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These renegade Kindred have nearly been hunted to extinction by their Sabbat brethren. Many are relics of the Middle Ages who refused to join with the Sabbat after the fall of their Antediluvian founder. While similar in many aspects to their Sabbat counterparts, Lasombra antitribu are cunning and ruthless survivors who will stop at nothing to ensure their continued existence. Be it piracy on the high seas or controlling the stock market, they are masters of adapting to a situation to serve their needs.


Disciplines: Dominate, Obtenebration, Potence

Clan Advantage: One free dot of Church, Politics or Underworld influence. One free dot of the Bureaucracy or Finance abilities.

Clan Disadvantage: Lasombra antitribu do not appear on any reflective surface, including mirrors, water or windows, nor do they appear on black and white film. They also take an additional level of damage from exposure to sunlight.

Inactive Lasombra Antitribu PCs


Player: Faith

Appearance: Stunningly attractive and possessed of a songlike beatific voice, Sofia looked much the picture of beauty which she had been in life. Despite her youthful and gergeous visage, however, the Spanish Cainite carried herself in later years with a grave and almost hostile severity, feeling her mortal vanity to be the sin which had earned her the Embrace.

Nature: Autocrat

Demeanor: Traditionalist

Sire: Vincenté

In Play: 2003 - 2005

Theme Song(s): E Nomine - Vater Unser

Background: Sofia was born in 1734 to a moderately wealthy and somewhat influential family in Andalucía. Her father and mother were both of noble blood, but the decline of the Spanish empire due to colonization and wars with other imperial powers greatly devalued their respective estates. The only daughter in a family of six living children, was somewhat spoilt and cosseted during her childhood.

At the age of sixteen, Sofia was married to wealthy nobleman, Francisco de la Plata, for reasons of political alliance. Forty-five years older than Sofia, he had some favor with the king and often spent months at a time at court, leaving his wife at home to amuse herself with needlework and books. During the brief period of her marriage, she was relatively unknown to the aristocracy due to her youth and relative seclusion, despite her intelligence and beauty that had marked her as such a young bride.

When Fransisco was brutally murdered by political rivals in the capital six years later, however, young Sofia found herself pushed to the forefront of aristocratic society. At the age of twenty-two, she was left either to return a widow to her father's house to live the rest of her days under his thumb, or to go to a convent and devote the rest of her life to religious study. Despite strong religious convictions, Sofia chose to do neither and instead began to manage her late husband's estate under the tutelage of his advisers. Gradually, she became a major player in the political scene of Spain - known for her almost un-feminine control of politics, her great beauty, and her piety under the church. She had not a few suitors hoping to gain from her wealth and influence, but refused to marry on the basis of her widowhood, claiming that any remarriage would be a violation of her vows and against God's laws.

Her unique influence amongst mortals did not go unnoticed by the politically minded undead, and some six years after her husband's death, she was Embraced by a Lasombra of the courts of Cadiz, who hoped that she would use her money and church influence for the good of the Clan. While shocked and saddened over her fallen state, the young woman eventually came to see the curse of Caine as a means to demonstrate her faith in adversity and to prove her worth to God in a degenerate world.

After a few centuries of relative peace, a Sabbat attack shook the normally stable Domain of Cordoba in which Sofia was staying - and only she, her Sire, and the two other antitribu managed to escape the city alive. Following this crisis, the four Lasombra decided it best to flee to the United States and to there part ways - and Sofia would thus come to find herself in the courts of New York in the early fall of 2003.

As a PC Sofia arrived in New York with little knowledge of English or the modern world. Far from finding a safe haven from the terrors she had faced in Spain, the ancillae found a Domain wracked with instability, and watched the tumlult of three successive praxes unfolded as the throne passed from Prince Frederich to Svetlana Karamazova to Joven Verditus. After receiving multiple death-threats from the New York Sabbat, the deeply shaken woman was desperate for allies. Sean O' Keegan, a Brujah atheist brought back to Catholicism by Sofia, was facing troubles of his own at the time, and when the enigmatic Amadeo Giovanni stepped in to offer his assistance, Sofia seemed willing to broker some manner of deal with him on her friend's behalf. The worldly Grand Harpy Triphaenea, however, recognized the sadistic nature of the self-proclaimed "Don," and arranged to have Sofia transported to London before she owed any serious favors to either Clan Giovanni or to Amadeo himself.

In London, the delicate Lasombra met Amelia Piccoli Rossi -another antitribu-, who endeavored to assist her in overcoming the great fear she held within herself. Eventually, after meeting with mentors provided through her new ally, the timorous woman found strength in the tenets of the Road of Heaven. Her spirit uplifted by her year in London, Sofia became determined to return to New York, steeled to face the Sabbat therein, and eager to prove her mettle before God by teaching the lost and corrupt Camarilla of His Divine Grace. While secretly giving her fealty to the so-called "New Camarilla" of New Jersey (which sought to defeat the Sword of Caine even at the cost of the Masquerade) the deeply driven woman began to garner status with the coldly rational Prince Evans who now reigned over New York, ascending to the post of Harpy within a few months of her return, and eventually rising to hold the seat of Seneschal.

Once more a participant in the political area, Sofia used her newfound power not only to attempt to win new converts to her faith, but also to persecute the distinctly heathen Clan of Serpents, whose worship of "idols and daemons" repulsed her. Despite Evans' personal alliances with the Followers of Set, Sofia did her utmost to ruin their hold on both mortal and immortal institutions, and eventually came to the decision that their seeming ringleader, Jim Sirius, must die. Drafting the newly pious William Lansing, and the paranoid Lillian Greer into her service, the morose Lasombra engineered a successful plot to have Sirius slain at the hands of Catholic hunters.

But a few nights after this victory, however, the Sabbat launched a massive attack against the New York Camarilla. A neonate Lasombra, known as Ronny Cenci, had seemingly defected to the Camarilla several months prior, masquerading with Evans' permission as a Nosferatu under the name Brad Walsh. Unbenownst to the Prince and his court, however, Cenci had maintained his ties to the Sword of Caine, and had used his knowledge of the Ivory Tower's Elysium to assist his packmates in orchestrating a police-assisted strike on the building in the late spring of 2005. While Sofia did her utmost to convey the Prince and the Toreador Keeper to safety, the Sabbat's agents eventually found and captured the trio - and only Evans would ultimately escape their grip. Sofia perished at the hands of the raiding party.


Player: Camille

Appearance: Molly was a classically beautiful woman Embraced in the full bloom of her youth. She often dressed the part of a respectable ancillae despite her young age, although her waist length hair was often left unbound. Often the picture of courtly decorum, the young Lasombra nevertheless had a witty sense of humor and a great love of the arts, although few in the Camarilla were ever witness to this side of her personality

Nature: Celebrant

Demeanor: Traditionalist

Sire: Julia Auldington

In Play: 2008 - 2010

Background: Molly's background is extraordinarily unique amongst the children of Caine, as the woman was raised from her earliest years amongst vampirekind in the hopes of her Embrace. Her "parents" were two elders - a Camarilla-affiliated Lasombra and a Toreador whose sought to consumate their love through the creation of mortal children - a process which entailed raising mortal infants until they reached maturity and Embracing them through a cup of their shared blood.

Growing up under the care of Jean and Julia Auldington, Molly was raised on a rural estate, where she spent her entire mortal existence in the shadow of vampiric elder culture. A pampered and often spoiled girl, the young Molly was encouraged to cultivate an attitude towards immortality, and would be gifted with the Embrace at the age of twenty three before being debuted at various events throughout the upper echelons of Kindred society.

A few years after her Acknowledgment, Molly's "mother" Julia would be slain - a victim of one of the numerous progeny whom she had Embraced to serve as spies within the Sabbat. After her death at the hands of one of her childer known as Mora, Julia's paramour and extended coterie would declare collective vengeance on the Sword of Caine, throwing in their allegiance of Justicar Paschek as they worked relentlessly to bring about the downfall of the sect. Molly, although a neonate, was eager to take part in the endeavor, and would be assigned by Jean to New York city - with orders that she was to do her utmost to keep it from once more falling into the hands of the Sabbat

As a PC: Molly would come to New York and quickly be rather shocked by the state of affairs there as she saw how tenuous a grip the small band of Camarilla neonates had on the huge Domain. Mistaken often for a Kindred of far older years, Molly would come to hold a position of prominence in Eugene Wright's court, briefly ascending to the position of Grand Harpy before a faux pas cause her to relinquish the office. Despite lacking offical standing, the shrewd Lasombra would become fast friends with the Prince, and would come to cultivate a number of powerful relationships with the high ranking members of Camarilla... and strangely enough with the notables of Anarch society.

After Wright's eventual leave-taking, the city would fall into chaos following the discovery of FBI surveillance of Elysium. Molly, still determined to follow her father's commands, would do her utmost to undermine the government hunter cell which was targeting vampiric activity - calling in numerous favors from her Jean's associates in the D.C. area. As the Camarilla grew increasingly unstable, the young Cainite would come to the decision that it was preferable to let New York stand as an Anarch territory rather than allowing it to fall to the Sabbat, and while she would withdraw from the Domain to attend to the issue of the federal investigation - it seemed not unlikely that the intrepid Lasombra would eventually return to the Domain to support the barony that grew to prominence there.


  • Molly would be one of the few Kindred privy to Wright's relationship with the Ravnos Pisces, and would hear the story of their romance as the weary Brujah made the decision to leave New York in search of his paramour.

  • Molly would form a close friendship with the Malkavian Anarch Cassandra - particularly empathizing with her secondary personality, "Columna," who like her had never known a purely human existence. When the neonate appeared to have been killed by the Setite magician, Alan Scott, Molly would swear vengeance on her behalf, and would prioritize seeking the death of the Follower of Set once her struggles with the FBI were ended.

Documents of Import:

Lasombra Antitribu NPCs


A.K.A: Emile

Player: LG

Appearance: Amelia was a petite blonde woman with a soft demeanor, who came off as quiet and unassuming at first glance.

Theme Song(s): GROOVE COVERAGE - Moonlight Shadow

As an NPC: Amelia Piccoli Rossi was something of an enigma to the political circles of the Camarilla. She maintained a considerable amount of sway, given her Clan, and was known to have deep connections throughout Europe amongst her fellow antitribu throughout France, Spain and Italy. Despite the eventual defection of her only known child, Donatello Cenci, Amelia was a stalwart supporter of the Ivory Tower, and would be responsible for assisting numerous clanmates in surivivng a world hostile to Lasombra of their sectarian allegiance.

A mentor to New York Harpy Sofia Castañuelas de la Plata, Amelia would come to make the acquaintance of Prince Hadrian Evans through her protégé, and would agree to teach the young Malkavian the arts of Obtenebration in exchange for various Boons. After Evans' eventual abdication and assignment to Montreal, however, the former Prince's political enemies would make much of the neccesitated blood oath between the two Kindred - which would attract the attention of the Les Amies Noir to the antitribu in the nights following the Canadian city's fall. Desperate to avoid assassination, Amelia would demand that Evans reinforce his bond to her, and would long travel in the Malkavian's company in the hopes that the tenacious Cainite could protect her. Several years would elapse in which Evans and Amelia traveled widely, hoping to evade the clutches of those who hunted them both.

They would eventually end their long sojourn in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where what appeared to be their mingled ashes were found by a Sheriff's crew - scattered across a battle site in the Neptune Theatre. Bojan Petrov, a Brujah long known for his undying hatred of Evans over the deaths of numerous parties in New York (including his reputed paramour), would be found a short distance from the scene. The neonate's subsequent trial by Conclave was less than satisfactory for all involved, as the man was technically found innocent by means of an ordeal which left him dead.

No inquiry, however, was ever seriously considered regarding anyone aside from Petrov being responsible for Amelia's death, regardless of what the Ivory Tower's "official" stance on the case might be.


  • Amelia had, in fact, rewritten Petrov's memories of his battle with Evans such as that the neonate remembered killing them both, and would attempt to begin anew with her thrall after ensuring that the world would beleive them dead. However, due to Evans' past history with the Followers of Set, Amelia would find herself the unwitting target of the sorcerer Helgiormir, and would be killed through his use of Akhu in the hopes of hurting the Malkavian.

Documents of Import:

  • Halifax: Hadrian Evans: a narrative of the events leading to Evans' battle with Helgiorimir; includes the story of Amelia's death.

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