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Roske's Dream: Heart With a Face

May 11, 2007

You are sitting on a red roofed church balcony overlooking a seemingly European countryside. Natalia is pulling the wings off of small insects and sorting the wings and body parts into heaps. She smirks as she looks at you.

Christian Barnett, dressed in turn of the century garb, is smoking a pipe and teasing your kitten by dangling a piece of hemlock in front of it.

Natalka starts singing something in a language you can't understand. You suddenly remember who she is, and dive toward her, a knife in hand.

She falls over and you stab her in the throat, stopping her song. You tear your fingers into her flesh, attempting to find her heart that you might stake her.

You pull apart her ribs and find the heart underneath. It bursts open like a rotten fruit in your hands.

Inside is Vasyl's face, bloody and forlorn looking.

Your kitten starts to hiss venomously and it begins to rain. As you turn to look at Barnett he make a strange hand gesture.

A shock of pain suddenly overtakes your body as Vasyl's face bites off your index finger.

You wake up to find that the kitten has started nibbling at your hand.

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