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Skeletons in Our Closest

Eugene "Brody" Wright, January 26, 2009


Ghouls and Scourge x 3

This is more of an announcement of some of my in-game plans, as I will need to get a hold of the players, and we should prolly do this @ game.

But it is time to deal with the skeletons in our closet. Specifically, the ones with Shovelhead meat on them. We have, if I am not mistaken, 5 Kindred staked and in our closet from the Staten Island raid. Unfortunately, the poor things are probably torpid by now.

We should get them awake, full of some blood, and prepare to send them on their way, One At A Time. Brody wants blood samples from the lot of them, and the most from the Arab guy who seemed to be their leader - we're going to be keeping him the longest. After this, they should be prepped to be released into Benny's "Witless protection Program" (Note: see email 'how to screw over Prince Wright' for further details) slowly, over a couple weeks/months.


Brody wants these guys out - and now that Angel's in Mexico, and Saint/Lusha are dead, they shouldn't be a problem. But they shouldn't be in NYC, and Brody doesn't want to know where they are.

Also, their ringleader's blood is for a special purpose, that purpose being Kinch and his wacky demands, for which Danny has hopefully handled the bimbos as well as laundered appropriate funds, and Brody is handling blood and booze.

Wright wants to deal soon.

Influence Response:

Check and check.

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