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Gorski's Dream: A Unicorn Egg

March 16, 2007

You are in a giant meat locker, with hooks suspended from the ceiling. On them hang entrails made of clockwork, with springs and gears still sputtering as they try to move. The floor is covered in tiny lenses and bits of wire. As you move through the locker, the strands of mechanical parts get thicker, and all of them seem to be moving in a constant and dizzying array. You get the impression that they are all part of one giant machine.

Even more disconcerting is that, as you progress, pieces of flesh, bone and human eyes seem to work their way into the material which occasionally blinks or bleeds at you.

You get to what you must assume is the heart of the machine, where are the pieces of living machine seem to converge. There you see Maximilion (the funny little man who was scribbling on a napkin during the Clan meeting) working at a giant and confusing lump of gears, whirligigs, eyes, blood, gears and widgets. He doesn't acknowledge you.

Suddenly, the "lump" cracks open like a giant egg, and a unicorn, made entirely out of steel and brass emerges, wet with oil and blood. It stumbles uneasily out of its cocoon and walks past you, eventually stopping to rest it's head in the lap of the blood spattered pale woman from your previous dreams who is sitting nearby. This time she is not spattered in blood, nor horrific looking, but seems to be a normal looking woman. She wears black gloves and her hair is put up.

She looks confused, but pets the unicorn cautiously. Maximilion turns to you.

"Somebody used to call me Max..."

He trails off.

You wake up.

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