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Molly Brings Her Father News of the Incursions of the Federal Hunters #1

January 25, 2010

Dearest Father,

Months ago I had brought to your attention the possibility of a potentially rather serious masquerade breach brewing in New York. I write regretfully to inform you that this situation has only magnified (dare I say exploded) since we last spoke. As I hope you were able to gather from my brief message before that Nikolaus has ordered all Kindred to vacate New York in order to preserve the Masquerade against the egregious breach. The FBI had, by the end, had access to the security cameras inside Elysium and could track every camarilla kindred whom had attended Elysium. It was a disaster. This is what I know:

I first became aware of this situation in regards to the attack on the Settite Halgoramier by parties which have yet to be fully identified (as the party whom it appeared to be is known dead – leading me to suspect a Tzmecie or one with impressive illusionary gifts). The conflict which occurred had apparently escalated to such an extent that kine authorities became involved, including some individuals from the FBI.

At this time, in what I believe was a misguided attempt to neutralize the situation, the Scourge Mr. Haldor became involved. I can only repeat what I have been informed of on this matter: If allegations are correct, Mr. Haldor fairly unsubtly used Tremere gifts to set ablaze several vehicles under the guise of merely using explosives, resulting in the deaths of several FBI agents. I have also heard (though not confirmed) that he was seen (at this time or some other, I do not know) bounding from building to building in what was later ‘covered up’ as an imitation of 'Sabertooth' from some sort of popular film. That these events occurred I can be fairly confident in – in regards to what extent they constitute a breach of the Masquerade I cannot be certain. Was Mr. Haldor sufficiently subtle as to make the use of explosives a suitable cover for his use of powers? Was the cover-up in terms of a film promotion successful? Insinuations I have heard indicate that many lean toward the contrary – but then as scourge in a city so rife with independents and anarchs Mr. Haldor has also not always been the most endearing of figures, so determining how damning this all is would entail considerable additional investigation.

It seems however that even if one assumes that Mr. Haldor's behavior was less egregious than rumors may indicate he still managed to capture quite a wellspring of Federal attention (as maiming FBI members is wont to do). I cannot say if what turned this from merely a criminal investigation to a supernatural one was some error of Mr. Haldors stemming from inappropriate use of Blood or some predisposition the agents may have had to come to unusual conclusions (this did all occur outside the haven of a Settite Sorcerer, in New York which has already had such horrific breaches as the ‘Lucasta’ incident) but regardless of how such occurred it seems that he became quite a person of interest.

I heard little of this situation for quite a long time, other than mention of FBI interest which I relayed to you as a serious, but primarily academic, concern. From my perspective this incident re-surfaced when Raymond saw fit to perform an emergency evacuation of my haven due to my having acquired a watcher. I believe that he was entirely successful in evacuating me without their notice as they remained at the site of my haven after I had been moved. I then made the mistake at this point of contacting the Sheriff and informing him of the incident (as I believed immediately that this may be related to city security, regardless of my own ability to remove myself). He then proceeded to, in essence, chase them away from the scene… which admittedly was not what I had in mind when I called him (wanting to have some information in regards to why they were there) but such was the way of things. My watchers were later identified as FBI agents - please see the attached, as Mr. Dapaglia is good for _some_ investigation. (Molly includes copies of the artist sketches and names of the three officers she has).

After going through additional steps to try to ensure that I was not being followed I went and attended Elysium to discover that another individual (a Tremere, and apparent haven-mate of Haldor’s) had also been so visited by men in a black van.

Further concerning is that it is not at all unlikely that several other members of the city were also being tracked. New York is a city of many very young and very inexperienced kindred. Noticing observers (even such blatant ones) requires a vigilance which I feel may be beyond many in the city. My security identified the threat promptly, and the Tremere is likely also quite cautious – but how many others were so affected without awareness of it? I would not be at all surprised if the number was in fact quite large.

This, of course, leads to the rather interesting question of why those incidents we do know of occurred to us in particular. The connection drawn by Mr. Dapaglia, which I unfortunately cannot fairly argue, is that both of us have obvious association with Mr. Haldor. I have spent a considerable amount of time with the man (as he was Scourge of New York, and in my interest in keeping the Sabbat from the city, as well as monitoring its general welfare, we often came into conversation) and the Tremere literally shared a haven with him.

I suspect, however, if Mr. Dapaglia’s theory is correct that the connection between he and I was likely made on the basis of phone records – as he was not a man I saw for social outings, and if our acquaintance was discovered at Elysium than it might as well have been any kindred in the city. Mr. Dapaglia's theory holds further weight however when you consider that apparently the demand made by the FBI was the delivery of Haldor to them in exchange for their vacating the city. Obviously, contrary to Mr. Dapaglia's inclination, this would not do - this is a Masquerade breach of the highest order and giving them confirmation in the form of a live kindred is just beyond foolish. This mess needs to be cleaned up - not merely made to go away. Mr. Dapaglia seems utterly unable to appreciate that. Fortunately Nikolaus is far more wise.

Regardless, the security breach at Elysium was still more troubling than the investigation of individuals. Assuming they knew of Mr. Haldor or had succeeded in placing a tail on one of his many associates it is not terribly surprising that they located the building itself. (I have heard, though I do not know with what confirmation, that they have been known to use some sort of heat-seeing glasses which enable them to identify kindred from kine. With this, it would be a fairly trivial thing to stalk nearly all kindred from this central location.) Further worsening this situation is that from what I have gathered, The FBI managed to successfully access the security camera network in the building, granting them effective cart blanch to spy on the kindred within. I wish I could assure you that there were no breaches during this time - but I cannot. Quite the contrary, even after the Kindred were aware that they were being monitored behavior was stiff at best - the only 'up side' to all that I can note is that by this point the Masquerade was so completely shattered by this point I cannot say that the awkward performances were capable of actually worsening the situation.

Nikolaus did what was sensible, though hard: He informed the city of what had occurred and ordered everyone to vacate. It is, I confess, a bit unprecedented - but given the scale and scope of the breach I unfortunately cannot disagree with him. On the way out he informed me that he would be speaking with Pachick - I trust that he will do so, but I wished to inform you of the situation irregardless.

Regarding my own task, while it is difficult to say that Nikolaus in all technicality remained Prince with no city to command, I could not see advantage in ignoring his order. It is a known fact that there is at least a single seemingly very unfriendly Tzmecie residing in the city - though Sabbat or mad independent is difficult to decipher (it killed a kindred but a few weeks ago, or more, a kindred died a few weeks ago in a manner which seems indicative of a Tzmecie, perhaps I am over-extending my assumption here). Polyclef seems gone, and if the Revenant report is true then we have a brief window of discord before the Sabbat organize - still, standing as a lone Lasombra against the Sabbat horde would be pure foolery - with the FBI to deal with to boot. Instead these FBI agents must be dealt with, and quickly, and then the city needs to be re-populated, by those kindred or by others, if it is to be kept from the Sabbat's clutches - it is to this purpose I now endeavor.

I await your orders Father - lest I throw myself into politics the likes of which I have not yet engaged. I beg of you at least the courtesy of directing me at those in DC I may endeavor to parlay with in regards to taking care of discrediting this FBI organization. We must be rid of them as soon as possible - and there is no time to slowly or painstakingly build up the resources needed to do such a thing.

I am sorry to write you under such dire circumstances Father.

Your Loyal Daughter,

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