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Like the bestial vampires of legend, the Gangrel antitribu display the Sabbat's animalistic side. Whether the predatory City Gangrel or the untamed Country Gangrel, Sabbat Gangrel are tireless hunters whose skill in the pursuit of prey knows no peer. Like animals, they are consummate stalkers, reveling in the thrill of the hunt and gorging themselves on the blood of their victims.

NOTE: The Gangrel antitribu are no longer a playable Clan in UnMasqued.


Disciplines: Animalism, Fortitude, Protean (Country Gangrel), Celerity, Obfuscate, Protean (Country Gangrel)

Clan Advantage: One free dot of the Animal Ken and Survival abilities.

Clan Disadvantage: Animalistic Features. For every instance of Frenzy a Gangrel antitribu undergoes, they gain one animalistic feature and a Negative Social Trait (Bestial, Feral or Repugnant). No more than five Negative Traits may be gained in such a fashion.

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If you played a Gangrel antitribu in UnMasqued and wish to contribute your character's bio for this site, e-mail the ominous LG at theominouslg AT unmasqued DOM com

The portraits above were created by LG. They understandably look nothing like the players of the characters, and do their best to represent the general vibe the artist gets from the PCs in question. If you play one of these characters and are dissatisfied/ecstatically happy/homicidally disgusted with the portrait, feel free to email me at the address above and let me know.

Clan description from Laws of the Night: Sabbat Guide.


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