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Brush With the Devil

Eugene "Brody" Wright; September 9, 2008

Personal Action:

Brody x Almost

Brody stays true to his word, and goes to San Antonio to help out with their Sabbat/Diego problem. He does his best to be *actually* helpful, and due to the non-interactive nature of this, probably spends time training their people, some group tactics, firearms useage, how to cover your mASSquerade in the media, etc.

He likely also relishes the opportunity to kick some people in the teeth or something.

But since this is a summer action, not a summer game, I imagine that the swarthy latin charm of Senior Diego saves his bacon once more

Influence Response:

Summer in San Antonio is a series of trials and tribulations. The Camarilla political structure is weak from periodic Sabbat incursions and a healthy dose of infighting. The Prince of San Antonio, Carlos del Torre, is relatively new, having inherited the position for less than a year from his late Sire. The de facto leader of the Primogen Council is an eloquent Ventrue (Marcus Norton), and the obvious challenger to the throne, and petitioning to be Seneschal.

You don't manage to catch much else about the other officers - namely because there's a significant lack of them (Sheriff, Scourge, Seneschal and former Prince having all died in the same attack several months ago). Most of these positions have been filled by newer recruits, but none of them are up to par.

Over the time you're there, you lead several training exercises and whatnot, and then you get the chance to go on a raid...

The target is a warehouse where a new set of shovelheads are suspected to be havening and preparing for an incursion on Cam territory. You, Carlos (he insists, of course, on leading his own damn troops) and some more newbies split off into groups: the majority will bust in through the doors, guns blazing, while a few others stay behind to take watch/mop up those fleeing.

Your group take up positions around the entrances. The door is kicked down. Covering fire scatters through the room as you rush in, blowing the head off of the first shovelheads you see with your B-Mutha-F'ing-G. These poor bastards didn't even know what was coming to them.

The firefight dies down to a few localized battles as your highly-efficient group of new trainees dispatch shovelhead after shovelhead. In a desperate attempt, one of the escaping Sabbat knocks over a few barrels, spilling oil all over the floor. A stray bullet ignites the warehouse into flames.

Suddenly, from outside, you hear all sorts of screams - someone's here; something's here - before they're suddenly cut short.

A barrel explodes. You watch three get engulfed by the flames. A few others get trapped by the rubble.

Carlos calls for a retreat. As your troops exit the warehouse, you can spot several shadowy figures in the distance. You know you've lost most of your lookouts. Less than half of your people make it out alive.

...And then, you see him. Just another figure, watching the dull orange glow flashing inside the warehouse... but he's in the same clothing, standing in the same posture... and a moment later, he turns, and flashes someone that same vicious smile.

It takes all of your willpower not to chase after him that very instant. It might've been worth your life, just to see him die... but...

Over the course of the next several months, you continue to train and educate the denizens of San Antonio. A few more raids are conducted, with marginally more success than the first attempt. Perhaps one fewer death this time, or a more successful raid at the cost of a larger amount of (un)lives - bit by bit San Antonio is retaking its' control.

Every single time, you think you get a glimpse of him out of the corner of your eye, or you catch a whiff of him on the air.

But you aren't able to catch him.

On your last day, Carlo passes you a sealed envelope as you're about to board the train. It's dated for today.

It's just a single sentence:

I'll be waiting for you, chico.

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