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Jay's Dream: Bullet

February 29, 2008

BAM! You exit the barrel of the gun, racing through the air. Around you, time seems to slow down - you can make out particular details of the scenery: outside, at night, dark alleyway, orange sodium light in the distance, flickering close fluorescent light, shadows dancing in the background. You take a glimpse behind you - a man stands there - he appears to have two heads which are covered by masks, the comedy and tragedy masks - he is holding a pistol of some sort - the gun is still smoking.

All of a sudden, time races forward, and you plummet into flesh and bone and blood. They scatter in the sky behind you as you continue tunneling through, into the lungs, before you exit the other end, leaving a faint ray of light behind you before the blood quickly fills the gap. You fall to the ground, clattering. You see nothing.

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