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On the Trail of Polyclef

Bojan Petrov; December 31, 2007 - February 14 2008


Bojan Petrov; December 31, 2007


Bojan wants everyone that he has pull with and can trust in public transit looking out for the four known Sabbat members, based on the descriptions he got from Prince Rogerson. If anyone sees them, he wants to hear about it right away.

Influence Response:

You get as many public transit workers as you can to start keeping an eye out for the four Sabbat members. You have to keep in mind that this is New York City, and sort of weird to really fucking crazy people on the subways are par for the course. However, you're hopeful that the group has enough distinguishing features to be fairly identifiable.

You almost instantly get feedback. People already remember these guys. You see... apparently there was a bit of an incident a few weeks back on the Brooklyn-Queens Crosstown local line. Nothing that caused too much trouble, but it was... memorable.

Apparently there was this guy - Asian, sort of creepy-looking, wore a grungy looking sweater-vest and a fucking bow-tie (You'd recognize the description as being Zappelphillip). Anyhow, he had a small portable boom-box/CD-player type thing and had it at an absurd volume - like louder than your informants thinks boom-boxes are normally capable of being, and he was blaring Video Killed the Radio Star on loop and moon-dancing/head-banging/acting like a schizoid freak.

Apparently when passenger complaints were such that a worker intervened, a sort of unsettling woman who seemed to be traveling with the other man stood up and explained that "He wasn't a problem." The worker immediately and inexplicably backed off and felt sort of embarrassed to have been so confrontational in the first place... although in retrospect, he recognizes that he really should have pressed the issue further. From the description of the woman (short, brunette, Eastern European accent, wore a faded military style jacket) you assume that she was probably Lúsha, the Ductus of Polyclef.

They apparently both got off at the 46th Street station in Queens.


Bojan Petrov; December 31, 2008


Conceal x3! (Both cycles)

Watch x2 both cycles for suspicious activities involving the subway

Once again, I want to have my people watching out for those pesky Sabbat types, particularly in the area around where they were last sighted. (Both cycles)

Influence Response:

You are CONCEALed. Your WATCH turns up nothing. Apparently you're the only one looking into the subways... for now.

You keep on looking for Polyclef via the subways, finding that they're a remarkably easy group to spot (Zappelphillip's skills don't really include much in the way of subtlety.) However their movements are a bit... confusing.

You notice first off, that they almost always seem to travel in rotating pairs, rather than as a group. You can't discern much of a pattern to this, save that Lúsha and Angel seem to travel the subways less frequently than Saint and Zappelphillip. Although you could conceivably chalk this up to Zappelphillip and Saint being much easier to spot (given that one has only one eye, and the other is a spaz in a sweater-vest/bowtie who is forever disturbing the peace with his boombox.) There are also just a few natural gaps in sightings. Your people can't catch them every time.

Their travel doesn't seem to point to any one location. One week they all seem to head Bronx-wards toward dawn. The next they all head Queens-ward. You strongly suspect that they're shuffling their havens. For the week of this game, they've been headed toward Manhattan an awful lot, specifically Union Square.

If you're at all curious, Zappelphillip's playlist of songs to evoke public irritation for the past month have been as follows:

  • Klaus Nomi's version of Falling in Love Again

  • The Rubettes' Sugar Baby Love

  • Benny Benassi's Satisfaction

  • (Most Recently) Somthing that sounded vaguely like Michael Jackson's Thriller, but was horrible and not in English

Zappelphillip also apparently has a chihuahua now, if rumors is to be believed.



Bojan Petrov; January 15, 2008


Conceal, all the way, both cycles!

I want my people watching the area where those Sabbat members got off the Subway. If they're seen, I want them followed, discreetly, with the obvious aim of finding out where they're havening.

Influence Response:

Your suspicions that the Sabbat were rotating havens is pretty much confirmed. Your street people manage to track them to at least six seeming havens over the past month. They include a warehouse in the Bronx, a sewer tunnel in Queens, two hotels, a dark green VW microbus that was parked in Harlem for an evening and later disappeared, and a fairly ritzy apartment building overlooking Union square (where they were reported as stopping by several times over the past few days before court).

You have addresses for everything, although you can't be certain about things like hotel room or apartment #s in exact detail. You also note, oddly enough that occasionally, Lusha doesn't seem to meet up with the rest of Polyclef to haven.


Bojan Petrov; January 28, 2008


Conceal these undertakings as much as possible.

Bojan's going to have street people watch the Polyclef havens that he knows about as much as possible. Not that ritzy apartment where they might attract attention, but the places where street folks won't be conspicuous. He'd like to know when they come and go. He'll keep track of them as much as possible through his Transportation influence and follow them personally at times. (He'd like to keep as many of the havens under surveillance on Friday as well if that's possible)

Influence Response:

You are CONCEALed.

The only places where anybody sees Polyclef come and go include the Bronx warehouse and the sewer tunnel in Queens, where Saint, Angel and Zappelphillip are reported as stopping by roughly once a week or so. Nobody sees hide nor hair of Lúsha.

The VW Microbus is parked in front of the sewer entrance on one of these occasions, and you get the license plate number from Slimey Pete, who figures that it might have been useful or something and wrote it down on his face (as that seems to be the way that useful information gets sent these days or something.) You also get reports that on this occasion, Angel was seen running out of the bolthole with a large dufflebag, which was loaded in the vehicle before he and Zappelphillip took off

You thank your hobos, buy them some hot sandwiches and malt liquor (except for Slimey Pete... you don't want things to escalate too far on that front), and make preparations to have a man at both locations on Friday.


Bojan Petrov; January 28, 2008


Assuming he hasn't lost all trace of Polyclef in the last couple weeks, Bojan is devoting his time to surveiling Polyclef. He'll be coordinating his Transportation people and Street people and tailing members of Polyclef personally if that's the best way to keep track of them. (If this happens, he'll use his Transport influence to obtain a vehicle other than the usual. Say, like, a regular taxi or something). He won't take direct action unless something really crazy happens.

Influence Response:

You coordinate with both groups to try to make up for the current gaps in your surveillance. You get a nondescript vehicle from your random... transportationy guys for this purpose.

Most of the trailing is long boring waiting for something to happen while you pray that the hobo you gave a pre-paid cell phone to doesn't run with the money you gave him up front to go have a party with his friend Mr. Daniels under the bridge. You briefly take this time to contemplate that you're the only New York Sheriff in recent history that doesn't have horrible amounts of psychic powers for making stalking easy.

You also sort of contemplate, on that note, that you're also the only New York Sheriff in recent history who isn't either dead, insane or some unpleasant combination of the two.

In any event, you manage to catch sight of Angel and Saint on a few occasions, and once even trail them back to the Bronx warehouse where they haven. You find that they're taking a really out of the way route to get there too... almost as if they were worried about being followed.

As for something crazy happening, and having to take direct action and all... I'd like to say that everything goes according to plan and you aren't noticed.

I'd like to.

Unfortunately for you, there's a pesky two point Flaw on your sheet that makes you a less than stealthy adversary for the Sword of Caine. As you stand nonchalantly outside of your nondescript vehicle one fine evening (which is parked around the corner from an ally way into which Saint has just entered), a trashcan suddenly flies through the air at high speeds and impacts with a building wall.

Zappelphillip, startled, Un-Obfuscates as he falls over in shock, and you can hear footsteps running back out of the allyway.

He looks at you wide-eyed and confused, listening to the air for a moment. You have a twingy feeling in the back of your head, as though something woogity were about - something like, say, an adorable ectoplasmic eight year old little girl who can throw trashcans at people.

You should talk to Carlson and Peter next game for a pre-scene. Bring any item cards for things you'd carry on your person. Be ready for potential combating should it come to that.


Bojan Petrov; February 14, 2008


Stealth x5

I want to find out whatever I can about that microbus (now that I have the plate number). Who it's registered to, if possible whether it's been pulled over any time in the recent past. Anything I can find.

Influence Response:

You are STEALTHEd.

The Sabbat unfortunately has selected a rather unobtrusive vehicle to be their means of conveyance. It's rather easy for your people to spot it just by the description of "sketchy green VW micro-bus." The plate numbers just sweeten the deal.

The vehicle was registered to Drew Blackwell (DOB: March 27, 1981). He has a clean criminal record, and nothing even vaguely interesting attached to the public record of his person. Although you'd honestly need Bureaucracy to delve any deeper, regarding him. You also get the VIN# for the vehicle, and the date it was registered to Mr. Blackwell (November 12, 2007... hmmm).

The micro-bus hasn't been pulled over in recent history, although it did receive ticket for being illegal parked back in December.

Given it's easiness to spot, your people quickly notice that vehicle in question ends up being sited in a variety of locations throughout the city, mostly scattered throughout the Bronx and Queens. It doesn't stop near any of the known Sabbat haven locations after a few days, stopping off only twice at the Bronx warehouse (somebody reports seeing what seems to be Saint and blonde guy with a bad fauxhawk loading a large dufflebag into the back), and only once at the Queens sewer tunnel. It never stops anywhere from which one could easily get to the Union Square apartment.

The microbus goes to several locations that might be near to new haven locations: old industrial parks, incredibly sketchy neighborhoods with small groups of mobile homeless nearby, Prospect Park once or twice... but you can't always get an exact handle on where people necessarily went from there, and thus pinpoint a precise location. (See Street Influence for details)

Saint and Angel are the only two Sabbat members who seem to ever drive or get transported in the vehicle. You get occasional reports of other people: the blonde with the fauxhawk, a busty brunette not matching Lúsha's (decidedly non-busty) description, a dark haired man with a tattoo of a heart on his cheek, and several other people that you have never heard of in relation to the New York Sabbat before.

Lúsha is still totally and completely absent from your radar, and now so is Zappelphillip (You can guess that the Obfuscate might have something to do with that...). Saint is actually the only member who seems to show up in conjunction with the micro-bus regularly, as Angel, oddly enough, has only been sighted in the vicinity of the vehicle when it's parked outside of a horse stabling service in Queens.

You also note, from what your people are telling you, that the microbus has gotten moved around in the *day* several times.


Bojan Petrov; February 14, 2008


Stealth x3

I want to have my hobos keep watching those haven areas. I want to hear when there's movement, same as last time. That's all.

Influence Response:

You are STEALTHed... or at least you thought you were.

Your homeless watchers initially spot the Sabbat stopping by the sewer tunnel and the warehouse several times after Elysium (matching the info your Transportation Influence gives you on several occasions).

Then things begin to get weird. Three of your guys, including Slimey Pete, disappear completely for no explainable reason. It's damn creepy. All of them are seemingly gone without a trace, and nobody who knows them can find hide nor hair of them.

An old guy named Trent gets really jittery after this happens. He tells you that he thinks that they saw something they weren't s'posed to. He remembers Ty, the Nam vet with the bad leg... yeah he said that he thought that they saw somebody dumping a body. Right down into a sewer drain.

Ty hasn't been showing up so much after that. He's among the missing.

Then things begin to get bad.

Trent is pretty messed up the next time you see him after that. He's not hurt or anything, but he's pretty damn well fucked in the head. He seems to try to tell you something about something, but it drifts off into a word salad about how there's a crow in the facility by the montebank and that he doesn't have the right number and that theres a bad flogging boy under his peanut butter and... yeah... He also seems to be compulsively picking out all of his hair ... to the point that a large portion of his head and face are bleeding as a result. He tells you that he has to get clean to stop "them" from getting the lights in him.

Trent's only the first. At least three others, that you know, of follow suit. One guy get's totally freaked out the government is watching him. One guy seems to just go into a series of seizures and has to be hospitalized. One guy starts telling you that you're Jesus, then and begins berating you when you won't cure his palsy.

As time progresses, your hobos rapidly get the impression that these guys are BAD NEWS, and a lot of people on the street start telling you that no amount of money, booze, warm blankets or other incentives are going to get them to go back.

Things don't get any better when somebody (a dumb urchin named Jimmy), actually does go back, trying to check things out and show he's not afraid of whatever's going on. He comes back spooked as hell.

He didn't spot anyone, or even have anything bad happen to him. He just stopped to check out the Bronx place and decided to have a peek inside. He pushes something into your hand while he sort of panickedly explains.

"Like... the place is pretty disgusting, but I didn't see anything wrong, or anybody there... I'd just heard rumors, and then, I... I found this. What the fuck is this doing there? Should I like go to the police or something?

You look down and see that you are holding what seems to be a human tooth, roots intact. A dull rusty veneer of dried blood covers a sizable portion of it.

It doesn't seem to matter in the end. By the end of a single week, the Sabbat just aren't showing up to either haven.

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