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Breaking the Ghost Masquerade

Love Cassandra Goodchild; March 15, 2009


Goal: Cassandra is rather perturbed that Zappelphillip came back. Like... freaked out. Better get him hooked up to Scry-o-vision in the event he wants to come back again.

Cassandra heads out to the hotel/convention center type place on Staten Island where the fundraiser event took place. She invokes EYES OF CHAOS all over it, using HEIGHTENED SENSES to better pick up details. She's looking for something... anything that Zappelphillip might have left here that ties back to himself. Pangloss had tried rather diligently to steal his hat before for these purposes, but sadly was shot in the face. If applicable, Pangloss' player has mentioned that he intends to buy SPIRIT'S TOUCH this downtime with his massive lump of unspent XP, and if he does, he will no doubt want to test items for Zappelphillipy-ness.

This is all if the hotel is open to hippie girls just traipsing through for magic investigative work. If it isn't, she's going to try to give Marcus a ring to ask for backup on the forensic sweep. If that doesn't work, she's checking into the room her brain tells her is best and then sneaking out, throwing a bed sheet with eyeholes over her head, leaning up against walls and obfuscating a lot as she tries to evade hotel security who might stop her in her quest.

[cassandralogic]The idea with the bed sheet is... you know... if she's spotted and is definitely in trouble that she can't explain her way out of and has to bolt, she can go "Booooooooo!" and invoke VOICE OF MADNESS. This way... everyone will run in terror... because she's a scary ghost. And this won't break the Masquerade... because... ya'know... nobody will really take this incident as proof of *vampires*.

They'll either take it as proof of ghosts or as proof that they need to hire better security who aren't afraid of drug-addled hippie girls with sheets over their heads. [/cassandralogic]

Influence Response:

The hotel is cordoned off at the time of investigation. As it stands all you can do, even with stealth tricks and the like is half of a building, seeing as the other half is stuck underneath the weight of another thing.

Your careful investigation yields nothing, unfortunately. Whatever part of the hotel Zappelphillip was is probably buried under a few tons of rubble.

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