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Robert's Dream: Rusalki

October 12, 2007

You are walking down a packed dirt path alongside a lake. Three women are standing nude by the water, each holding a mixing bowl of brandy. As you walk past them, you realize that their backsides are a mangled mess of fish-scales, spines, and feathers. They do not stir or stop to observe you as you pass.

The path terminates on the edge of the lake, and without much second thought you continue walking over its surface. You seem unsurprised as your footfalls don't make any impression in the water, and leave nothing save for the discordant sound of a whimpering animal, as if the water is distressed by your walking upon it. You try to start to walk back and you find that you are alone on a vast ocean now, with no land in sight. The skies seem to sigh as it begins to rain.

You stoop down to look beneath the surface of the water and you see a girl, dressed in a short red party dress, her bobbed hair floating in the cold water. As you reach out to touch her face, her body burns and disintegrates into an inky black foam. She looks profoundly sad as she melts into the liquid around her, and you cannot tell whether or not she's crying.

The black foam writhes and twists in a circle around you, and you watch it glide and turn, changing into a black snake that wraps around your hand. It does not bite you.

You look down to the water and see that your reflection is not your own. The figure mirrored below is a somber man, wearing an impeccably ironed suit and a pair of sunglasses. His mouth is turned down a bit in a frown as he looks at the reflected serpent coiled around his hand.

You are so focused him that you do not notice yourself start to sink below the waves, as the serpent grows heavier and heavier. As the water surrounds you, you feel a sense of inevitability, and you know that you cannot let go.

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