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Dylan's Dream: Blooderflies

May 11, 2007

You are falling through a deep pool of white sea foam. It smells of camphor and dulls all of your other senses. You can feel hands grasping your body occasionally as you float within it.

You are pierced by a deep and painful coldness as you descend deeper and deeper. Eventually, you emerge on the other side of a vast black lake with the foam clinging to your body like tar. The world around you looks just like New York, only all of the buildings, instead of being made of steel are made of the saponified grave fat of corpses cut up like so much marbled meat.

You see a swarm of blood red butterflies descending from the moon. They all whisper to you with Kaya's voice.

"Beware! Beware! Layla... Beware!"

As they speak, the morass of black liquid starts to grow tendrils and thorn like vines. You can hear a German opera aria as it tries to envelop you. It snicks the butterflies in twain one by one.

As you get caught up in the mass of tentacles and liquid you can seem Layla's corpse, caught like a piece of drift wood in the sea of coldness. You start to go numb as you awaken, and you feel chilled when you get up.

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