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The following are a list of things that are not necessarily hard and fast rules, but rather general suggestions regarding player courtesy and conduct.


Don't be an Ass: Boasting OOC of your exploits can be fun, rewarding and enjoyable, even to other people when done tastefully. However, laughing snarkily to another player about how much you pWned their character makes you an ass. Cackling to another player about how much you will pWn their character makes you an ass. Nominating another player at game off for "being pWnt really hard" makes you an ass that will get a dot of "kicked in the teeth by exasperated STs." Don't be an ass.

IC Downtime Actions are Never Required: Players are not obligated to put in any additional work into the game on top of the four hours of actual game time. If you wish to run downtime scenes involving another character, and that character's player is unable to attend them, such scenes either do not take place or the players may agree to an acceptable IC reason why the character is absent. Players who do not wish to receive e-mails sent IC may justifiably do so, claiming that they don't have voice-mail, e-mail, a mailing address, or that their IC communications equipment is simply on the fritz. In short, be considerate of the fact that some people have real lives during the rest of the week and don't want to play vampire 24/7

OOC Planning is Never Required: Planning and strategizing OOC with other players for game and assuming your characters have IC conversations to back it up often borders on meta-gaming and can decrease the flavor and political subtlety of a game such as Vampire. This being said, if you wish to make plans OOC, all parties involved must consent to running planning OOC, and any player involved may request that an IC scene take place instead. E-mails sent OOC are to be interpreted as OOC missives, and players who do not wish to regard them as IC missives are under no obligation to do so.

Newbs are to be treasured: Don't pick on new players, who, due to inexperience with LARP or unfamiliarity with Vampire have less of a grasp of what's going on in the game world. Even if it might be reasonable for your character to kill their characters, take advantage of their characters, blood bond their characters (the HST admits guilt on this one) or otherwise fuck with their characters, it's generally best to leave off until the *players* are at a point where they've learned the ropes. Seriously, we need these people to come back. Also, don't hestitate to play with newbs because they're outside your clique. New players often bring fresh and interesting ideas to a game.

Note from John: Don't fucking chase off our newbs! I will hate you!

No Puppy-Raping Without Consent: Some topic matter that may well reasonably appear in the setting of vampire may make some players uncomfortable. They may well make some STs uncomfortable. Explicit sex, rape, incest, pedophillia, torture, beastiality and other "iffy" topics should generally require the consent of other players involved in a scene before being introduced into it. If you wish to run scenes involving said topics with an NPC, it is generally wisest to go to LG as an ST.

Nomination Bukkake Leaves a Mess: Don't nominate the same characters every game. Don't feel obligated to even nominate somebody every game. If this occurs, it's quite probable that you need to expand the group of players with which you roleplay.

We Like to Know if you Won't be Joining Us: If for some reason, you cannot attend a game session or must attend one late, it is understandable. However, it is often in your character's best interests to either submit a reason for their absence/tardiness to the STs or to at the very least inform the STs of your non-presence at the game. The STs are always willing to work with any player who needs an acceptable IC reason why their character would not be present.

Don't Screw Over Others if They Have to be Absent: With the above rule in mind, it's generally in bad form to take undo advatage over a PC's absence due to their player's absence. While extended absences with no explanation can naturally lead to a PC's power vacuum being filled, it's best to lay off if the player has had to miss one game due to extenuating circumstances.


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