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Blitzed on Various Morally Hygienic Substances

Malachai Blackwell; May 5, 2010



I am going to ask around about a Danny and Cassandra (Daria gave be both of their full names which I cannot recall at the moment) who died recently, apparently under suspicious circumstances. If possible I would like to know more about them, how they died, and their enemies. I will understand completely if there is very little information, as I have no idea what sort of circles they may have moved in.

Influence Response:

You are STEALTHed. The names Danny J. Simons and Love Cassandra Goodchild-Samuel don't ring many bells in the local occult community aside from what people have read in the papers. Mrs. Goodchild-Samuel was a respected staff editor at the Daily Dirge who died in a car accident along with her driver, Ms. Simons, when the black Mercedes Benz they were in careened off of the Verrazano-Narrows bridge.

You meet a few people who think they might have met a Cassandra at some point, although she certainly didn't seem the sort to be a newspaper editor. There was some girl who definitely had a C in her name who showed up at Dr. Daedalus' Society for Upright Citizenry and Moral Hygiene back when they threw their NYPD appreciation banquet last September. She allegedly did a marvelous demonstration on deliberate paradigm realignment through non-deliberate effort... or something like that... most present at the proceedings report being blitzed on various morally hygienic substances to the point at which they might well have mistaken a lampshade for a girl named Cassandra and recall that they never really understood what the hell Dr. Daedalus was talking about anyway... except that he did magic and had unwholesome amounts of whipped cream available to him.

You find, however, that the recitation of Cassandra's "full name" as given by Daria (Sybil and High-Priestess Cassandra Columnabula Ludwig Norton-Samuel of Barataria, Agent of Sub-Genius Anti-Intelligence and Officer in Charge of Bringing Brownies to Quarterly Meetings) draws looks of vague recollection from the few members of the D.D.S.F.U.C.M.H. you run up against. It might be worth future investigation or it might be utter balderdash, or (given the general vibe you get off of the various upright citizens you meet) it might be both...

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