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Samantha's Dream: Take My Beard

April 27, 2007

You are standing knee deep at the bottom of a well. At the top of the well you can spy a strange dual sky, with the sun and daytime sky covering half of the firmament, and the moon and stars covering the other half. An old man calls down to you from above. From where you are you can see he has a staff and a lantern.

"Don't worry! You can take my beard!"

He starts to unwind his beard, which is of a massive length and lowers it down to you bit by bit, allowing you to climb up it. When you get to the surface, you see that there is a wall made out of books running alongside the well - separating the half of the world that is in night from the half of the world that is in day.

"Don't cross the line," the man cautions, "They did before." He rolls up his beard as he speak and throws it over his shoulder.

You look out over the divided earth and see a young couple running across the nightlands - a young handsome boy wearing khakis and a black shirt, and a young beautiful woman wearing ragged and blood stained clothing. The woman carries a branch of an apple tree with a serpent running down it.

As the man vaults the wall, overturning a few books; the woman trips; and the snake bites her in the wrist. She cries and falls, and the man runs back after her - only to find that she has crumbled to dust.

The old man bows his head and sets down his lantern. The wall of books crumbles and every scrap of life and greenery on both sides of the world crumbles with it. The sky becomes a unified dull grey.

The man sinks to his knees and starts to cry.


You wake up.

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