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Ash' Dream: Russian Roulette

May 11, 2007

You have strange dreams before waking.

You are meeting in a seedy disreputable club with Slimey Pete. Alongside him is that dame-in-the-red-dress-you-had-a-fling-with-who-is-dead. A stunningly beautiful blond girl, dressed in medieval fantasy clothing is draped on his other arm.

Slimey Pete winks at you and says:

"Ash. I'll make you deal, how about? I tell you now the world works again and you can remember this one time."

"One condition."

He nods and slides you a revolver.

"Little game of Russian roulette."

The two girls girl and pet Pete's hair as he says this. You nod solemnly.

You take out a bullet, put it in the chamber, and spin. You place the barrel to your head and reach for the trigger.

Pete nods back.

You turn the gun suddenly toward him and fire. Lucky you! A bullet was in the chamber.

The girls keep laughing as Pete dies.

You feel good.


You wake up refreshed and bright eyed.

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