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Summer at the Dirge

Whitney "Whit" Brokehouse; September 7, 2009


Summer Influence: Summer at the Dirge

Whit, working at the Dirge at night every night of the week, would know what was going on in the city and would be writing some articles about things.

Whit also wants to set up a meeting with the new Editor in Chief, siting that she was hired as an intern by the last Editor in Chief Eugene Wright and it was he who also let her become a full-time employee. She wants to talk to the new guy/girl about her circumstances, and what is going to happen to the paper if anything after the change in management.

Whit also has some friends at the Dirge, fellow writers, and sometimes hangs out with them: playing basketball or hanging out at a bar.

(NOTE: I am trying to start putting things together to have Media influence. Sorry if I did this wrong, and should have put it as growth.)

Influence Response:

Getting a meeting with the new Editor in Chief proves a much trickier prospect than under the 'previous administration.' You are rebuffed several times by the secretary when you try to make an appointment. Even after she finally promises to let her boss know, you have to pester her several more times to be sure the message goes through.

Persistent effort pays off, however, and you are at last admitted to the office of Editor-in-Chief Jonah White. A heavyset man going gray at the temples, he greets you with a grunt and a scowl, waving for you to sit down. He pointedly ignores you for a minute or so, finishing some work before turning his attention to you.

"All right, Brokehouse, you got five minutes. Talk." He settles back in his chair, fishing a cigar out of the desk and lighting up.

He puffs away as he listens to your questions, then cuts you off early with an imperious wave. "Look. You're new in the biz, so I'll cut you a bit of slack on the stupid questions. Wright ran a good paper, and I intend to do the same. The Dirge operates the same as it ever did. We find stories and we report on them thoroughly and truthfully. We do our jobs.

"As to you, though...look, kid, you're a good enough writer, no one's disputing that. But for a full-time employee of this paper, it sure doesn't seem to me like you're putting in full-time work. This isn't a school paper, Brokehouse; we don't get summer vacations. I need to know the Dirge is your top priority. For now, I'm gonna trust that Wright knew what he was doing when he hired you. But I've got my eye on you, Brokehouse. So get back to work, and for God's sake, impress me!"

Your fellow Dirge employees, on the other hand, are significantly less irritable, and prove only too happy to shoot hoops or have a drink with you. Related Pages


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