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The Hunt for Jonathan Roman: Marcus Fratello Giovanni

Marcus Fratello Giovanni; November 17, 2008


I just checked my mail & read the missive from the Prince.

As I have *just* submitted my influence actions, is there any way I can redirect *one* of my Police actions in order to perform a background check on Jonathan Roman and Otto Banker?

I'm looking for all the basics that a simple search through the database will turn up: outstanding warrants, traffic tickets, parking tickets, vehicle registration, the current address related to that vehicle registration, photo, birth date, etc.,


I still want to lay the groundwork for the task force with the other Police influence, please.

Influence Response From:

Yes, you may.

Background check for Otto Banker reveals that he seems like a pretty normal guy, for a ridiculously-rich real estate agent from Germany. He's had his share of dealings with the IRS being wealthy and all, but there's no suggested criminal record. Banker currently lives in California, but he maintains some properties here in New York in Queens and Brooklyn.

Jonathan Roman is an unremarkable man, both in appearance and in history. No suggested criminal record, but you do get his address and his vehicle registration.

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