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One Last Shot

Eugene "Brody" Wright; October 19, 2008


Stealth x 5


So here is the thing. Eugene Christian Wright would like - really, just for sentimental value - to see if he couldn't maybe track down the original stock footage of One Last Shot, starring Audrey Hepburn and Aaron Bryce.

PROBLEM: Brody's not terribly comfortable with the words "Hadrian Evans" and "Eugene Wright" appearing together, especially in the sense that the latter might be looking in any way, shape, or form for the former.

IDEA: Elijah White is a huge nerd, and thanks to his initial sit-down talks with Wright and Rogerson, is aware of the fact that he isn't *actually* in crazy homosexual love with Eugene. It's seemed thus far that the blood bond manifests itself through a Big Brother/My Hero sort of filter. He often gets things for Gene, Comics, etc.

PROPOSED SOLUTION: Eugene and Elijah have a chat, in which it is revealed that A) Brody wants this reel of film, B) Elijah should try and get it for him, and C) if anyone asks, this is totally Elijah's idea, and Wright doesn't know he's doing this. It is to be a surprise, perhaps a christmas gift, or something. Elijah has (presumably?) spent enough time using his media influence to find obscure star trek memorabilia that this would not be terribly out of character for the boy.

It's a project, and as nothing seems to need any drastic Fact Based Fair And Balanced Coverage (read: media cover-up), there are a great many resources at White's disposal.

The members of the F.I.O.N.A. group are congratulated on the awesome job that they are doing, even though in Game Terms, they haven't done a bloody thing yet.

Buggered if they're not just the best goddamn wire service ever!

Influence Response:

Seemly with little effort on his part, Elijah presents you with a DVD in one of those extra slim space-saving cases. It's obviously a DVD-R and written on it's front in scrawly permanent black marker is "1 Last Shot." He informs you that, "It just showed up. Really, all I've done so far is put out a few feelers in the message boards to see if I could get any leads on anything." He gives a slightly hopeless shrug of the shoulders, "and there was this inside of it."

He gives you business card with "HR" embossed in the front in fancy elegant script. There is a handwritten address on the back that is in Cherry Hills Village, CO.

Your F.I.O.N.A people cheer! and rejoice with cheap booze and hot wings!

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