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Morryn's Dream: Baby Fruit

April 27, 2007 [Nightmares Flaw]

You are sitting beneath an orange tree with Jorge, who is wearing white for the first time you can recall. He carries a bundle of something in his lap and is talking to you about the nature of damnation, reading from the book of Ecclesiastes.

You cannot seem to make out any of his words when you focus on them, and they seem to blur in and out and evade your comprehension. He looks at you softly and brushes your hair back - smiling. The tear drawn on his face solidifies, turns real, and falls down his cheek.

He hands you an orange to eat at the end of the lesson, and you peel it and begin to bite into its flesh. As you do you hit several seeds. Upon spitting them out you find that they are all tiny little teeth. You reach up to your mouth and realize that the juice from the orange is blood.

He looks grave and hands you another. You split it open to find no fruit but a tiny little infant's hand inside.

He hands you a third. As you start to peel it you are confronted with a tiny laughing face, as you reveal an infant's miniaturized head underneath the skin. Its face looks familiar.

You drop the fruit and Jorge turns away from you. He slams a hand into the tree and its entire crop falls from it - spattering to the ground and staining it with blood.

The sky goes bright and you can hear the shriek of sirens as he walks away from you.

You are blinded as you feel a series of hands begin to grab you.

You wake up.

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