honor amongst them - a paradigm much in conflict with the standard guilt-inducing myth of Caine. You know that the belief was commonly held among them that they were chosen by Odin to live in Middle-gard (Earth) until they should see Ragnarok, and that many of them ruled openly amongst their human counterparts. You have heard of one such ruler known as the "All-High" who led a sizable cult of personality near Uppsala, and is said to be linked to the enigmatic modern Waelkyrige.(WotS: 42, 50-54)

  • You know that the Ahrimanes were all originally Gangrel, and that their blood was somehow transformed through a shamanic ritual. You are aware that they were unable to Embrace childer or create blood bonds, and that they allegedly had access to bizarre forms of spirit magic. (CbG [Rev]: 48)

  • You are aware of the Path of Harmony, the second Path of Enlightenment developed from the Road of the Beast. Unlike the Path of the Feral Heart, you know that it preaches a less violent manner of coexistence with the natural order. (CtB: 31-35)

  • You know that Xaviar apparently saw and confronted some being of great power which convinced him of the reality of the Antediluvians. (CbG [Rev]: 43-44)

  • You have heard that back before the fall of Rome, there was a precedent for something known as the Grand Gather, which would summon the vast majority of the Clan to one location, potentially for weeks on end. It was seldom called, as whomever was bold enough to call one would have to stand to any challenge that another Gangrel put before him, or be slain. You know that a leader at a Grand Gather could, if successful, call for a Grand Revel, which would bring down the whole wrath of the Clan on one single target. (LS3: 14)

  • You've heard of some of the fairly obscure Gangrel of note, such as: Beckett, a famed Noddist explorer/historian; Constantus, the founder of the Invicti; Fra' Bernando, the founder of the Luppetti di Gubbio; Marcus "The Egyptian" Sextus, the Sire of Inyanga, who managed to preempt Arnulf's Roman invasions by fleeing to Africa; Matasuntha, a Hunnish warlord who went on a rampage across Europe in 400 AD; and Olaf and Karl, the two Vinlanders who supposedly instigated the spread of Gangrel throughout North America around 1200 AD. (CbG [Rev]: 16, 21).

Lore: Gangrel x5

  • You've heard the full extant corpus of legends regarding Ennoia, and by extension have picked up more than a little info on the story of Lillith. You have heard rumors that Ennoia has recently resurfaced in Africa or Australia.

  • You have heard enough about the Noaid to know that they might well have been on the European continent before the modern Gangrel Bloodline proper and have heard it theorized that they may be the original line from which the Clan descends. (DA-E: 151)

  • You know a great amount about the modern Waelkyrige and their movements. You know that they are led by a Gangrel claiming the name Brunhilde, that they were apparently able to destroy a pack of Black Forest Lycanthropes back in 1999, and that they have recently sent emissaries to what remains of the Anarch Free State. You have heard that the mysterious "All-High" has in the meantime begun to awaken. (CbG [Rev]: 45-46, 91-92; WotS: 99-100)

  • You know a great deal of the history and practices of the Cult of Veles, and might even be able to reenact some of it's rituals. (PGttLC: 31-32)

  • You know that at least one Gangrel has been found who was Embraced by a Gargoyle, and that he shows no evidence of his parent bloodline. (CbG [Rev]: 38)

  • You have heard horrible stories of a creature with an eternally bleeding eye, and you are starting to get an idea of what Xaviar is afraid of. (CbG [Rev]: 95)

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