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Stefan's Dream: Shared Fruit

May 11, 2007

You are standing in a field, with your [soon to be ghoul]. She is holding a sword shaped like a serpent's tongue and wearing an eye patch. He features seem stoic and stoney as she looks over you.

You put an apple on you head and gesture for her, closing your eyes. She strikes, cutting the apple neatly in half and landing the sword part way through your head, into a strangely familiar and painless part of your brain.

As the juice of the apple mingles with your blood it turns milky white and takes on the scent of jasmine.

She picks the two halves of the apple and give one half to you, gesturing for you to eat it. You look down and see a tiny throbbing heart within the fruit. A wind starts to blow across the field and you feel very content.

You wake up.

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