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Ferguson's Gift

October 26, 2007

Childe of mine,

Forgive my lack of attention to you, boy. I am remiss in not having contacted you earlier.

Congratulations on your post within New York. It is pleasing to know that the line of Fergus has become gifted enough to participate in civic affairs, and while I think little of such politics, it is good to see that you have at last found something to which you might apply yourself.

In any event, it has come to our attention that you and the childe of Aurelius have sought to bury the feud of your fathers. I cannot help but express admiration toward the goal, and as such, surprising as it may be, I shall seek now to emulate your example. The scars of the past have certainly had enough centuries to scab over.

To this end, I am sending you (and to some extent Auberon) a gift - which I would like forwarded to my former rival with all due speed. I felt that the gesture of having the younger generation offer it up would be most appropriate to the circumstances, seeing as how you two are to lead us to peace by the example you have set forth.

If you are curious as to the contents of the box, I will allay your curiosity - for I must emphasize that at all costs the artifact within must not be tampered with. You see, some months ago, your own Regent Jones came to Vienna and told a strange tell regarding one of the former denizens of your Domain, spreading fantastic rumors that a flesh and blood Cainite had been left in the form of an airy spirit after her death, and that the planes which it now traversed placed it in the realm of the astral. It was hard to swallow, of course, but the community of magi naturally took interest in such a phenomenon. Aurelius himself backed an expedition to have it caught earlier, although it met with little success.

I, however, am more experienced in such matters than poor old Aurelius, whose domain was always one of alchemy rather than ether - and through my expertise, have managed to capture this self-same sprite, and bind it. It's a remarkably potent one, all things considered, and while I can't comment definitively as to it's origins, the thing in question has a quaint almost human quality to some of it's thoughts. It is exceedingly dangerous when treated improperly, although I must confess that I've much enjoyed the challenge of breaking such an high-spirited ephemera.

I send it unto House Xerices that Aurelius might have such a bauble as he sought back in February, although I worry he'll be quite bitter if he receives it once I've already published anything on the matter of it's capture (as I intend to do shortly). You should not delay in sending it, therefore, lest you cause my gesture to be mistaken for one of spite. It is my hope that we shall soon find a place for truce between the long crossed houses of Fergus and Xerices, presuming that Aurelius remains a reasonable man.

My injunction that you do this is not a request. I thank you in advance.

Your maker and master,

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