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Layla's Dream: Old Friends and Hopeless Quests

May 11, 2007

You are in a totally empty whitewashed room. Your father is tapping his fingers on a glass desk, as you sit before him, blushing and mortal. He tells you he is upset.

He hands you a white flower and tells you to swallow it. You obey and you find yourself shrunk down to the size of a doll. You see Bellamont walking to the room, not noticing you and shaking hands with your father. They laugh and share cigars.

You scream at them, feeling hurt and betrayed. You scream so hard that the desk shatters and Bellamont cuts open his hand. Ten white mice come to lap up the blood, as they do they turn to great white wolves and tear the two men apart.

The floor gives way into quicksand beneath you and you find yourself int he center of a vast desert. Fjodor is here, smiling calmly.

"Death has no power over anything in the world unless the dead will it so."

He speaks calmly and succinctly, and you can see the remains of you pack - alive and well, burrowing their way out of the dead white sand.

A golden bird flies overhead and drops three feathers. Fjodor picks them up and gives them to you. He then touches you on the forehead and tells you to start on ahead. You look at the feathers, and you see them to be a sword, a stake and a tiger lily.

The air very still, and you can see de Polonia sitting, dressed like a hermit on a rock. He raises his hand to wave to you and you cut it off with the sword. He starts to speak, and you pierce his heart with the stake. Then he fades away.

Something dark overshadows you from behind. You cannot quite see it. But you suddenly feel very cold, as if you'd just realized how long it was since your skin was warm.

You break the tiger lily in your hand, and stand calm and unmoving as it bursts into flames and engulfs you.

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