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Molly Brings Her Father News of the Incursions of the Federal Hunters #2

March 9, 2010

Dearest Father,

For the first time, I am afraid.

I have confirmed the worst - SAD of New York has been holding captive kindred and experimenting with them. So far I can confirm a Tzimisce neonate which the entire city has now discovered (on a rare positive note in all this, the Tzimisce terrorizing New York currently does not appear to have Sabbat affiliations) and more personally I now know of one "Hadrian Evens" (a former Prince) and the Elder Setite Sorcerer Helgiormir. The rest of the city does not know yet and I currently have no intentions to tell them. I can think of nothing it would do for the city save whip them into action - which is ironically the last thing needed if we have intent to actually resolve this concern. I also hesitate to share this with Linden (who has allied with me in this - I think largely in fear that Rasa has been taken by them) though I think he may well know the general case if not the specifics. I will therefore probably share the more benign neonate case.

I have enclosed a copy of both of the files I have Father: the somewhat less incriminating one on the Tzimisce (which is still awful) and then the one with the former Prince (which is far worse, and raises some interesting political questions). I confess, for the first time in my young life I hesitated to send the later. The first one is bad enough, and as it is now semi-public knowledge in New York (a city notoriously bad at communicating with the outside world) it seems that it should serve should the severity of the situation need indicating. The later Father I received from someone I can only at this point call a genuine ally - probably my first outside the Coterie. He sent this to me at some personal risk (in acquisition, transmission, and by the very fact he had it). I suspect he did it out of loyalty, and I trust him in giving this to you, I pray that you will uphold my honor in this.

And in other bad news Father, for which you may at least in brief despise me: I have let a Usurper become Prince of New York, and a bare ancillae at that. His first actions were to use his Regent like some sort of dog to fetch information after apparently asking her to undertake some terribly unpleasant ritual (she stated, publicly, that she suggested he not re-attempt it - a jab at his magical abilities or self control I think? She also has taken to referring to him as her "Apprentice and Prince." I am not used to seeing Tremere internal politics so public). I doubt he'll last long, and have in fact already discussed with him what he would intend should a better candidate step forth. I did all this because my only other options were to take the seat myself or to try to press to service a Toreador recently arrived from London whom I had only met that night of roughly equal standing as myself. An attempt to push for junta at that point likely could have resulted in chaos, and I could not take that risk with the situation so utterly fragile.

So now the Tremere technically holds sovereignty, though with such shaky support I hesitate to call him such. Of the sovereigns of New York I hold the least control over him than I have any - though I wonder if he gave an order and I contradicted whom would be followed. I have not informed most of the city of my Status (though the regent seems to know) but I suspect if I did they would leap upon the excuse. It is a sad truth that I don't really know if anyone -even the other Tremere- are pleased with the situation.

So desperate is the situation here that a man I considered perhaps my one rival prior to Nikolas's abstention seemed to drip with relief when I returned. He also granted to myself a book containing a detailed list of a considerable number of politicians, criminals, and police who had been bribed previously. Note that just about everyone in the city except our new Sovereign and his regent knows of this. This rival also knows I received a second folder, and from whom - though has no idea of its contents. I am oddly confident he will not mention it to the Prince, whom he seems to like less than he does me. It is a very uncomfortable, though potentially critical, alliance.

The last real idiot of a neonate found her picture plastered on the front page of the newspaper after assaulting a woman in her home who had ties to the aforementioned Tzimisce (I've included a copy of the paper for reference, though the neonate herself has disappeared - I wonder idly by who's hand, or if she fled herself.. but I can only bring myself so much to care). It's a minor point worth dealing with if she is found again it will be handled.

Benjamin came through for me Father - he sent an Archon of considerable stature, who confessedly seemed ready to do little else besides shake his head when he got here. That said, he will likely prove invaluable if it comes to it. The next thing I will need is more competent kindred - even neonates, or even anarchs. I just need Kindred here who can step in to assist in filling the power vacuum which exists here as there are not currently enough Kindred to really keep a handle on monitoring -let alone controlling- the city, and this vacuum will be filled with someone - Sabbat if no one else.

Take care Father. I will strive to have better news to report.


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