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Dylan's Dream: Make You Beautiful

February 15, 2007

The apartment is cold at night, especially on the rooftop. You tie your rope - which you realize now, is made of snakes - to a pole somewhere, and begin your rappel down between the buildings. As you descend deeper and deeper, the sides of the buildings shift from glass to dirt panels. As you continue to descend, you can see monuments and statues of what you can only assume are dead monarchs. A panel shifts next to one of them, and you peer into it momentarily. At the bottom of the pit is a large monument to something - an obelisk, perhaps, but you can't quite make it out. Suddenly, a panel shifts, and dark somethings begin to erupt from the gap. They fill your vision until you can see nothing but black anymore - until you realize that one of them has wrapped itself around your arms, holding you in place. The snakes begin to pile together in the air, forming a massive black blob of them, slowly gaining humanoid shape. You can only barely see their form from the edge of your vision. "I'm going to make you beautiful," it whispers, as you realize that one of its limbs has become razor-sharp, plunging deep into your chest, the pain resonating within your mind so deeply and sharply that you scream.

You awaken, checking to make sure all of your bones are still okay. They are.

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