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Wright Ascends the Throne

Eugene "Brody" Wright; February 12, 2008


Prince x Oh Fucks

All right. 2 Week Princely Bootcamp with Helen Rogerson GO! During this time, I will be learning not only everything decreed by Helen/Ashley, but also doing the following (if it is not already covered above)

Working with Elijah White and Brian Vale (before Vale leaves, if he's leaving) regarding

The layout of Elysium

The Contents of Elysium: Are we holding/hiding anything I should know about?

The security of Elysium, how it works, its capabilities and limitations.

And I want access to any and all information regarding Kindred in the city - the idea is to leave as few stones unturned as possible. Knowing the mistakes of the past, we can avoid them. Knowing what worked in the past, we can start building on it.

Also, (and I am certain this is something that will need to be done @ game, by the new Harpy) if we have contact information for kindred (phones, emails, haven locations, etc) Also, if Minor Harpy Gladius-Xericies is available for comment, it would be good to know who holds what status in the domain, as well as what boons are owed. If she is unavailable, I would hope that a copy of Auberon's Harpy notes are available, if not completely up-to-date.

Also, Wright would request of Helen (I include this here, not knowing if Rogerson is an NPC now, I have not brought this up to Ashley) it would be a great help, as well as a solid vote of confidence, if Helen would remove the 'in regards to accounting' qualifier from his status, 'Responsible.'Whitney has been released from the Accounting, and is already the whip of her Clan. And it would make things easier to have this last show of good faith.

Having said that, he'll be quite fine without it, but he thought he'd bring it up before she disappears to Aspen or wherever she's going.

Also gets her an overpriced bottle of Shiraz, and wishes her the best.

Influence Response:

Rogerson spends the next two weeks telling you everything she knows (or at least everything she knows that can be related in two weeks) about the governance of a city such as New York. It is astonishing how much there is to absorb. By the end, you are certainly able to purchase the Merit Common Sense and should also be able to pick up an extra level or so of Lore: Camarilla.

After all is said and done, you arrive at your new office to find that she has left a series of important-looking binders on the desk, containing extensive information for the control of numerous groups of mortal influence. On top of the stack is a crisp note on Crane's stationary. In an elegant hand is written a simple farewell from your predecessor:

"Don't fuck up."

CHA-CHING! You now have the following influences:

  • Finance x2 [Manhattan]

  • Bureaucracy x3 [Manhattan]

  • Transportation x2 [Manhattan]

  • Politics x1 [Manhattan]

  • You also have an effective 4 extra GROW points in your Legal influence (See soon to be posted house rules for details)

You have a talk with Vale about Elysium Security and he goes over it extensively with you (See impending E-mail for details). You make certain to pass on the info to Elijah. As far as you can tell, Elysium is pretty damn secure.

As for the Kindred, well, Vale isn't really able to comment much about them. He feels a little bewildered, to be honest. So many people have died, that he can't really say who's important or not. He tells you that if you want to know you should probably consult the various binders full of notes lying around the offices of the Prince (See impending E-mail for details), and that you might also want to talk to Sheriff Petrov... He's really the only person who has been around as long as Vale has.

Lynn is slow to respond to your voice mail. When she finally gets back to you, her voice sounds a little off, and has an odd childish giggle that occasionally crops up.

"So yeah, Brody... Sorry if this is abrupt and all, but the Harpy thing was sorta kinda a little teensy bit *just for show*. You know? I'm not really that upstanding a member of the Camarilla and all, and I'm... er... well let's say Helen made the right choice.

Fuck New York.

If you like, I can... you know [giggle]... send you a fax or something of the last Harpy's old status records. In case you haven't figured it out, I'm outta the city... for good. Like... I can't stay in the coffin I died in forever.

Sorry I didn't give you anything more official, like two weeks notice or something. I've said whatever passes as goodbyes. I'll be chill tying up loose ends, but don't count me in as Harpy anymore, kay?

Also, if you need some shit done with the Life Boon stunt, feel free to ask. If it makes it easier, get whomever my replacement is to transfer the damn thing back to Clan Setite in NYC. I authorize it. Fo sho! If you can't do that for some reason... shunt it to Petrov or Ash or ...something. I really don't need to see the SOB dead, myself. Evans really didn't do anything to me. [sigh] I don't entirely expect that my story'll hold water everywhere, anyway. Even if it's true.

Other than that... er. Good luck, I guess.

Don't let the bastards drag you down."

Rogerson, on the other hand, doesn't get back to you before the next Elysium. You'll have to wait on the snail's paced crawl of OOC communication. You don't even have an address right now to send the Shiraz to.

In the meantime, you scour your new office, to find a pile of exceedingly interesting junk lying about it. You now have the following:

  • Paintings of Karl Marx, Freiderich Engels and Josef Stalin. (They are in the same style. Crafts x3, Expression x3, test versus 10 socials to avoid feeling strong (Stalin), confident (Engels), or sympathetic (Marx))

  • A painting of Lillian Greer which was never completed. It is in the same style as the previous paintings and has a tiny speck of what you think is blood in one corner. (Same stats, only the emotion it seeks to evoke is love)

  • A book of handwritten German poetry. (See STs for card.)

  • A *HUGE* binder containing the complete notes of Darren West, Lillian Greer and La Condesa Sofia Castanuelas de la Plata, as well as several letters to and from various important Camarilla figures of the past.

  • A manila folder full of reports relating to the demise of Darren West in Chicago.

  • A manila folder full of fake IDs and bizarre LLC documents. A lot of sticky notes try to explain how they interact. Labeled "Sam McCoy".

  • A small toy car that seems to have been soldered together to make it look like it has jaws.

  • A fire axe

  • A Crafts x5 figurine of an Amazon, standing atop a slain man. It is titled "Queen of the Mountain".

  • A picture of a young woman snarling as she is handcuffed by police. The photo is labeled "Sarah".

  • A picture of a young man baring his teeth at the photographer. You recognize it as being what a "Dread Gaze" should look like. The photo is labeled "John".

  • A folder full of notes and news clippings regarding the actor Aaron Bryce - a man who died in 1969 in an accident on the set of the cheesy spy film One Last Shot (Paramount Productions). Also included are numerous articles about a fire that destroyed the asylum for the mentally disturbed that was near Bryce's hometown, as well as obituaries detailing the deaths of Bryce's father, mother, and aunt. There is a very striking promo picture for "One Last Shot" in which you see Bryce posed with Audrey Hepburn (who was playing the lead character 'Laelila'). Bryce is listed as playing corrupt FBI agent Hadrian Evans.

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