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Auldingtons for Anarchy

Love Cassandra Goodchild; March 31, 2009


KINDRED CONTACTS x3 (Boston, North Midwestern Anarch RR, Seattle, San Fransisco)

or (if expenditures didn't go through)

KINDRED CONTACTS x2 (Seattle, San Fransisco)

Goal: Molly has mentioned to Columna that some of her "family's" associates were Utopist Anarchs. As much as Columna appreciates Molly's company, she figures it doesn't hurt to be cautious. She's going to try to see if she can verify this claim, figure out who these people are, and hopefully try to file away the information such as that she can look more thoroughly into Molly and whatever the hell is wrong with her later on.

Note: I know back story digging is something Ashley specifically mentioned as being problematic at game, and that it should be handled between players. However, I very much don't want Molly's player to suspect OOC that Columna might be appropriately wary of Molly.

If it is deemed I get results, may I try to rephrase this before forwarding the inquiry to Camille, rather than simply having the STs send it to her? I want permission to obfuscate Columna's obvious two-faced-ness regarding Molly in this action.

"Hey. Cassandra here. I know this sounds totally psycho and completely batshit... but I'm totally psycho and completely batshit. So yeah... Does anyone know anything about anyone um... having anything to do with the name "Auldington"? They're like some rich bigwig group of whackjob antitrib Lasombra or something who all act like one big happy vampire family and have a ghoul farm out in the country... and creepily double Embrace their vampire kids... or something weird. I don't really know.

I just know that *allegedly* someone relating to them was all "Huzzah for MacNeil!" back in the 40s and wanted to turn California into Carthage Mark II, and then got all butthurt when you know... well when we all fucked it up and the Asian menace took over and things degenerated into petty gang warfare.

Personally... I never was in Carthage and I don't know of anybody that was... but you guys know my spiel on "winning the revolution from within!" and all that. Petty warfare happens no matter which side of the fence you're on.

So yeah... Auldingtons for Anarchy. Probably some old guys hob-nobbing with Garcia and Attucks and stuff back in the old days.

Get back to me on it if you can. I don't know if you can though, because... like this chick is kinda crazy... I mean... in a nice... trying very hard, proper, psuedo-British-accent Cam crazy kinda way. I have NO IDEA if she isn't a little delusional about her coterie's beliefs. Maybe some guy just said "Man, I think I'm not going to wear a tie today" and Daddy Auldington was all "Fuck you, Anarch! Don't rebel at me!" and that's all there really is.

Serious. She seems a little out of touch with reality... and yeah you can have it on record that I said that.

Also! they might not all be named Auldington. I'm just kinda guessing they all did something loopy and all decided they needed the same surname or something... FOR THE SAKE OF THEIR VAMPIRE FAMILY.

Don't ask.

Love all ya'll. Thanks for putting up with me... and other me and yeah... I'm a handful. Thanks in general."

Influence Response:

From Boston:

General: You hear the name "Philip Auldington" a couple of times as a utopian Anarch, but the general verdict seems to be that he's kind of a pain in the behind to find, but still generally active.

Specific: "Well, I don’t know squat about antitrib Lasombra, or bigwigs, or double embraced vampire versions of the Brady Bunch, but I definitely know someone named Auldington who seems to promote the sort of views you’re talking about – a guy named Philip. Supposedly he’s from California originally, came about a year before it collapsed and started going up and down the East coast preaching some shit about a vampire society without the ‘backstabbing bullshit’ (the Camarilla) or the ‘front-stabbing bullshit’ (the gang wars).

Okay, fair enough, nothing special there, but the guy’s got some weird quirks. Claims to be damn near a pacifist, though I’ve heard if you push him hard enough – and you shouldn’t – he’ll let you punch him half a dozen times but as soon as he decides to hit back you better watch out for the building fifty feet behind you – he’s apparently just that ridiculous. There’s been a couple other weird things too – cases of the Camarilla deciding it really didn’t need to execute some Anarch squatter it caught after he found out about it. No one knows quite what sort of connections he’s got, but he was bad-ass enough to raise up some suspicion.

Well, it turns out he’s old Camarilla – and I do mean old Camarilla, like no-white-men-this-side-of-the-Atlantic old. He switched sides over to the movement shortly after it started up. I wouldn’t say he’s exactly ex-Anarch though, unless I’ve missed something – he was seen about two months ago down in Virginia, preaching his usual lines. I’ve heard rumors he isn’t the only one, but I’ve never seen anyone else.

From San Francisco:

General: The name "Auldington" has heard a bit more play around here, though among a smaller group of people and mostly only those who have been around a while. Everyone generally agrees there were a few of them, though there's a lot of conflict as to who they are and how many of them there actually were (you can basically confirm 3, anything after that gets sticky with some claiming as many as a dozen). The general consensus seems to be that they used to be more active but that most of them disappeared in the early 80s - no one really knows why though - all of them except Julia (who got into things pretty heavily) and Philip were always kind of reclusive, especially the few non-Brujah in the group. A lot of people think they were probably killed off though no one can say for sure.

Specific: "Auldington? Yeah I’ve heard the name – thought they were mostly Brujah though, not Lasombra. Aren’t they mostly ex-Camarilla? I mean, I know Philip was, and the same with Julia, formerly Julia Birtolo – though she may well be "ex-Anarch" too at this point – she left after the Free State fell and hasn’t really been seen since – anywhere – though I’ve heard from people who correspond with her that she’s still alive somewhere and will even answer letters. I might be able to get an address. There was Julius at one point too, but he’s dead-dead now as far as I know – something involving a Sabbat pack. I really don’t know the details. But yeah, all three of them showed up pretty early out here – though I don’t really know when for each of them, and I don’t know if they actually showed up together or anything like that.

Then in the sixties there was a Ventrue calling herself Candice who sort of showed up out of nowhere, handed out a lot of money, and disappeared half a dozen years later. There was a rumor she was tied to Philip somehow, and that her name was actually Victoria, but none of that’s ever really been confirmed besides that she was a Ventrue who handed out a lot of dough - the Auldington connection was tenuous at best.

"Look, I’ve heard all sorts of crap rumors about the Auldington, and wouldn’t believe any of it. If they really had the sort of connections people claim they do they would have been dead by now, I mean seriously. Yeah, they might still got some Camarilla favors from back in the day – but some of the shit I’ve heard, like the whole 'friends in high Camarilla places' bullshit is just ridiculous. Camarilla Kindred in high places don’t have friends, especially not ones which run around killing Camarilla members – as Julia did. Ditto on the whole 'pre-Camarilla elder conspiracy' bit. This shit about the Lasombra, double-embraced childer, and weird family-cult – this is where you start asking yourself what Malkavian prankster these people pissed off.

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