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The Great Exodus: Whit Brokehouse

White Brokehouse; January 2-28, 2010


Whit Brokehouse; January 2, 2010


Over the time of the break from Elysiums and after discovering the GPS unit under her bike, Whit will move week to week from each different pay-by-week motel that she can find. She wants to try to make it harder to track her. She destroyed the GPS unit the moment she found so she feels a little safer. She still goes out in costumes, except when she goes out to perform. She'll change into more of her normal clothes every time she goes into the paper to work as well to make sure no one can connect her costuming with her actual jobs. She tries to keep a general eye out for people she sees around at all the different places she goes so that if she sees anyone, she can point people (aka Vinny or Brody or Niklaus) to them.

Influence Response:

You have plenty in savings, and hence are able to afford to move on a fairly regular basis. Doing so, however, is stressful, as you have to find ways to arrange each room you rent to adjust for the fact you will explode if exposed to direct sunlight. You often have to spend the first day curled up in the bathtub, and have little doubt that the cleaning service is less then pleased to have you disappear a week later after having blocked out the windows of your hotel room.

The GPS is readily destroyed and you start thrifting around for inexpensive changes of clothing that are atypical of what you wear. As you have no aptitude in the Disguise Ability however, you can't really count on your guises to mask your identity from trained federal agents, especially when you're notable as a woman who can juggle flaming knives above her head at an effective Performance x5. People who do that sort of thing oft find it hard to seem inconspicuous.

Regardless of this, no black vans appear outside of your dwellings for the time being.

As for suspicious characters, you can't be certain, as NYC is infested with suspicion. There's a man across from the Dirge office whom you swear has been waiting for a bus for over an hour. A girl seems to walk her dog past where you are busking one night, three... maybe four times. You feel that a new panhandler near Union Square seems a little too clean cut.

You don't see any signs of the jaunty fellow allegedly purchasing hot dogs near Ander's house, nor anyone else you recognize as being a known observer.

ST Notes: The guy at the Dirge is Jack Arthur (partnered with Alexander Ford... they're the guys from Vinny's recording). He is part of another grunt team. Everything else is paranoia.


Whit Brokehouse; January 3, 2010


Whit goes shopping for some wigs! Good ones that will fit over hair, so maybe at a theater costume shop or the like.

Influence Response:

Your wig shopping escapades are wildly successful! The cleaning service in your hotel room, if not entirely fooled, is at the very least highly baffled at your constantly shifting appearance.


Whit Brokehouse; January 28, 2010


What Whit is doing - location and suches

Whit is staying put in NYC. She would have stayed the night at the motel she was currently at, then moved to a different one the next night. She doesn't really give her name at the desk and if they ask for one she says "Whitney B.". She's trying to not leave a trail to be followed by anyone to get to her. She'd go and buy a new phone (the same type) with cash to replace the phone she destroyed.

Whit would also remove a good chunk of money from her bank account - enough for her to live on for a while (~4 weeks) with motel rent and gas.

Whit tries to ride the bus more than riding her bike everywhere. If the buses don't run late enough, she'll walk to work. She knows it's a stretch, and leaves with enough time to make it back to her current place of residence with about an hour to spare before sunrise.

Whit still goes to her jobs as she normally does - including her recent disguises. She tries to switch up the outfits so they're not the same week to week. ((I know she doesn't have the disguise ability, but she's trying to fake it essentially)).

Whit also continues to search around the Bronx, but I'll submit that as street influence.

If anything else is needed, feel free to email me and I'll send you whatever you need.

Influence Response:

You grab seven grand from your bank account and start shifting hotels. You end up having to miss a night of work trying to sunproof your new living quarters, as the constant moving as you figure protection from a fiery demise is worth more than six hours pay.

The buses run pretty late in New York, but they're seldom on anything remotely resembling a regular schedule. Trying to busk and still get into your job regularly is a pain, and it's hard to keep up with both schedules while still trying to do much else aside from getting blood in your belly and outrunning the sun. While walking isn't tiring for your undead physiology, it's a huge time sink logistically, and you give up on using it as regular transport after a few tries.

Searching around the Bronx is next to impossible to manage on any regular basis with your schedule, and with no concrete strategy to your explorations. As such, you don't have much luck in locating anything of interest. The most exciting thing that happens is that you get mugged again, only this time the thug has enough guts to pull the trigger. You end up buying yet another phone and find yourself out $50 and a wallet after respectfully playing dead.

Your boss is increasingly concerned by your appearance as you show up to work in a variety of disguises and in different states of disheveledness and stress. While normally a bit on the gruff asshole side, he takes an almost fatherly concern to you as he notices the shift in your demeanor.

"You need a few days off or something, Whitney? You look like hell?"

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