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Alex; Summer 2007

Personal Action:

I'm not sure if I ghouled my dog. If I didn't, I am doing so.

I am training my dog to stand guard during the day, and trying to get him to distinguish the smell of ghouls and non-ghouls, mainly using Dylan's puppy as an example of a ghoul and taking him to dog parks (because some people do take their dogs to dog parks at night) as examples of non-ghouls. I'm also trying to train him to fight, working around his bad leg. We're probably going fairly slowly, since he's been favoring his leg for a long time.

I hope to buy a point of retainer after next game (doggy!).

Influence Response:

You start feeding Ruderford your delicious hell-cursed blood. He enjoys it! More than he enjoys individually wrapped slices of cheese! He also starts to regard you as more than just his best friend and master, but as his best friend, master, and hot love interest in the grand adventure that is his now awesome and fun-filled life.

You seriously consider the importance of getting him neutered ASAP, as you're having trouble explaining to him in rational terms why you find him humping your leg to be distasteful and not a complement as he intended. You also recall he still needs shots/vaccinations anyway.

Ruderford isn't quite able to distinguish between ghouls and non-ghouls. He tries very very very very hard for you, but overall he generally can't tell the difference. Dylan's puppy (whom he claims is a total weirdo in any event) doesn't really smell any different than any other dog does...

Except when Dylan's just fed him. He shudders when he mentions this. The puppy smells awful then - just like death. He doesn't like Dylan anyway, and this just goes to prove something's up with her. He warns you to stay clear of her.

Training him to fight goes a little better. As he's much stronger than most dogs now, thanks to the vitae, he manages to compensate fairly well for the bad leg. You figure he'll be fine in a scuffle as long as nobody involved targets that limb particularly.

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