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Letter from Cassandra Asano Regarding the Death of Cameron Bennett

October 25, 2007

You receive a nice handwritten letter on expensive stationary. It's been rush delivered from Paris. The hand writing is a little hurried and the envelope is sealed with red wax, bearing the stamp of a rose.

Dearest Prince Rogerson,

My deepest apologies that I didn't just call you and relay the matter I'm relating below to you in more personal terms, but my phone is on the fritz, and as I'm not certain as to how far afoot you are regarding the political situation in Paris, I think it most proper that I ought communicate the state of things to you in some form. You see, I didn't want you and your court to have to work any longer in sending us a reply on Mssr. Bennett only to have the fruits of your effort wasted. The man is dead and the case over.

As he was a former menace both to your Domain and your (cough) *esteemed* Senechal Mr. Jones, I thought it best for you naturally to hear the matters relating to his demise. He was found along the Parisian Rack by Scourge Achille a few evenings ago, you see, and naturally the fiend was recognized. Although Achille was laid out poorly for it, enough of a ruckus was started to cause a small clique of the Marshal's Brujah to move into the area, and that apparently was that. The man went down fighting. It was a sad thing really. Not "sad" in that I found the passing of him to be overly mournful, mind you, but rather that his flight from this world was so disappointingly pathetic when compared to the content of his life. I'd not imagine that a man whose name was passed through the lips of Justicars should come to such an end - beaten to death in an alleyway like an animal.

If it brings you any comfort to know of the matter, there you have it. I can say he was quite a nuisance in the city for the weeks prior. He caused no shortage of disturbance among the mortals of the Domain and without a doubt can be held responsible for the deaths of at least five of them and for poor Achille's torpor.

However, I shouldn't be so callous. He made an genuine impact on some, as I'm sure you know. This, alas, brings me to the tragic part of this missive - a death not to be unmourned, from what I can tell.

You see, his paramour, if you recall her, a silly little chit of a girl, she took a twilight leap into a canal. I don't know if she has friends in New York, or if any of her Clan would remember her there - Her Sire in Chicago is apparently disavowing knowledge of her name or some such nonsense as we speak.

The scene was apparently a maudlin one from what I hear. An early working gondolier reported to the Nouvel Observateur that he saw something burning on the water and looking closer found a singed black dress and a sad sodden little note on the back of an envelope reading "I'm sorry." It's horrible melodrama all around - but c'est la mort, if you'll pardon my turn of phrase. The tabloids have been all over it.

Naturally this isn't the only impact that's been made, especially if you run in my "circles," I'm sure that you must have an inkling that you-know-who is going to come up in all of this, poor woman. I don't envy the position of her or her Clan.

There's little that can be done though.

In any event, I'm sorry to bring such morbid tidings to your doorstep and all, and I'm very very sorry again that I didn't call. I miss New York to be truthful, and Paris is frankly getting boring. Mayhap I'll stop back some night to say hello?

If not, then please send my regards to Bojan and Roske and Jones and Auberon and whoever else still remains who hasn't been killed or gone missing, and feel free to take as much of my regards as you want for yourself, your highness. I hold you in the highest of them.

Til next we meet,

Cassandra Asano

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