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Kaya's Dream: The Black Garden

April 27, 2007 [Nightmares Flaw]

You are lying hidden beneath a great outcropping of stone marked with strange runes. It's very misty and surreal wherever you are, and you are frightened that you do not remember where you are or how you got here. There is the clatter of hoof beats in the distance - and you hazily realize you're in a thicket of some sort.

You see Ja riding on a gigantic black stallion through the brambles - three bundles laid over the side of the animal. He does not see you, and you try to call out to him - but find that you have no voice. A murder of crows rises up from the distance, screeches, starts to fly away and promptly turns to grape shot - falling back down to earth.

Ja brings the horse to a stand still and snatches down the first bundle. Inside it is your mother, albeit in miniature. He lays her on a stone and she kneels down and starts to weep. he unpacks the next bundle - which is you father and lays him by her side. He is asleep, and his thumbs and neck are string with barbed wire.

He seize your mother and rips her dress of with his teeth and begins to pin her to the stone with large thorns from a nearby plant with star shaped red flowers. The thorns piece the rock as easily as her flesh.

He then proceeds to rape her as she struggles. Her body is only a little bigger than an infant's and she convulses horribly as she is penetrated and her body is distended. She vomits a mixture of flesh and blood as he impales her - as he climaxes, her grabs a rock from the ground and smashes out her teeth - which clatter to the ground below. He groans and withdraws from her - leaving her deflated and mangled. She no longer struggles.

You attempt to scream - still no sound comes out.

He gathers the teeth and takes your father by the neck - pulling the wire around it suddenly and severing his head. He then kicks the earth and begins to poke small holes into it - in which he plants the teeth of your mother. He holds your father's corpse as he would a wineskin and black blood pours down from his neck - watering the ground.

You attempt to scream again - a black serpent falls down from your lips and slithers toward Ja. He turns his eyes briefly in you direction. You watch as strange powdery white plants start to writhe from where the teeth have been sown.

Ja starts to unload the third bundle and you think to scream to him again. This time your voice is audible - full and loud. You shout for half a second before a hand clasps your mouth shut and pins you back

You turn to see Evans, looking at you coldly yet curiously as he restrains you. His mouth is wet with fresh blood.

Ja drops the last bundle and rushes toward you howling - with each step he takes he grows in size and changes in shape - until he is a great black lion charging it you with its fangs bared.

Evans lets you go and dodges out of the way as the lion crashes down upon you. As you struggle, you see Evans on the ground near you looking dazed as he examines his palm.

Your mouth has somehow transferred to his hand.

It screams horrifically as you are torn apart.

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