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Auberon's Dream: Revenge Fantasy

May 11, 2007

Adelle is holding you closely. She is dressed in a nun's habit and smells of lillacs. She looks up, smiles, and tells you that you are having a dream.

"Something very curious seems to have befallen you... or is about to befall you," She says soft, "I hope you don't mind the intrusion, but I'd like to help you sort it out."

She takes out a blindfold, and binds your eyes fast with it. She gives you a wand and spins you around three times, kissing you once on the forehead each time.

When you take the blindfold off you find yourself in a strip mall arcade. Hadrian Evans is playing a bout of some sort of duck-hunt-esque game next to you - save that he is shooting doves instead of ducks with his imaginary gun. He turns disdainfully to regard you.

"I know what regret is."

You reach out your hands to strangle him and he does not resist as you do so. As your fingers tighten around his neck, you are overwhelmed by the exhilaration of the Kiss.

He collapses as the sensation reaches its climax and falls into a strange mummy of torn greasy old papers. You look up at the mall arcade and find that you are alone on top of a high hill. Lynn is sitting in a blue silk dress on the nearby grass.

As you approach her, she reaches out to kiss you with fervor and then starts to cry.

"The dogwood tree died today."

She holds up a mirror to your face and you can see the dead tree behind you. More strikingly, you can see an inverted cross on your forehead where Adelle kissed you. Lynn pushes you to the ground with her embrace and rolls over, gazing sadly up as the stars.

You see Adelle sitting on the corner of the moon. She speak sadly.

"Sorry. I don't think I helped."

You wake up. You feel a somewhat heavy coldness to your limbs.

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