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Gorski's Dream: Birdman

October 12, 2007

You are walking in a garden, covered in blooming purple and white flowers that you don't recognize. Everything, however, is suspiciously odorless, and you check the plants to see if they are artificial. They don't seem to be, but a leaf you check exudes a thick, red, blood-like sap as it's broken. After a bit of walking you come to an upraised stone circle in the middle of your path. You stop.

Two figures are there. One is a cloaked figure wearing a mask in the shape of a bird's head. He stands above the kneeling and naked form of Sam McCoy, who dares not look up at either you nor him.

The birdman, however, turns to you as you approach, and with a dismissive gesture snaps his fingers at you and hisses.

"Et tu brute."

With that you feel yourself transformed, and from somewhere beyond your body, you can see that you are no longer a man, but rather a great black dog. You are suddenly seized with a great and terrible urge to kill and devour McCoy as he sits unmoving before you, and you charge to attack him. As you tear asunder his flesh, McCoy fall immediately unconscious, and the birdman collapses into nothing but his cloak and mask.

You bay, maddened. With your mouth foaming with gore and as you do every flower in the garden blooms at once, revealing a tiny unblinking eye in the center of each blossom.

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